Frozen Cave Area is the second area in Super Mario Terra. The Fire Flower item makes its first appearance in this world. It is also the first level with water. It is unlocked after obtaining the Blue Jewel in the Granite Cave Area.

Missions Descriptions

Green Jewel

The level starts off in a large diamond shaped room with a domed ceiling. Several Li'l Brrrs float near the shallow water, which isn't deep enough to swim in. In the next area, a Fire Flower can be found near a snow wall. Upon melting it, several more Li'l Brrrs as well as some Blue Goombas. Blue Goombas behave exactly like regular Goombas, except they move very quickly on ice. There is also some ice, which Mario will lose his balance on if he runs. There is another room with shallow water and torches. Upon lighting the torches, a Giant Blue Goomba appears, which serves as the Mini-Boss for this level. Upon defeating him by stomping on him, the floor breaks and Mario falls into a new room. In the final chamber, several twisty ice platforms lead to the Green Jewel.

After reaching the jewel, several Ice Rumoids approach Mario and speak to him. Rumolo translates that there is some kind of disturbance deeper on in the cave. Mario agrees to check it out and they disappear into the shadows.

Yellow Jewel

To find this mission, jump up to the third twisted ice platform. Look over to the wall on Mario's left and there will be a moderately large indentation. Jump into it and encounter an Ice Rumoid. He tells Mario that he has something special, but that Mario needs to solve a puzzle in order to receive it. The puzzle requires Mario to walk along an icy path touching each square in it once and only once and to arrive at an ending zone. However, Mario is not able to jump or else his head will hit the spiked ceiling. Upon completion, he gives Mario the Yellow Jewel.

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