Super Mario Super Land is a Super Mario platform game for the Nintendo 3DS that stars all the classic Mario characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, the Toads, and Yoshi, but also features Princess Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Toadette and Rosalina. The game is a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land.


One day, in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi and Peach were relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, when out of the waves comes a giant tank which starts to cause havoc on the beach. The tank happens to belong to Bowser, who has come to capture the heroes, and not just Peach this time. He manages to capture Peach and Luigi, but Mario escapes. Mario laters teams up with Princess Daisy and Toadette and Rosalina, and they set off on their latest adventure. However, Wario and Waluigi happen to be spying on them, and they plan to raid Bowser's Castle to plunder whatever treasure he may have, so they follow behind our heroes on their quest. After trekking through the first world and reaching the first castle, Mario, Daisy, Toadette and Rosalina find Luigi and Peach, who are trapped in a flying cage guarded by Shadow Mario, Bowser Jr.'s alter ego. They easily stomp the evil doppelganger and rescue their allies. After Luigi gets some consoling from his brother, and Peach says "Thank You!" for being rescued once again, they join Mario and the other three heroines on their adventure when they see a massive fleet of airships overhead, ready to terrorize the kingdom.


The game plays like Super Mario 3D Land, but with some new features and power-ups. The player can choose to play as 6 characters, which are Mario, Daisy, Toadette, Rosalina, and after a certain condition in the game is met, Luigi and Peach can be played as, too. Yoshi can be found and ridden on in certain levels, and when a level is completed with him, he can carried over to another level, just like in Super Mario World. In this game, each character has a health meter, and they can pick up power-ups for different effects. If they are hit while carrying the properties of a second power-up, they will revert back into their Super Mushroom form. If they are hit in their Super Mushroom form, they will turn small. If they are hit while they're small, their health meter will decrease by a certain amount, depending on the strength of the enemy, stage hazard or enemy attack that hit them. If they lose all their health, a life is lost. The loss of the last life will result in a Game Over, and the level they lost their last life on will have to be redone from the start, even if a checkpoint was reached. The characters can regain health by collecting coins, which, when 100 are collected, will grant an extra life. Each level also contains 3 Star Medals to collect, which are mandatory to unlock extra content, open up the levels of World Ultimaster, and gain acess to Bowser's and Nega Rosalina's palaces. Each world has 6 regular levels, and in each world (expect for World Ultimaster), there's a fortress containing a mini-boss. Also, in each world (again, expect for World Ultimaster), there's a castle containing a major boss. After the castles in World 4 and World 7 are completed, they are followed by levels that take place on one of Bowser's airships, and both airships have a battle with Bowser Jr. at the end. After the castle of World 8 is cleared, and after the last regular level in World Ultimaster is beaten, they are followed by palaces, which are like castles, only they are not as plentiful, they are shorter, though more dangerous, and at the end of them, the game's strongest bosses are encountered (Bowser is encountered at the end of World 8's palace, serving as the Final Boss of the game, and a mysterious being made from all the evil in the Mushroom Kingdom called Nega Rosalina is fought at the end of World Ultimaster's palace as the game's Super Boss). When the Final Boss is beat, the regular ending is shown. When the Super Boss is beat, an extra ending is shown.




Princess Daisy







Koopalings (Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy O., Morton Jr. and Larry)

Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario



Yoshi (ridden on)

Yellow Toad

Blue Toad


Boom Boom

Pom Pom

Playable Character differences

Mario: Great jumping, great traction, moderate speed, moderate strength, and capable of the Spin Jump move. Mario is the balanced default character.

Luigi: Best jumping abilities, highest speed, low traction, low strength, and capable of the Super Jump move. He's a more fast-paced character than Mario.

Princess Daisy: Good jumping abilties, great speed, highest strength, moderate traction, and capable of the Shock Tremor move. She's a powerhouse character.

Toadette: Subpar jumping abilities, great speed, moderate traction, high strength, and capable of the Toadstool Charm move. She's a character who plays defensively.

Peach: Subpar jumping abilities, moderate speed, lowest strength, great traction, and capable of the Heart Parasol move. Her unique move makes her a good character for crossing large gaps.

Rosalina: Great jumping, moderate speed, high strength, great traction, and capable of the Shooting Star move. She's both a nimble and powerful character.

Power-Ups and Effects

Super Mushroom: Makes characters grow when they're small.

Fire Flower: Grants Mario bouncing fireballs, gives Daisy a fireball rope, gives Toadette a fire bomb attack, gives Rosalina a spread fire star shot attack, gives Luigi flying fireballs (like the ones he uses in the Super Smash Bros. series) and gives Peach a fire tornado attack.

Ice Flower: Grants Mario bouncing ice balls, gives Daisy an ice body dash attack (which is like Ice Mario in Super Mario Galaxy, only Daisy will turn her body to ice for short period of time whenever she uses her ice attack), gives Toadette a rolling snow ball attack, gives Rosalina an icicle star shield, gives Luigi flying ice balls, and gives Peach a freezing air spread attack.

Super Leaf: Grants Mario, Luigi and Toadette flight, tail whipping and slow descending abilities, grants Peach the ability to float for a short period of time (like in Super Mario Bros. 2 USA), grants Daisy the Tail Twister ability, and grants Rosalina the ability to glide and perform a single aerial jump.

Frog Suit: Grants any character the ability to hop on land and have more control when swimming underwater.

Tanooki Suit: Much like the Raccoon Suit, but whatever stone ability can be used depends on the character. Tanooki Mario can turn into an invincible statue that can make shockwaves, Tanooki Daisy can turn into a stone fist that charges forward, Tanooki Toadette can use Rock Mario's ability from Super Mario Galaxy 2, Tanooki Rosalina can surround herself with rocks to shield herself and throw at enemies, Tanooki Luigi can turn into a giant statue that can scare off some enemies, and Tanooki Peach can turn into a statue that can use a spin attack.

Hammer Bros. Suit: Gives Mario the hammer lob, gives Daisy the skipping hammers, gives Toadette one big and powerful, but slow hammer, gives Rosalina a hammer star spin, gives Luigi straight forward hammer throws, and gives Peach a hammer spread move.

Boomerang Flower: Gives Mario the horizontal boomerang throw, gives Daisy the homing boomerang, gives Toadette the boomerang spin swing, gives Rosalina the boomerang force field, gives Luigi the vertical boomerang throw, and gives Peach the three-direction boomerangs.

Mega Mushroom: Makes any character giant, invincible and capable of destroying nearly everything in their path temporarily.

Mini Mushroom: Makes any character tiny and able to squeeze through tight spaces, run on water and dash up walls, but more vulnerable.

Metal Mushroom: Makes any character metal and capable of taking lots of hits before being powered down, but decreases their jump height and increases their falling speed.

Gravity Mushroom: Makes any character able to jump even higher and farther than before, but decreases their falling speed and their walking and running speeds.

Speed Mushroom: Makes any character able to walk and run alot faster and jump farther, but decreases their traction.

Penguin Suit: It has all the features of the Ice Flowers, and even gives each character their unique ice abilities, but also allows them to walk on ice without their movement being hindered by the slippery terrain.

Cape: A rare power-up that gives each character the Cape flight, slow descent, ground dive and Cape spin abilities from Super Mario World, and also gives them different abilities. Cape Mario can do a chain of punches that ends with an uppercut, Cape Daisy can do a flying bicycle kick, Cape Toadette can do a head charge which ends with her tripping, Rosalina can release cosmic energy waves from her hands by throwing her palms forward, Cape Luigi can use his running multi-punch attack (from the Super Smash Bros. series) which ends with a simultaneous double punch (like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl), and Cape Peach can lift enemies up into the air without touching them and throw them.

Starman: Makes any character temporarily invincible and increases their walking and running speeds.

Inferno Flower: A rare power-up that makes any character temporarily light ablaze and gives them their unique fire abilities, and makes them immune to fire hazards and lava. After they cool down, they become their regular Fire forms.

Bowser Suit: A rare power-up that makes any character transform into Bowser and become indestructible (even to getting crushed and falling into lava, though falling into death pits can still KO the character using the suit) for a short period of time.

Rainbow Star: A rare power-up that makes any character indestructible to everything (except for falling into death pits), increases their speed, jump height and jump length, and allows them to fly, all for a certain period of time.

Boss Battles

World 1 Fortress Boss: Larry Koopa

World 1 Castle Boss: Shadow Mario

World 2 Fortress Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.

World 2 Castle Boss: Thwomp Golem

World 3 Fortress Boss: Wendy O. Koopa

World 3 Castle Boss: Leviooper

World 4 Fortress Boss: Iggy Koopa

World 4 Castle Boss: Megaton Wrench

World 4 Airship Boss: Bowser Jr. and Mecha Bowser Jr.

World 5 Fortress Boss: Roy Koopa

World 5 Castle Boss: Comb-ust

World 6 Fortress Boss: Lemmy Koopa

World 6 Castle Boss: Filthy Richy

World 7 Fortress Boss: Ludwig Von Koopa

World 7 Castle Boss: Wattsofunny

World 7 Airship Boss: Bowser Jr. and Clown Cloud

World 8 Fortress Boss: Kamek, Boom Boom and Pom Pom

World 8 Castle Boss: Wario and Waluigi and Plunderbot

World 8 Palace Boss(Final Boss): Bowser

World Ultimaster Palace Boss(Super Boss): Nega Rosalina


World 1: Ripple Route

World 2: Granola Gorge

World 3: Sushi Shore

World 4: Truffle Terminal

World 5: Waffle Wastes

World 6: Danish Dimension

World 7: Cream Carnival

World 8: Badlands of Bowser

World Ultimaster: Final Frontier

Other Features

  • Each character can change the colours of their outfits.
  • This game has a difficulty setting. There are three difficulties at first, which are Easy Mode (which is represented by a Mushroom), Medium Mode (which is represented by a Starman), and Hard Mode (which is represented by a Bowser Jr. symbol). When the game is beaten on Hard Mode, the fourth difficulty, Intense Mode (which is represented by a Bowser symbol) is unlocked. Basically, when the game is set on the higher difficulties, the enemies become more difficult to get around, more hazards are placed around the levels, and the bosses are more of a challenge. However, when the game is played on Easy Mode, the Final Boss and World Ultimaster cannot be accessed. Technically, the final boss in Easy Mode is Wario, Waluigi and Plunderbot, because while Bowser is encountered near the end of the World 8 Palace in a manner similar to the original Super Mario Bros., he is more of an obstacle at that point than a boss, and after he falls off the bridge and plunges into the lava, Easy Mode ends there with no ending or credits and doesn't let the player proceed to the real Final Boss battle, followed by the game telling the player to try the stage on a higher difficulty setting.
  • After the game is completed 100% once, an option to make the characters infinitely invincible in any stage becomes available in the Options menu. Activating this will modify the stages to make them a bit more challenging for the infinitely invincible characters. However, this only works on Game Files that have been completed 100%, however, so it's only good for if the player wants to do an "Invincible Mode" run on their completed file.
  • Up to 4 players can play locally in the Story Mode or the Battle Modes (Coin, Balloon and Race) for double, triple or quadruple the fun. Up to 6 players can join the excitement online, allowing all 6 playable characters to appear on the screen at once.
  • Turning the 3D on during gameplay will result in some eye-popping visual effects and influence the stage layouts in certain ways.






  • Wario and Waluigi are enemies in this game instead of playable characters because they are Mario and Luigi's rivals, and it's likely that they would travel across the continent to Bowser's home just for treasure.
  • This is the first Mario game to have more playable female characters than playable male characters. Mario and Luigi make up the entire roster of playable males (unless Yoshi counted, since he can be controlled while one of the characters is riding him), while the females (Daisy, Toadette, Rosalina and Peach) make up the rest of the roster.
  • This is the first time since Super Mario World where Ludwig Von Koopa breathes fire.
  • This is the first game where Bowser actually uses his bridge destroying switches himself.
  • The Super Boss, Nega Rosalina, has a striking resemblence to the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Princess Peach is rescued in this game faster than she is in other Mario games; she is rescued at the end of World 1 as opposed to being rescued at the end of the game.
  • This is the first time Toadette and Rosalina are playable in a platform game.
  • In one of Rosalina's alternate outfits, she looks like the White Mage, and in one of Luigi's alternate outfits, he looks like the Black Mage.
  • This is the first game where the Koopalings are just mini bosses instead of regular bosses. They may have been demoted after their many failures.
  • Unlike other Mario platformer titles, the word "Super" is used twice.
  • The reason the Palaces have shorter pathways to the bosses than the Castles, Fortresses and Airships is because room needed to be made for the lengthy boss battles with Bowser and Nega Rosalina.
  • This game's health meter is not present in any other Mario game with the classic Super Mario Bros. health system.

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