Super Mario Throwback
Super mario throwback
Developer(s) Purple Flame
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA August 13, 2016
25px-Flag of Japan August 14, 2016
25px-Flag of Europe August 20, 2016
25px-Flag of Australia August 23, 2016
1-4 player: Story Mode, Freeplay
2-4 player: Minigame
1 player: You VS Boo
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer

Super Mario Throwback is a game by Video Game company Purple Flame. It is their first game, as well as their first Mario game. Super Mario Throwback is a 2D platformer where various elements from the Mario series (enemies, bosses, power ups, characters, etc) return, as well as some new elements. It features 4 playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Alfonso, and Gustavo. The latter two are Mario and Luigi's younger brothers, who debut in this game. Almost all the characters in the game are playable, but are unlocked and can only be used in Free Play mode.


The Beginning

Mario and Luigi are walking to Peach's castle, when they meet up with the Mailtoad. He gives them a letter from Daisy. The Bros are surprised, because they usually get letters from Peach. The letter says:

"Dear Mario Bros,

I just arrived at Peach's Castle to discover that she has been taken by Bowser!

He's left some of his minions inside the castle to keep it to himself. 

They've captured me inside the castle with them! 

Please come rescue me!

~~ Daisy"

As soon as they finish reading, they run to the castle, when stopped by a warp pipe. Mario realizes it's the one that they came out of when they came to the Mushroom Kingdom from Brooklyn. He tells Luigi, who then realizes it as well. All of the sudden, Alfonso and Gustavo come out of the pipe. They see Mario and Luigi, and become overjoyed when seeing them. Mario and Luigi find out that Alfonso and Gustavo are their younger brothers who were still kids when Mario and Luigi left. The Mario bros explain to Alfonso and Gustavo about why they have stayed, and what the current situation is. The young Mario bros agree to help Mario and Luigi, and the four set off to Peach's castle. 


Story Mode




Freeplay Mode

All Freeplay characters (excluding enemies & some bosses) are playable.




Regular Worlds

  • World 1
  • World 2
  • World 3
  • World 4
  • World 5
  • World 6
  • World 7
  • World 8
  • World Bowser

Special Worlds

  • World Star
  • World Forbidden Fruit


  • Reznor (World 1 Fortress)
    • Their boss fight is similar to New Super Mario Bros 2, being on a wheel spinning around. You must hit the blocks that the Reznors are on. There are only four in this Boss Battle. 
    • Goomboss (World 1)
      • The way you beat him is similar to the Giant Goomba from New Super Mario Bros, though instead of jumping on him three times, you must ground pound on him three timesHe also will have a trail of Goombas following him, starting with three after the first hit, and three more Goombas join the line the second time you hit Goomboss. There are platforms the player must jump on, which they jump off of to ground pound Goomboss.
    • Boom Boom (World 2 Fortress)
      • His first boss battle is very simple. All you have to do is jump on him three times. This battle is similar to the first Boom Boom battle in Super Mario Bros 3 and New Super Mario Bros U. 
    • Mummipokey (World 2)
      • His boss battle is just the same as it is in New Super Mario Bros. When he goes underground and comes back up partly, jump on his head. He must be hit five times to beat him. 
    • Wario and Waluigi (World 2 1/2)
      • The two jump around the stage. When above the player, they attempt to ground pound them. You must jump on their heads 3 times (each person) while they are on the ground after a ground pound. Wario will occasionally fart in the direction of the player, and the player must jump to avoid it. Waluigi will throw bob ombs occasionally, and the player can grab it and throw it at either Wario or Waluigi. Once either Wario or Waluigi is hit three times, that one will run to the side and wait for the player to defeat the other one. 
    • Boom Boom (World 3 Fortress)
      • Kamek powers up Boom Boom to be able to spin across the stage in his shell after being hit, similar to the Koopalings in New Super Mario Bros Wii. You must jump on him three times to defeat him.
    • Kingfin (World 3)
      • His appearance in this game is similar to the Fishbone, but he his much larger, is gray, his eyes are orange, and wears a crown. The plater must let him see the player, and then when he does, he will swim at the player until he either hits the player or a wall. He must hit the wall to take damage. He gets more and more cracked as he takes damage. The player must cause huim to hit the wall three times to defeat him. Several Fishbones spawn after each time Kingfin takes damage. 
    • Wiggler (World 4 Plains)
      • This wiggler is a giant Wiggler who crawls around the stage. The player must jump on him, and he will turn awesome. When he is awesome, the player must ground pound him to make him dizzy. He will then shake his head and go back to normal. The player must do this three times in order to defeat the Wiggler.
    • Petey Piranha (World 4)
      • The Petey Boss Battle is very similar to the one from New Super Mario Bros, except the boss battle is on ground rather than ice. Instead of ground pounding to the side, Petey ground pounds straight down. 
    • Reznor (World 5 Fortress)
      • This boss battle is the same as the first Reznor battle, but there are six Reznors instead of four. 
    • Kamek (World 5)
      • The Kamek boss fight is similar to the one from New Super Mario Bros U, except the stage scrolls similar to New Super Mario Bros Wii. It stops scrolling when you hit Kamek, and he shoots his purple fireballs. When he stops shooting and he creates the blocks again, it starts scrolling again. You must jump on Kamek three times to beat him.
    • Bowser Jr (World 5 Airship)
      • This Bowser Jr boss battle is similar to the one in the sky from New Super Mario Bros U, except they are inside the Airship, there are walls, and Bowser Jr throws green koopa shells instead. The ground is still the same from the New Super Mario Bros U, and Bowser Jr's attack method is still the same. 
    • Boom Boom (World 6 Fortress)
      • Boom Boom is given the ability to jump by Kamek. When the player jumps on him, he still spins in his shell like the Koopalings. The player should also be cautious when fighting Boom Boom this time, because he could land on the player. 
    • Sumo Bro (World 6)
      • His boss battle is the same as the one in New Super Mario Bros U, except there are five platforms instead of three. The Boss Sumo Bro fights in the same style, however. 
    • Boom Boom (World 7 Fortress)
      • Kamek uses magic to turn Boom Boom's arms into wings, so Boom Boom flies across the stage instead of jumping and running. He will sometimes dive at the player while he's flying, and when he is on the ground the player should jump on him to give him damage. He does not spin in his shell in this fight.
    • Goomboss (World 7)
      • His boss fight is similar to the one in World 1, except you must ground pound him six times, and each time he's hit, two Goombas are added to the line instead of three. The line begins after you first ground pound Goomboss. The aid platforms return in this fight. 
    • Bowser Jr (World 7 Airship)
      • When you fight Bowser Jr this time, you fight him similar to the second Bowser Jr boss battle in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The player gets in their koopa clown and tries to knock Bowser Jr into the electric wall. This time, however, Bowser Jr shoots Bullet Bills during the battle. 
    • Reznor (World 8 Fortress)
      • In this Reznor fight, there are eight Reznors that you must defeat. It is the same as the first two but with more Reznors. 
    • Bowser (World 8 Castle)
      • This boss battle is similar to the final battle in Super Mario Bros 3, except Bowser is larger, and the stage is wider. Once again, Bowser shoots fire at the player, and attempts to ground pound the player. He must break enough bricks so that he falls into a lake of lava that is below them. Of course, there is a platform below that Bowser lands on, and Bowser takes Peach to his castle in World Bowser. 
    • Boom Boom (World Bowser Airship)
      • Boom Boom grows two times his size due to Kamek. Boom Boom can jump, spin after being hit, and can charge at the player.
    • Bowser Jr (World Bowser Fortress)
      • This time, Bowser Jr abandons his Koopa Clown and fights you on foot. He fights similar to his Tower 4 fight in New Super Mario Bros, you still hit him with the green shell then jump on his belly, but instead of him hiding in his shell and staying still, he hides in it and rolls around the stage similar to the Koopalings. You have to do this three times to beat him. 
    • Bowser (World Bowser) (part 1)
      • This boss battle begins with Bowser on a bridge with an axe behind him. There is a platform above where the player enters, which the player must jump on to be able to leap over Bowser and activate the axe. Bowser is not easily fooled by this trick, and jumps onto the platform the player was on. Bowser shoots fire at the player to kill them, but the player jumps over it. The player falls down into the pit where the bridge was, and Bowser jumps down behind them. They land on the ground below, and there is a long passageway with a bunch of platforms. Bowser jumps onto the first platform. The player must avoid Bowser and his fireballs. Sometimes, Bowser will jump onto the ground and breath a long flame toward the player. When the player reaches the end of the platforms, there is a button which causes all the platforms and the ground (excluding the blocks where the button is) to dissapear, causing Bowser to fall into the emptiness below. 
    • Bowser & Bowser Jr (World Bowser) (part 2)
      • Bowser Jr and Kamek arrive to see the Koopa King's demise, when Kamek flies across the stage with his magic. While the castle rumbles, Bowser Jr flies down to find his dad, while Kamek grabs the player, and they fly to the courtyard on top of the castle. The player will get himself free from Kamek's grasp, hit the checkpoint flag, and will jump on Kamek once to get rid of him. Kamek will be knocked off his broom. At that moment, Bowser Jr flies up carrying a huge load -- none other than King Koopa himself. Bowser is giant, and he will not fight the player alone. The player will jump on Bowser Jr when the Koopa Clown is close to the ground. The player will get inside the Koopa Clown and "ground pound" Bowser. This part of the fight is similar to the one from New Super Mario Bros U. Once the player hits Bowser three times, Bowser will fall down, and Bowser Jr gets in his Koopa Clown and follows him. 
    • Space Reznor (World Star Fortress 1)
      • In this Reznor battle, the Reznors are light blue in color, and there are only six of them. 
    • Dry Bowser (World Star Fortress 2)
      • This is the first Dry Bowser fight of the game. He shoots blue colored fire instead of the regular color. This fight is based on the Bowser boss battle from World 8. At the end, Dry Bowser lands on a platform and hops over to the World Star castle. The player must beat one more level before reaching Dry Bowser a second time, however.
    • Dry Bowser (World Star Castle)
      • The second Dry Bowser boss battle is based on the first part of the Bowser boss battle in World Bowser, with some minor differences, such as blue fire, a different looking castle, and a pit of lava below the passageway. When the player presses the switch at the end, Dry Bowser falls into the lava, and a path to World Forbidden Fruit appears.  
    • Fruity Bowser (World Forbidden Fruit)
      • The Fruity Bowser boss battle is based on the Dry Bowser boss battle, with some minor differences, such as golden fire, a different looking castle, and a pit of golden lava below the passageway. Also, Fruity Bowser is bigger than Dry Bowser, and looks similar to Giga Bowser from the Super Smash Brothers games.When the player presses the switch at the final end, Lord Bowser falls into the golden lava, and the game is complete. 


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