Game Info

Super Mario Sunshine The Return
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Super Mario
Series Super Mario Sunshine
 Super Mario Sunshine The Return is the Sequel of Super Mario Sunshine now Luigi is Added at Playable Characters and Wario and Waluigi and Rosalina and Yoshi


The Story Starts with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi and Toadsworth in the plane theyre go Returning in Delfino Island and They sees other plane they sees The Wario Bros and Mona and Rosalina

First Cutscene Transcript

[In the Plane]

Pianta: Mario! Welcome Back to trip to delfino island we need ur help!

[In the other plane with Wario and Waluigi and Mona and Rosalina]

Wario: Yes were going to Delfino Island
Waluigi: Ah Great! But Wario Look someone familiar is inside the plane
Wario: [Gets Pair of Binoculairs and looks] Wah! Its the Mario Brothers!
Waluigi: What?!?

[Back to the Plane with Mario and his friends]

Mario: [Looks Trough Window] Luigi Look! theyre comming too!
Luigi: [Looks Too] Hey! Them?

[The 2 Planes Landed]

Waluigi: Mario Bros! are u comming on Vacation Too?
Luigi: Yes Guys wait did u bought Mona and Rosalina Too
Wario: Yeah but look at that Goop there!
Mario: Wait i know a thing from Gadd Science!
Waluigi: Aha! i can find it!
Mario: Go For it!

[Back to Game When Waluigi Found FLUDD]

FLUDD: You are Waluigi the resident of Mushroom Kingdom
Waluigi: Yes but i can take you to Mario!

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