Super Mario Terra
SMT Boxart
The box art
Developer(s) YoshiSoy
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Super Mario Terra, coming to the Wii system in late-2013, is considered the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2, though it integrates many gameplay elements from past 3D Mario Platformers.

Back Story

The game opens with Mario receiving a letter from Princess Peach, which tells him that there are "urgent matters" and that she needs to see him right away. Mario heads out immediately and is just outside the castle gates when disaster strikes.

The game cuts to Bowser, who is talking to Bowser Jr. in some sort of space ship. Bowser Jr. nervously asks Bowser if he's sure that they should go through with this, but Bowser dismisses this, and orders Kamek to activate the machine. A cinematic shows a ray hit the Earth far below their ship.

As Mario is about to enter the castle, a flash flood hits and he is swept away. The water keeps rising higher and carries Mario farther away. He grabs onto a bit of driftwood, but then loses his grip and sinks under.

Mario wakes up in a cave with a Rumoid named Emer next to him. Though wary at first, Mario trusts the Rumoid, who explains where they are. In the days before Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom constructed a network of tunnels that lead to safe havens around the world. Each of these areas contained Power Jewels, which, when enough were collected, could defeat any evil.

There are seven types of power jewels, and Emer explains the characteristics of each. With enough Power Jewels, Mario will be able to save Princess Peach. With that, Emer leads Mario to the first available area.


The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are needed for this game.


  • Analog Stick: Run (lightly to walk)
  • A Button: Jump
  • B Button: Punch/Grab (when unlocked)
  • Z Button: Crouch
  • C Button: Center Camera
  • D-Pad: Control Camera
  • + Button: Pause Game
  • Shake Wii Remote: Use Power-Up

Menu Screen

  • Analog Stick: Move Cursor
  • A Button: Confirm
  • B Button: Cancel

Mario's Moves

These are special jumps and attacks that require a combination of buttons.

  • B Button (While Jumping): Kick
  • Z Button (While Jumping): Ground Pound
  • A Button (While Landing): Double Jump
  • A Button (While Landing from Double Jump): Triple Jump
  • A Button (While Changing Direction): Side Somersault
  • A Button (While Crouching): Back Flip
  • Z Button (While Running): Slide
  • A Button (While Sliding): Long Jump



  • Mario: The protagonist of the game. Controlled by Player One.
  • Emer: A Rumoid assisting Mario. Controlled by Player Two. Can Move, Jump, Punch, Teleport to Mario (- Button) and defeat enemies.
  • Luigi: Unlocked after collecting all 140 Power Jewels. Has the same controls as Mario, but is slightly faster and harder to control.


  • Princess Peach: The head of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is on a quest to save her!
  • Princess Daisy: Having successfully escaped to the caves, Daisy was not content to stay still and wait. If you collect 100 coins in an area, you can use them to fund Princess Daisy on an expedition for that area's black or white jewel. Upon returning, she will explain how to reach the Power Jewel to Mario.
  • Rumoids: Friends and family of Emer. They help keep the caves operating and have lots of advice for Mario.
  • Various Tribes: Each Area has its own inhabitants. They are willing to give their Power Jewels to Mario under various conditions.
  • Rumolo: A particularly fast Rumoid. Upon collecting all 140 Power Jewels, Rumolo decides to test his skills against Mario or Luigi. He has twenty Rainbow Power Jewels, which are awarded to the player one at a time as he is defeated in races.


  • Bowser: Has flooded the world and kidnapped Princess Peach! Mario has to stop him and save the princess.
  • Bowser Jr: Bowser's son and number one henchman. He often will interfere with Mario's attempts to collect the Power Jewels.
  • Various Bosses: Each Area has a boss which Bowser Jr. sent. Each of the twenty bosses has a blue Power Jewel.


There are twenty Areas divided into four worlds. Each Area has a total of seven Jewels, one of each color.






Each color of Jewel is obtained in a different way and has a different bonus.

  • Green Jewel: Must be obtained first. To get it, go from the beginning of the Area to the end. Collecting many Green Jewels unlocks new Areas.
  • Red Jewel: To get it, collect the eight Red Coins scattered throughout the Area. Some may be hidden (such as in an enemy) or difficult to reach. Collecting many Red Jewels will increase Mario's health.
  • Yellow Jewel: To get it, assist an inhabitant with a task. These can be things like minigames, collecting a certain number of coins, defeating all of the enemies in a world, etc. Collecting many Yellow Jewels will cause NPCs to join Mario in the network of tunnels, where they have optional minigames for the player.
  • Blue Jewel: To get it, defeat that Area's boss. Bosses may be stationary or mobile. In some cases, there are multiple bosses. Collecting many Blue Jewels will give Mario new abilities, such as shooting multiple Fireballs as Fire Mario or being able to grab.
  • Black Jewel: To get it, find it hidden somewhere in the Area. Collecting 100 coins in an Area will give you the option to let Daisy find the location of the Black Jewel. There is no bonus for collecting Black Jewels; they are just required for completion.
  • White Jewel: To get it, complete some hidden objective in the Area. Collecting 100 coins in an Area will give you the option to let Daisy find the objective for the White Jewel. There is no bonus for collecting White Jewels; they are just required for completion.
  • Rainbow Jewel: The player must have all the other Jewels before Rainbow Jewels become available. To get it, beat Rumolo in a race in an Area. Collecting Rainbow Jewels unlocks artwork in the Extras section.


Image Name Description First Appears
FireFlower Fire Flower Enables Mario to shoot fireballs. He will lose the power-up after launching 50 fireballs or after taking damage. Collecting Blue Jewels will increase Mario's limit and how many fireballs are shot at once. Frozen Cave Area
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Enables Mario to shoot ice balls and slide for extended periods of time. He will lose the power-up if he takes damage. Collecting Blue Jewels will allow Mario to defeat enemies he slides into and do a Ground Pound that freezes nearby enemies. Sunken Cave Area
Wind flower Wind Flower Enables Mario to blast enemies backward from mid-range and ride updrafts. He will lose the power-up if he takes damage. Collecting Blue Jewels will allow Mario to knock enemies away when landing from a jump and increase blast range. Swaying Tree Area
Star Star Enables Mario to light up dark areas and defeat Ghost enemies. He will lose the power-up if he takes damage; however, the Star will heal him fully before he loses it. Collecting Blue Jewels increases the area lit up and lets Mario attract nearby coins. Haunted Castle Area
MetalShroom Metal Mushroom Enables Mario to be immune to damage and sink in water. However, he loses his ability to jump. Mario can get rid of this power-up by pressing the - Button. Collecting Blue Jewels allows Mario to 'hop' at half the height of a jump. Magical Fortress Area

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