Super Mario Twist

Super Mario Twist is a 3-D Platformer for the Wii and is the first installment in the Koopa Clan series. It is set to release sometime in 2013. Unlike previous Mario games, this one features Bowser Jr. as the the Protagonist and stages the return of Dimentio, and along with him, Mr. L and the new enemy: Mr. M.


Princess Peach is having Mario and his brother Luigi over to watch her new pet chomplet, Snappy. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. busts down the wall and crashes his clown car into the floor. A shocked threesome watch as Boswer Jr. emerges, frightened and crying. Peach comes over to comfort him, and he explains that something kidnapped Bowser, and he managed to escape before it got him. Just as he finished explaining, a chilling giggle is heard, and a shadowy hand emerges from the floor, engulfing Peach and Luigi. Mario quickly picks up Jr, hops in the Clown Car and attempts to escape the mysterious villian. The hand gets closer, and as it reaches out, Mario hurls the frightened koopa out of the car, just as the hand grabs the car. crushing it and pulling it back to a castle.

Elsewhere, paint splatters cover the fields. After following the trail, it leads to a Goomba, Sporting shades, a familier bib with Mario's nose and moustache, and a magical paintbrush. He stops and listens for long enough to hear crying,
Super Bowser

North American Box Art

and looks over to see Bowser Jr, sobbing in a valley. The goomba walks up and taps him, startling Bowser Jr. After Jr. explains what happened, the gooba introduces himself as Lance, and promises to do anything he can to make his highness happy. After strapping on his bib and grabbing his paintbrush, they head off to re-claim his dad...

After completing Worlds 1 and 2, the clan sees a familier figure on top of a foggy hill, Bowser Jr and the Lance race up to meet Mario... But are ensnared by a trap set by the figure, Mr. M. After breaking free, Bowser Jr. dons the identity of Shadow Mario and they sneak up on Mr. M.

After battling Mr. M, Bowser Jr. takes his mask and tucks it into his shell, as a victory token.

After beating World 3, Bowser Jr. and Lance are walking along a jungle path when a bush begins to rustle. After arguing over who should approach the bush, Lance hesitantly pokes the bush.... and out rolls a blue egg, out of which pops Boshi. Boshi explains to the duo how Dimentio and the Clownick turned everything in the area dark, but since Boshi already looked dark, he was passed by. He then offers to help them by giving them a lift. Bowser Jr. agrees, him and Lance hop onto his back, and they head out into the jungle.

After beating World 4, Bowser Jr. and Lance come up across the gate to World 5. A dark boo pops out out of the Mario M on the gate. Lance hides behind Bowser Jr, who quickly stomps it. He then turns around and tells Lance there's nothing to be afraid of, but Lance looks wide-eyed behind him. Jr, recognizing Lance's fear, turns behind him.....To encounter Mr.M and Mr.L in their Thwomper Stomper.

Upon completing all the worlds and reaching the portal to Dimension D, Bowser Jr. and Lance see it is guarded by two Gloombas. Lance suddenly has an idea, and whispers it to Bowser Jr...

Shadow Mario, donning Mr. M's mask, enters the portal, followed by a Gloomba. Once inside, they proceed to find Dimentio, where they reveal themselves as Bowser Jr. and Lance. Dimentio scoffs at them, dismissing them as weak and pathetic, and then challenges them to catch him. Then, he flies up into the tower. Bowser Jr. begins to think about what to do, when he notices something on the floor: a peice of the Clown Car. This inspires him: he takes his paintbrush and paints the Clown Car. Finally, he and Lance hop in and fly off after Dimentio.

After defeating Dimentio and shattering his petrified heart, banishing him for good, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser, along with the now uncursed Goombas and Koopa Troopas, emerge from the ruined castle. They all have no memory of the events, and Bowser Jr. and Lance sit down and begin to tell them of their adventure...

Later, in Bowser's castle, Luigi and King Boo are at the Smoothie Bar, and clink glasses. Then we see Bowser's Throne, where Bowser Jr and Lance are standing beside Bowser and Peach. Peach pulls out two medals, and bestowes them on Bowser Jr. and Lance, crediting them as "Saviours of the Mushroom Kingdom". Bowser then presents two crowns. He crowns Lance "King of the Goombas" and then takes his son, puts his crown on him, and raises him before the crowd.


Gameplay is similar to Super Mario 3D Land: A completely explorable 3D area, divided into chunks that are surrounded by sky. 1 player can move, and uses the Wii Remote to control Bowser Jr.

By pressing B, the player can switch between Bowser Jr. and Shadow Mario via the magic bib. Each player has it's advantages: Bowser Jr. is faster and can fit into tighter places, while Shadow Mario can jump higher and encase enemies in paint. Also, now the player can paint stuff with the cursor and 1 button: They can paint portals to connect two points or to teleport to existing portals, they can paint certain vehicles such as the Airship Mini and the Chip Cheep, and they can be used to repair items such as the Airship and the Koopa Mech.

Also, Yoshi can saddle onto Boshi and use flutter jump.

It's life counter is styled in Super Mario Galaxy style, while it is timed like most Super Mario Bros. games.



1- Spray Paint (via Pointer)

Control Pad-Move

Pointer-Create Items

B- Switch between Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario

A- Shoot Paint (Shadow Mario Only)


Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is the game's playable charecter. He's the son of Bowser and heir to the throne. His magic paintbrush allows him to paint objects he needs, like Portals and Vehicles. He is fast and able to fit into small spaces, making him a force to be reckoned with!
Bowser Jr

 invites Princess Peach is jPP

Shadow Mario


Shadow Mario is Bowser Jr's altenate form. By donning his Mario bib, Bowser Jr. become's Mario's clone. With the ability to jump high and to envelop enemies in paint, Jr. gains new powers.


Lance is Bowser Jr's witty and helpful sidekick. He often gives Bowser Jr. hints about enemies and bosses, pointing out weak points and abilities. He is Jr's only ally when Dimentio turns everyone against him.


Boshi often appears in eggs around the map. When he gets hatched, however, Boshi lets his colors shine and takes full sprint!



List of Enemies


World 1-Dark Petey

World 2-Mr. M

World 3-Clownick

World 4-Thwomper Stomper

World 5-Dark Shroom

World 6-Mr. L

World 7-Dark Boo

World 8-Thwomper Stomper/ Dimentio



Fiery Bowser Jr.

Fire bowser jr.
When Bowser Jr. collects a fire flower he becomes Fiery Bowser Jr! This super-powered Jr. can breathe fireballs, allowing him to scorch all enemies.

Icey Bowser Jr.

Ice bowser jr.
This cool charecter is the result of Boswer Jr. collecting an Ice Flower. He can spit iceballs that freeze enemies on contact: These incased enemies can be

slid around and can act as sheilds.

Giga Bowser Jr.


When Bowser Jr. grabs a Mega Mushroom he becomes Giga Bowser, gaining enourmous strength and size for a limited amount of time.

Sneak Bowser Jr.

When Bowser Jr. finds a Sneak Sack, he becomes Sneak Bowser Jr. He gains the power to bag up to 6 enemies in his sack and then turn them into coins, effectively ending the power-up.

Boomerang Bowser Jr.

Boom Jr.
After collecting a Boomerang Flower, Bowser Jr. dons a hard hat and transforms into Boomerang Bowser Jr, who's deadly aim and presicion make him untouchable.




- Lance is only seen once without his glasses in the entire game: In the World 4 boss cutscene, Lance dropped his glasses when the dark boo scared him at the gate, and they remained off for the entire cutscene.

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