Super mario sunshine vr logo

The logo for the game.

Super Mario Sunshine VR is a sequel to the GameCube's Super Mario Sunshine. It is for the Nintendo VR for Icey Inc.. It will be released in Fall 2010 and is the first Super Mario Sunshine game to feature Shine Sprite battling.


This game has a similar gameplay to Super Mario Sunshine, except the new controls are Shine Sprite bashing. Mario can change into Luigi if he runs out of lives. If you run when the time stops you are eliminated. There is also a new mode called Shine Sprite battle mode between the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros.. If the Mario Bros. wins, you are done, if the Wario Bros. wins, you are playing the battle by yourself. So enjoy this game.


are having a Mushroom Party at Isle Delfino. When a giant coconut flies on top of the hill, it hits Toad, then throws him into the water. Bowser's airship arrived at Delfino and the Piantas start screaming when Bowser threw Peach to a hill and put her away to his airship, then Bowser blows up the whole town. Mario goes to save Peach, then runs away with his Fludd, blasting away from Isle Delfino.




Power-Up Forms

  • Water Mario
  • Ice Mario
  • Fire Mario
  • Giant Mario
  • Super Mario
  • Shine Sprite Mario
  • Boo Mario
  • Bee Mario
  • Toad Mario
  • Bowser Mario
  • Hyper Mario
  • Black Mario
  • Graffiti Mario
  • Yoshi Mario


Logos and Boxarts


Boss Art

Power Up Art


  • It was announced to release in October 5, 2010 in North America.