Granite Cave Area is the first area in Super Mario Terra.

Missions Descriptions

Green Jewel

The first level is a fairly straightforward level in which the player has to reach the goal and fight a mini-boss, which is a Boulder Whomp. Along the way, there is a path that forks out in three directions, with the leftmost path offering a secret area with several 1-Up Mushrooms. Throughout the level, Goombas and Swoopers are the main enemies, though Clefts also appear toward the end of the level. There are also several flames that will burn Mario for two damage. Coin trails that lead into the wall signify hidden areas.

At the end of the level, Mario must defeat a Boulder Whomp. To defeat it, simply punch it in its face three times while avoiding the rocks it spews. Jump to dodge its attack where it smacks the ground to stun Mario. When it is hit for the third time, it will be knocked backward into a pit and release the Green Jewel. After collecting, there is a short cutscene in which a Rumoid Elder asks Mario to help him out with other tasks in the area.

Blue Jewel

Note: In this area only, the player has to do this mission second

The second level has the first major boss fight of the game, against a Mega Boulder Whomp. Talking to the Rumoid Elder will initiate a tutorial on how to kick, which can be used to defeat regular Boulder Whomps in one hit. Then, the Elder opens up the path to the Mega Boulder Whomp. It can be accessed by entering the main chamber and then going on the western path. Along the way, there are several Boulder Whomps, each of which gives out five coins upon being defeated. There are also some Goombas, Octoombas, and Elite Octoombas.

Upon reaching the Mega Boulder Whomp, he will start to stomp, making rocks and Boulder Whomps fall from the ceiling. To damage him, kick or punch Boulder Whomps at him. After he is hit twice, he'll knock out the wall to his right and run into the main chamber. Follow him and climb on rocks and structures until Mario is high enough to kick him in the face. After damaging him three times in the main chamber, he will be defeated.

Yellow Jewel

This is one of the simplest missions in the game. In the northeastern corner of the main chamber, there is a Rumoid that asks Mario if he wants to play a game of "Boulder Smash" for five coins. The coins can be found easily by defeating Boulder Whomps, Goombas, and other enemies.

In "Boulder Smash," the object is to destroy as many boulders in twenty seconds as the player can. In one of the twenty boulders, the Yellow Jewel is hidden. The players wins by finding the Yellow Jewel before time runs out.

Red Jewel

The player has to find eight red coins spread across the area.

  • One given to the player by a Rumoid on the eastern side of the main chamber.
  • One in the chamber of the Mega Boulder Whomp
  • One found along the path to the Mega Boulder Whomp, obtained by Wall Jumping to follow a path of coins.
  • One inside a small cave in the main chamber.
  • One found in each of the forks from the Green Jewel mission (three total)
  • One found in the room northeast of the main chamber.

Upon collecting all eight, the Red Jewel appears in the center of the Main Chamber.

Black Jewel

This Jewel is hidden along the path to the Mega Boulder Whomp. Start by Wall Jumping to collect the coins that lead to the hidden area where a Red Coin is. Then, jump out of the hidden area and continue wall jumping until Mario lands on a high ledge. Go inside the room nearby and ground pound the tile in the center. Mario will fall through and land in a different room that contains the Black Jewel.

Daisy's hint: "There's a red coin hidden along the path to the Mega Boulder Whomp. Once you get it, keep going up and you may find something special."

White Jewel

Throughout the level, there are four hidden chambers which are shown by having coin paths leading to them. Entering all five of these chambers will cause the White Jewel to appear.

  • The leftmost fork at the beginning of the Green Jewel mission.
  • Just before the spot where the battle with the first Boulder Whomp took place.
  • At the northernmost edge of the main chamber.
  • Along the path to the Mega Boulder Whomp, leading to a Red Coin.

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