Super Mario The Heroes of Awesome!

The Wii Cover

This is a Kunai Production! Do not edit besides spelling errors!

Super Mario: The Heroes Of Awesome (Often called Super Mario THOA or SMTHOA) is a Wii and 3DS game developed by Kunai Inc. It was released on 11/28/11 on Wii and 3/20/12 on 3DS. The 3DS version was originally supposed to be released earlier, but was stalled due a design flaw.


Mario and Luigi are at Princess Peach's party, when someone delivers a parcel for Mario. Mario opens the parcel, only to find that a Bob-omb is in it. It explodes on Mario, covering him with soot. The delivery guy reveals himself as Koolpa. He flips over Mario, grabs Princess Peach, and jumps into Bowser Jr.'s Airship. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Green Toad follow... The 3DS version has a different story. Mario, Luigi, and Peach are having tea, when Koolpa runs by and nabs Peach. Mario and Luigi, now with hot tea splattered in their faces, chase after Peach.


The Gameplay is a 2D sidescroller, but now, Mario is very athletic, He can double flip backwards, grab on to ledges, and slide. Here are the worlds,bosses, and shopkeepers.

World 1- Regular /Castle Boss- Koolpa/ Fortress Boss- Fake Bowser/ Shopkeeper- Toadsworth

World 2- Sand /Castle Boss- Mummy Pokey/ Fortress Boss- Boom Boom/ Shopkeeper- Daisy

World 3- Ice/ Castle Boss- Kamek/ Fortress Boss- Bowser Jr./ Shopkeeper- Ice Bro.

World 4-Water/ Castle Boss- Nany Blooper/ Fortress Boss- Gooper Blooper/ Shopkeeper- Toad

World 5- Jungle/ Castle Boss- Giant Goomba/ Fortress Boss- King K. Rool/ Shopkeeper- Donkey Kong

World 6- Ghost House/ Castle Boss- Group of Boos/ Fortress Boss- King Boo/ Shopkeeper- E. Gadd

World 7- Clouds/ Castle Boss- Lakithunder/ Fortress Boss- ParaKoolpa/ Shopkeeper- Fishing Lakitu

World 8- Fire/ Castle Boss- Koolpa/ Fortress Boss- Bowser/ Shopkeeper- None

EXTRA WORLD- Star/ Fortress Boss- Giga Bowser/ Shopkeeper- Rosalina


Mario, The Awesome Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, is the main playable character of this game.

Luigi, Mario's Awesome bro, is the second playable character in both verisons of the game.

Blue Toad, the awesome fungi hero of the Mushroom Kindom, helps Mario along the way. Only Appears in the Wii version.

Green Toad, Blue Toad's clumsy but awesome little brother, joins the fun. Only appears in the Wii version.

File:241px-Bowser NSMBW.png
Bowser, Mario's koopa enemy, has captured Princess Peach! Must be a tuesday, huh? Will Mario be able to defeat him this time?

Princess Peach, the heir to the Mushroom Kingdom, was captured by Bowser and took to World 8. Will Mario get there?

Koolpa Super Mario The Heroes of Awesome
Koolpa, a new face around the Mario world, is at Bowser's service, and will do anything to stop you!

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