This page explains the boss fights of Super Mario Super Sword.

Giga Koopa

This battle takes place in an outdoor arena-type area in Flower Castle. To defeat Giga Koopa, Mario must use the Bow to strike his head. Then, when he is stunned, Mario must quickly dig through one of the dirt pathes on the side of the arena to get the upper platform. From there, Mario must jump on Giga Koopa and strike his sword into him. After about 3 or 4 strikes, Giga Koopa will knock Mario off him. This does no damage, but send Mario back down to the main floor. This must be repeats twice more to start the second phase of battle, when Giga Koopa loses his wings and the upper platform is no longer needed. Mario must wait until Giga Koopa tucks into his shell and must strike it right before the shell hits him, stunning Giga Koopa and allowing Mario to damage him. When Giga Koopa takes enough damage, the battle ends.

Power Pokey

This battle takes place in an area covered with the special magnetic walls the Magnofeet can be used to walk on and small sandy areas inside the Temple Ruins. To defeat the Pokey, Mario must use the Magnofeet to walk on the magnetic surfaces when needed and, to damage him, must use the Grapple-Shot to bring a bomb from one of the small grass areas and use it again to make to bomb explode on Power Pokey. the process must be repeated until all of the Pokey's segments (expect the head) are destroyed. Mario must then strike the head with his sword. Once the Pokey recovers, Mario must repeat the process once more and Power Pokey is defeated.

Tiki Tong Terror

This battle takes place on the top floor that connects the Treetop Towers. To defeat him, Mario must first destroy his hands. To do this, Mario must wait for Tiki Tong Terror to smash his hand into the ground, trapping it in the floor for a short time. Mario must use the Hammer to damage to red gem on the hand. Each hand must be hit twice in order for it to be destroyed. After Mario destroyed both hands, he must wait for Tiki Tong Terror to smash his head into the ground. Then he must smash the red button on the top. This reveals another red gem, which Mario must damage with his sword. After repeating this twice more, Tiki Tong Terror himself is destroyed.


This battle takes place on the roof of the Snowpeak Temple and below it. Mario must use the Grappling Hook and Grapple-Shots to climb between the snowy platforms to reach the roof, also while avoiding the snowballs that will knock Mario back to the bottom. When Mario makes it to the top, he must use the Grappling Hook to "leash" Blizzora. Then Mario must equip the Metal Boots to make Blizzora fall apart. Mario must then damage the head with his sword. After Mario strikes the head about 6 times, Blizzora reforms itself. The process must be repeated 3 more times to finish the battle.

Petey Piranha

This battle takes place in the hot spring of Wario's Golden Mansion. Before Mario can damage Petey Piranha at all, he must use the Whipspear to kill the spiked Piranha Plants that appear out of the poisonous water. Once all of the Piranha Plants are dead, Petey Piranha reveals himself. Mario must then use the Whipspear to stun Petey, who topples over, leaving his weak spot, a green gem on his stomach, free to damage. Mario must quickly climb on Petey and strike the gem with his sword. After about 6 strikes, Petey knocks Mario off of him. The process must be repeated two more times, but the number of spiked Piranha Plants Mario has to kill before he can damage Petey increases by one each time the process is repeated. The battle ends after Mario strikes Petey enough times. The poisonous water also turns into normal water afterwards.

Bowser Jr.

This battle takes place just outside the Great Cliffs. Bowser Jr. arrives in his carriage, equipped with boxing gloves. Mario must use the Bow to stun Bowser Jr, then use the Grapple-Shot to bring Bowser Jr. down to him. Mario must then strike him with his sword. After 4 strikes, Bowser Jr. breaks free of Mario's grip and hops back in his carriage. This must be repeated again to start the second phase. In the second phase, Bowser Jr. has a glass barrier protecting him. Before Mario can damage him, he must destroy the barrier. To do this, Mario must use the Grappling Hook to "leash" Bowser Jr. and pull it, causing the carriage to fall to the ground. Mario must then quickly break the barrier with the Hammer, then damage Bowser Jr. the same way he did in the first phase. This must be reapeated 2 more times to end the battle.


This battle takes place in Bowser's Stronghold and is the final boss of the game. It begins with Mario and Bowser on a fiery arena-like platform outdoors. Mario can damage him in three ways. One way is to damage him from behind, and another way is to shield-bash his sword attack, stunning him for 2 seconds, unless Mario damages him in time. The third way demands patience and quick fingers, Mario must wait for Bowser to charge at him, Mario must do the same and the two clash swords. The player muast rapidly press the button shown on the screen. If successful, Mario will win the mini-duel, stunning Bowser and allowing him to damage Bowser. However, if unsuccessful, Mario will suffer damage. After Bowser suffers enough damage, he powers up his sword, which powers up hmself as well. Mario can damage him in the first and second ways, but the third way is replaced with a new one. Mario can charge the power of a lightning bolt into his sword, and launch it as a super-powered sword beam, which damages and stuns Bowser, and allows Mario damage him more. After Bowser suffers enough damage, he will do a final move - a sword clash, however, this one is harder than the previous ones and the player must be quicker to win. If unsuccessful, Mario will suffer damage and must try again. If successful, Bowser topples over, allowing Mario to execute a final blow on him, defeating him once and for all.

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