Super Mario Twilight is the 7th 3D Mario title and the 2nd on the Wii U. It was developed by Fritez Franchise and the primary goal in development was to make it diverse from most Mario games. While it does stay close to games such as Super Mario Galaxy in terms of controls, the gameplay is completely different. Each level is now very dark with only a few pathces of light at the beginning, the goal is to light up the level 80%. To do this, Mario requires the assistance of his Headlamp, which can suck in light like a void to increase the feild of light around Mario or sine it of the ground or walls, making it stay there but decrese the feild of light around him. The game will be realesed winter 2014.



Super Mario Twilight remains a 3D platformer in vein of Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Sunshine. Mario is able to run, jump and do most everything he's done before. There is also a health bar present with health wedges shaped like the moon, players can collect Moon Coins to heal themselves.

But, the game's twist is that the goal in a level isn't to get to the end of it or meet certain conditions to obtain an object. Insted, each level is extremely dark and too intense to see anything, the goal is to light this level up 80%. At first it is only lit up 5% and the player is surrounded by very few light, and the light has no source. In order to light up other areas, the player must utilize the light they already have to get more light by using thier Headlamp.

Constructed by Professor E. Gadd, the Headlamp is a device used to take light from other sources via a mysterious void and use that light to sprinkle it onto other places where it's needed. MORE TO COME





Battery Power-ups

Suit Power-Ups


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