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Super Mario Triplets
Super Mario Triplets
Developer(s) Nintendo

Timmaster Labs

Publisher(s) Timmaster Labs
Director(s) Timmaster12d4
Producer(s) Timmaster12d4

Michael Bay

Designer(s) Timmaster12d4
Super Mario Triplets is a 2.5D-3D platformer game made exclusively for the Nintendo VII by Nintendo and Timmaster Labs It is expected to come out in early 2018. This is the third game to feature extensive voice acting, the others were Super Mario Sunshine and Hotel Mario.

Story Line (Beginning)

It starts out in the year 2035, where Queen Toadstool invites both the aging Mario Bros. to her kingdom for cake. Mario is married to another woman, which they had triplets, named Mario Jr., Luigi Jr., and Silvio. Mario brings them to the ceremony, which Luigi wonders why. Once they reach the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Sr. and Luigi Sr. meet the new princess, Princess Maria, the daughter of Queen Toadstool.

The ceremony starts by Mario and Luigi Sr. stepping up onto the platform where Queen Toadstool and King Bob-omb, were standing. Mario then went on saying how 50 years in the past (circa 1985), they saved the queen from the evil clutches of Bowser (then known as King Koopa). He then goes on, talking about saving her on Yoshi, in space several times, etc. He was then going on about how much he liked spaghetti when an earthquake shook the castle. A hole formed where the king and queen were standing, and they fall and got fried by Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Bowser the Third. He then says to Mario and Luigi Senior, "I have been waiting 50 years for this one moment..." He then fries Mario and Luigi Sr., killing them in the process, in which Mario, Luigi and Silvio attempt to kill the Koopa, but end up getting flinged to World 1 in the process. The three Bowsers then capture the new Princess and goes off to World 8, and then he makes the castle explode behind him. That starts the adventure.

Story Line (End)

After all the worlds have been cleared and the triplets have reached the Koopa's castle, they must make it to the end without dying. There is a checkpoint in the castle. Once they reach the end, the Koopa challenges them to a battle. The first battle, with Bowser, is fought by Mario, in a Super Mario Galaxy style, turning it from 2.5D to 3D battling. The second battle, with Bowser Jr., is fought by Luigi, in a New Super Mario Bros. U style, turning it back to 2.5D. The third battle, with Bowser the Third, is fought by Silvio, in a Super Mario 64 style, spinning the young Koopa around and around in 3D. Once all the Bowsers have been defeated, three Grand Stars appear from the lava surrounding the battlefield. The three triplets pick them up, turning them into Wing Mario, Luigi and Silvio.

They go back to the ruins of the castle, and a Toad appears. He says, "Thank you for getting those back. You actually get a wish with those." They say their wishes. Mario wishes for the castle to be rebuilt, Luigi wishes for their father, uncle and the king and queen to come back. They both get their wishes, and the castle was restored to it's former glory, along with Mario and Luigi Sr. Then the princess appears in the air, like a ghost, spawning from the last Grand Star that Silvio had. She then says, "The power of the Stars has been restored to the castle, and it's all thanks to you three!!!" Everyone in the castle then started clapping. Then the queen says, "Your father and uncle have saved me many years past. Come. We'll knight you, and then we'll bake a delicious cake!" Then the screen dims and it says, "The End. Thank you for saving the kingdom once more!" That unlocks eight more worlds with 3D gameplay.


Each level has a specific character that must complete it. For example, the classic World 1-1 must be completed with Mario, but World 1-2 must be completed by Luigi, 1-3 by Silvio, etc.

The game itself is very similar to New Super Mario Bros. U,

Controls are:

  • Left/Right/Y/B: Moves your character through the level
  • Up/A: Jump
  • L/R: Level Select
  • +/-: Menu
  • Down/B: Use Powerup



Picture Character Abilities Advantages Disadvantages Special Powerup How to Unlock
Mario Jr. Wall Jump

Wall Kick

All-around All-around Mega Mushroom Default
Luigi Jr. Flutter Jump Higher Jumps

Faster Running

Less Traction

Weaker Ground-pound

Spring Mushroom Default


More Traction

Heavier Ground-pound

Lower Jumps

Slower Running

Lightning Flower Default
Mario Sr. Wall Jump

Wall Kick

Heavier Ground-pound Slower Running

Lower Jumps

Any After Game Completion
Luigi Sr. Flutter Jump Heavier Ground-pound Slower Running

Lower Jumps

Any After Game Completion


  • Princess Maria
  • King Bob-omb
  • Queen Toadstool
  • Toad
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser III
  • Mario & Luigi Sr. (before game completion)


World 1 (Green Hill Zone)

Level Name Type Person Needed
1-1 (Classic World) Overworld Mario
1-2 (Underground Highway) Underground Luigi
1-3 (Tilt-a-Block) Overworld/Sky Silvio
1-Tower (First Fight) Castle Mario
1-4 (Mushroomlandia) Sky Luigi
1-5A (Piece of Paradise) Overworld/Beach Silvio
1-5B (Cheep Cheep Ocean) Underwater Mario
1-Castle (Revenge) Castle All

World 2 (Kalimari Desert)

Level Name Type Person Needed Notes
2-1 (Desert Intro) Desert Overworld Mario
2-2 (Here Comes the Train!) Desert Overworld Luigi References Kalimari Desert from Mario Kart 64.
2-3 (Any Squids? I'm Hungry!) Desert Overworld/Underwater Silvio
2-Tower (Second Time's the Charm, Right?) Castle Mario
2-4 (The Great Pyramids) Desert Overworld Luigi Involves jumping in a pyramid. Based off of the Great Pyramids of Giza.
2-Ghost (Very Scary......) Ghost House Silvio
2-5 (Mario Maker 1) Desert Overworld Mario A level made in Super Mario Maker.
2-Castle (The Train Strikes Back) Castle All

World 3 (Gelato Peaks)

Level Name Type Person Needed Notes
3-1 (Mount Mario) Mountain Mario References Mount Wario from Mario Kart 8, Mount Mario from Mario KART 9!, and DK Summit from Mario Kart Wii.
3-2 (Sherbet Plains) Snow Overworld Luigi The plains are NOT made out of Sherbet.
3-3 (Blocky Ice Cap) Snow Overworld Silvio
3-4 (The Castle's Not Here???) Snow Overworld Mario
3-Tower (Gelato Tower) Castle Luigi
3-5 (North Pole Speedrun) Northern Snow Overworld Silvio Autoscroll Level
3-6 (Super Mario Pre-Castle) Castle Outside Mario
3-Castle (Unknown Level) Castle All Based off of Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart DS.

World 4 (Cloudlands)

Level Name Type Person Needed Notes
4-1 (This Isn't The Swamp?) Sky Mario
4-2 (Sky Garden) Sky Luigi
4-Ghost (Luigi's Mansion) Ghost House Silvio There is no power-ups in this level.
4-3 (Mushroomlandia Redux) Sky Mario
4-4 (New Super Mario World) Throwback Overworld Mario World 1-1 from Super Mario World.


  • Timmaster Labs has confirmed that Silvio is a replacement for Wario.
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