Super Mario (TV series)
Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario & Donkey Kong
Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Kids, Adventure, Cartoons
Original Language English
Super Mario is a American Animated CGI TV series produced by Nintendo/Warner Bros. Inc. and ran many seasons since August 17, 2002. There is a spin off series Yoshi Adventures (2006 TV series). The series also got a computer animated movie called Mario Gets Real.

This show is based on the games, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wario Woods, Donkey Kong 3 & Yoshi's Island DS.


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Home Media

See Also:Super Mario/Merchandise Over many DVDs of Super Mario have been released with each containing 5 episodes (110 minutes).In the UK and Japan, 4 episodes of Super Mario Forever were released on a single VHS tape titled Super Mario: Party Bash. All episodes of the tape were party themed . The USA also received the release of the VHS tape shown as an 88 minute feature film.

TV Channels

CW 4kids, Nickelodeon, The Hub