A Super Mario game for the Wii.


One very fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth were at the park, having a picnic. It was a wonderful view, they could even see Sarasaland from there. But they also saw something else... an odd airship was coming up to Princess Daisy's castle. Mario told Luigi and Toadsworth to stay and guard the princess, and then the prologue level begins.

Once arriving at Daisy's castle, Mario finds Bowser and the Koopalings. Bowser explains that he has a plan that Mario can't beat, and he sends him launching away on a Koopa Katapult.

After landing back on the hill, Mario finds Luigi and Peach gone, and Toadsworth unconscious. Toadsworth wakes up and tells Mario he was knocked out by a Hammer Bro. when it all happened. Toadsworth decides that Mario must go to the castle for a special tutorial.



Image Character Description_of_the_character Char_special_powerup How_to_unlock_char
Mario Nintendo's mascot and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is back on yet another adventure! Watch out, villains, 'cause it's-a Mario time! Fire Flower
Turns Mario into Fire Mario, and he is able to shoot fireballs.
This character is default.
Luigi Mario's younger (yet taller) brother who wears green. Luigi is a little more clumsy than Mario, plus he's also afraid of anything intimidating. Ice Flower
Turns Luigi into Ice Luigi, and he is able to shoot iceballs.
Get his key from Larry Koopa.
Princess Peach The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom herself, Peach now joins in on the action for the once again! And she can hover! Heart Flower
Peach becomes Heart Peach and she can shoot hearts so enemies will fall in love with her.
Get her key fron Wendy O. Koopa.
Wario Mario's chubby, rude, garlic eatin', coin stealin', game cheatin' rival. In other words he hates losing. He's also pretty strong. Climb Garlic
Wario becomes Climb Wario and he is able to climb up rock walls.
Get his key from Shadow Boo.
Cyan Toad NSMBVR
Cyan Toad A known Toad who is very close to Toadsworth. He is one of the fastest runners here. Propeller Mushroom
Cyan Toad becomes Propeller Toad and he is able to fly up to out of reach places.
Clear all of Toadsworth's tutorials.


Image Character_name Character's_role_in_this_game
Yoshi Yoshi's back! And he's here to help Mario and his friends through certain levels by giving them rides! Eat up those enemies, Yoshi!
Starlow Starlow returns from her previous adventure with the brothers! She'll guide you to the star, except she'll have to make it a Bronze Star.
Toad They come in all different colors. Toads often provide helpful tips, or sometimes they have found a certain item.
Toadsworth An eldery Toad, Peach's advisor, and the teacher of Toadsworth's Tutorials all in one! For an old dude, he sure is busy.
Toadette A female Toad who owns the Shroom Shops. She'll sell you a Life or a 1-Up Mushroom for 30 coins.
250px-MP8 Birdo
Birdo Birdo stands guard at the gate, and she won't let the character through. Maybe if you were riding on a certain green dinosaur...
Koopa the Quick What's this? Mario's old rival challenging him to rematch races? Not this time. This time he's more like the Chimp from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Boshi In this game, he's Yoshi's racing rival. Maybe if you beat him in a race, he'll give you a Power Star.
Shy Guy These guys will ask for favors. Ones that collect a certain enemy will ask for a certain enemy, or sometimes they'll have jobs for you.
Rosalina The true damsel in distress, Bowser was using her energy to generate his castle's power! She can acess a special world if you collect every Star Coin.



World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_this_area Bosses_in_area
Mushroom Fields A peacful little field where flowers just love to grow. -Meet Taroopa the Troopa
-Flower Fields, Silver Stars!
-Taroopa's Speed Run
Taroopa the Troopa
Yoshi Mountains A calm, serene mountain area native to Yoshis. -An Egg-Scelent Encounter
-Yoshi's Pet Peeve
-Super Spiny Romp n' Stomp
Dig Dug Mines An underground mining shaft that was abandoned for years. -The Spooky Mine Cart Race
-Ghostly Encounters
-The Sneaky Shadow
-Mine Cart Purple Coin Race
Shadow Boo
Larry's Crazy Castle A castle under the ruling of Larry. -Here's Larry! Larry Koopa

World 2: Sarasaland

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_this_area Bosses_in_area
Dry Deserts A deserted (literally) place overrun by Dry Bones and Pokies. -The Dryest of the Bones
-Warmer and Warmer...
-The Oasis of Spinies
-Dry Cosmic Clone Race
Oasis Jungle A lush yet sandy jungle, a rainforest with no rain. -Call of Tarzan
-Petey for Two
-Petey's Daredevil Run
-A Mole in the Rough
Petey Piranha
Puzzle Palace A palace in Sarasaland where anyone who likes puzzles goes. -Puzzling the Palace Picture
-An Accidental Summon
Mandibug Duo (miniboss)
Stone Mansion An old, spooky mansion inhabited by Boos and other ghosts. -We got Ghosts!
-Bouldergiest's Back!-The Mansion's Purple Coins
Roy's Rapid Rodeo A rodeo created by Roy. -Rippin' and Ridin' Roy Koopa

World 3: Freeze-Flame Fields

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Icecap Mountain A tall mountain inhabited by penguins and other cold critters. -Luigi's Ice Flower Bash
-Baron Brr's Mountain Peak
-Hot and Cold
-Cold Cosmic Clone Race
Baron Brr
Hotfoot Saunas Calm, relaxing sauna pools. Think the fountain is powered by something? -Hotfoot's Fountains
-Hotfoot's Puzzle Challenge
Blizzard Beach A beach that can be cold whenever somebody hits a switch. -Skating up the Waterfalls
-The Penguin Shell Race
Hotcore Volcano An active volcano with some hot critters! -Warm and Toasty
-Baron Brrn's Volcano Peak
-Toasty Purple Coins
Baron Brrn
Snowflake Saunas Same as Hotfoot Saunas, except IT'S FREEZING! -Snowflake's Fountains
-Snowflake's Romp n' Stomp
Iggy's Freezing Hot Lair A fortress made by Iggy that features both lava and ice. -Iggy's Hot n' Cold Brawl Iggy Koopa

World 4: Open Oceans

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Shimmer Shine Beach A gorgeous beach with friendly Piantas and Nokis, as well as dolphins. -Pianta's Springy Fling
-Shimmering Silver Stars
-Blooper Romp n' Stomp

-A Crabber for Shy Guy

Out on the Ocean Station A sea station with grand missions. -Eight Underwater Red Coins
-Squishing the Squid
Squish Squid
Cheep-Cheep Docks A boardwalk with a bunch of Cheep-Cheeps. -Cheepskipper's Return
-The Dock's Purple Coins
Wendy's Wave Castle A sunken castle that now is owned by Wendy. -Wake of Wendy's Waves Wendy O. Koopa

World 5: Heavenly Skies

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Cloud Canyon A canyon with what else? Clouds! -Blimp Yoshi takes Flight
-Thundering Skies
-Thundering Daredevil Run
-Blimp Yoshi's Silver Stars
Honeycomb Hive A new home for Queen Bee and the Bees. -Queen Bee's Itchy Back
-Buzzing Off
-Itchy Back Speed Run
Arship Fleet #1 The first fleet of airships. -Bowser Jr.'s Big Time Bowser Jr.
Rainbow Road The legendary track from all Mario Kart games. -Lubba's Race
-The Luma's Time Trial
-Red Coins on the Track
Ludwig's Flying Castle A flying castle owned by Ludwig. -Ludwig in the Sky Ludwig Von Koopa

World 6: Troublesome Toybox

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Spring Toy Lane A fun bouncy little place where the Springy Bears roam. -Springing Down Jack's Box
-Sprining with Silver Stars
Mad Jack
Teddy Toy Lane Aww... it's so adorable! Except for all the enemies... -Teddy's Red Coins
-Red Coins Speed Run
-Quick's Stomp Challenge
Cupid Carnival So... romantic, yes? But what of the enemies? Do they not know l'amour? -The Heart Flower for Peach
-Boss Bow's Love Problems
Boss Bow
Lemmy's Playhouse A tower made entirely of... toys! Lemmy owns this one. -Lemmy's Playroom Rumble Lemmy Koopa

World 7: Rocky Canyon

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Blitz Boulder Valley A rocky valley where the rock come to fall! -Rock Drop
-By the Bouldering Bombs

-Speedy Rock Drop Run

King Bob-omb
Crumbling Canyon A very fragile canyon! Who knows where it will crumble? -Crumbling Down the Canyon
-Silver Stars Crumbling Up

-Canyon Chaos
-Red Canyon Coin Chaos

Rock Lock Lake A lake in the middle of a mountain valley. Penguins love it here! -Coach's Swimming Lessons
-A Squishy Return

-Daredevil Swim Lessons

Squish Squid
Mountain Slide Resort A fun slide! Wheeeee! -Sliding to Victory
-Sliding with Purple Coins
Morton's Rhompin' Thwompin' Castle A castle built by Morton with the help of Thwomps and Whomps. -Morton's Rock and Roll Morton Koopa Jr.

World 8: Bowser Badlands

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Magma Mines A mine shaft with a boiling hot treasure inside! -Magma Mine Cart Race
-Volcanic Red Coins

-Daredevil Mine Cart Race

Smoky Mountains A secret volcano is in one of these mountains! -The Sinking Silver Stars
-Meet Fiery Taroopa
Fiery Taroopa the Troopa
Airship Fleet #2 A second batch of airships with Bowser Jr. at the wheel again! -Bowser Jr. is Back! Bowser Jr.
Bowser's Big Bad Castle This is it! The final stretch! Bowser must be stopped! -The Grand Finale Bowser

World S: The Peacful Universe

NOTE: This world can only be opened up if the player finds every Star Coin in the game.

Name_of_the_area Description_of_the_area Known_levels_in_the_area Bosses_in_area
Master Mario Galaxy A special world made by Rosalina to thank you for beating Bowser. -The Ultimate Challenge
-The Speed Daredevil Run


Items & Power-Ups


More to be confirmed...

Power-Ups for Playable Characters

Power-Ups for Yoshi


  • The Kong Banana item is based off the banana the Kongs collect, but none of the Kongs, not even DK, appear in the game.