Super Mario Techno
Developer(s) FlameKing Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Advance
Release Date(s)
Late Summer 2015
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Everyone

PEGI: Three Years and Older

CERO: All Ages

ACB: General

Genre(s) Platforming, Adventure
Series Super Mario (series)
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Media Included Disc

Super Mario Techno is a 3D Platforming Mario Game for the Nintendo Advance, which has been said to be inspired and based on Super Mario Sunshine. It takes a futuristic approach on the Mario World, having a Techno Metropolis as the main hub, and having all the levels look a lot more advanced in Technology. Even Mario has too, having Techno Boots that let's him hover into the air, enter into Zero-G, sink faster in the water, and even launch a bombardment of missiles at enemies and bosses! This game also features HD Graphics and Audio.

This game is to celebrate Super Mario Sunshine's 15th Anniversary (along with Mario's 37th Anniversary since Donkey Kong and his 21st Anniversary since first appearing in a 3D Game), so the project will most likely get finished sometime 2017.


Like Super Mario Sunshine, the game is 3D Platformed, meaning that Mario can jump up and down, run left or right, run forward or backwards, and such like that. He can also Wall Jump, Crouch, Back Flip, Punch, Kick, and Pick things up. Another thing this game has in common with Super Mario Sunshine, is that Mario uses a tool to help him complete the levels. However, this time it isn't F.L.U.D.D., but this they are Techno Boots, which alow Mario to Fly, walk in Zero Gravity, Sink through Water Faster, and even shoot a Bombardment on Missiles! (Surprisingly, even with the missiles, the game's ratings say it's for Everyone.)


It all starts out with Mario receiving a letter from the princess, saying:


So Mario runs off to the city! Upon arriving at Shroomopolis, Mario looks around at all the High Tech Wonders! He's then pulled aside by a Koopa Merchant, who asks Mario if he's there for the first time, and is looking for a fun way to enjoy it. The plumber nods, and the merchant exclaims that he's got just the right thing! He then shows him the Techno Boots, which according to him hold all of the great experiences of Shroomopolis in one pair of boots! He then tells that they are usually 500 Coins, but since you're the great Mario, he reduced the price to 100 Coins! Once he realizes that Mario doesn't have enough, he brings Mario over to this little Minigame, where you play a little Mini Level, and keep all the coins from it, along with the Great Star Coin at the End, which is worth 100 Coins! He then pays for Mario to play, and wishes him good luck.

After completing the Minigame, he gives Mario the Techno Boots in trade for the Star Coin, and Mario rushes off to find Peach, which happens to be down the road at a great, big, festival!

To Be Continued!


Playable Characters

Image Name Description How to Unlock
MarioTechno Mario Mario, our famous red-capped plumber hero is back on another great adventure! But this time, he wears some Techno Boots, boots that let mario do cool and Technic Things! He's great for those who are just getting to know and play the game, and even those plying Mario for the first time! Time to jump into action, save the princess, and rescue all of the Power Stars from DigiBowser! Default
LuigiSSBVFull Luigi Luigi, the younger and greener brother of Mario, Luigi's here to jump into action! Although he's not the star of the show, the game can be re-played with yours truly! He's steping up to the plate to show that he's not scared anymore! Plus, he's perfect for the harder version of the game, being able to jump higher, run faster, but stop slower!!! Either way, it's time to show the world what Mario's Little Bro. can do! Beat the Game as Mario to unlock Luigi Mode

Helping Characters

Image Name Description
Princess Peach (Fortune Street) Princess Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom now lives and watches over Shroomopolis, but got kidnapped again! She is the well-known damsel-in-distress, in which must be saved in order to restore order!
Toadsworth by banjo2015-d8ns17u Toadsworth Toadsworth is the protector of Peach, but is the only one that doesn't like the idea of the Mushroom World being used for Technology, and even says that he's right when DigiBowser takes all of the Power Stars! He will give you words of wisdom on your journey.
Toad Group Toads Theses fun and cute little guys can be found all over Shroomopolis! They can give you tips, gifts, or just tell you a little about life at Shroomopolis City! Some own businesses, and will probably even let you play fun minigames!


Image Name Description
Technizon Technizon Technizon is an electronic atoumatron that helped Bowser kidnap Peach by kidnapping her himself! He was created by Bowser for the sole purpose of being evil, and he accomplishes that very well, and is mostly looked upon as the main villain of the game!
DigiBowser DigiBowser DigiBowser is Bowser's form, of which he takes after entering the DigiWorld! Although his appearance makes it look like he's lost some, he's acctually gained! In this form, he's bigger, stronger, and badder then ever before! He can send his powerful fist of furry as far as he wants! He uses this form to steal all of the Power Stars! And this time, he doesn't have a tail to be swung by! (Or so he thinks...)

Worlds & Levels

World Level(s) Description
WindTech Hills
  • Windmill Station
This level is simmilar to Bianca Hills from Super Mario Sunshine. But, there are more windmills, and are a lot more advanced then how they were in Sunshine. However, this should'nt be too much for the great Super Mario, right?

Other Info

  • This game is to celebrate 15 Years since Sunshine, which is why it repeats the process of transforming the world around a specific theme (Sunshine was Tropical Vacation, this is Techno Utopia) and has Mario complete level by using some sort of machinery (F.L.U.D.D. in Sunshine and the Techno Boots now in this game).

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