Super Mario Sunshine U is a remake of Super Mario Sunshine, in a vein similar to Super Mario 64 DS, released for the Wii U.


The plot is the same as the original game- however, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario join Mario, Peach, and the Toads on their vacation. Additionally, depending on which character you take control of in the Shadow Mario levels, Bowser Jr. will become the shadow form of them (unless it's Yoshi, in which case he remains Shadow Mario). The Piantas also claim to have seen Mario, Luigi, and Wario wreaking havoc.

In the opening cutscene, it shows more of Isle Delfino: a cruise not seen in the previous game (which Wario falls in love with). Luigi is the only person (besides Peach) not to become distracted by the video (since both Mario and Yoshi notice the "succulent seafood") and they both react to the appearance of Mario at the end of the video.

While the Delfino Airstrip is virtually unchanged (though it is possible to talk to Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario as well), upon arriving in Delfino Plaza, only Yoshi is available as a playable character, since the plumbers were imprisoned. Using the fruit around the island, Yoshi can spit juice to get rid of goop and kill the Piranha Plant in the Generator (similarly to the ridable Yoshis), unlocking Bianco Hills. After beating the first level of Bianco Hills, Mario, Luigi, and Wario are released from prison. Luigi, using FLUDD's Turbo Nozzle, zooms across the water to Noki Bay, while Wario, using FLUDD's Rocket Nozzle, launches himself over the mountains to Sirena Beach. Mario stays behind with Yoshi, though.


Playable Characters

Besides the Squirt Nozzle, each character has their own nozzle. It is currently unknown if Luigi and Wario are optional, like in Super Mario 64 DS- however, due to how often the Turbo and Rocket Nozzles are required, it is likely that they aren't.

Image Name FLUDD Nozzle How to Unlock
TBA Yoshi None- can squirt fruit juice. Default.
TBA Mario Hover Nozzle Unlocked after the first level of Bianco Hills is beaten.
TBA Luigi Turbo Nozzle Unlocked in a secret level in Noki Bay (Mario is required).
TBA Wario Rocket Nozzle Unlocked in a secret level in Delfino Plaza (Luigi is required).


  • Bianco Hills
  • Ricco Harbor
  • Gelato Beach
  • Pinna Park
  • Noki Bay
  • Sirena Beach
  • Pianta Village
  • Pianta Cruises (NEW!)

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