Super Mario Sunshine HD is a remake of the popular Gamecube game Super Mario Sunshine released on February 20th, 2015. The game was first revealed on a Nintendo Direct on December 4th, 2014.

Super Mario Sunshine first became available on February 17th, 2015 as a digital download from the North American Nintendo eShop. The packaged version was released on January 29th in Japan, on February 20th in North America and Europe, and on March 5th in Australia. Two limited edition bundles of the game—one a special edition Wii U Deluxe Set, the other including an exclusive figurine of F.L.U.D.D. were also released in North America and Europe.

The remake boasts more sophisticated graphics than the original. Some changes to gameplay were also made, such as reducing the amount of blue coins by half, completely changing Corona Mountain, and making changing around many Shines as well as making them more integral.


Each of the 7 levels in the game has 12 shines, 8 from the main misisons, one from 100 coins, one from red coins in the secret levels, and 2 from hidden shines, adding up to 84 shines. Then there are 16 shines in the plaza (1 from 100 coins, and 2 from the Airstrip, plus 13 more spread around the level). Finally, there are 25 blue coins in each level plus 25 in Delfino Plaza/Airstrip, adding up to 200 Blue Coins, and for 10 blue coins you get a shine, resulting in the final 20 Shines needed to add up to 120 Shines in the game.


  • Shadow Mario has almost completely been changed. He is similar to the original gameplay but much more diverse.
    • The objective is still to melt him, but he puts up more of a resistance.
    • His path is not the same, but changes randomly as he runs along the route, resulting in a true chase.
    • He will create goop more than usual, as it trails along behind him, and he sometimes jumps and lands, causing a big splash.
    • He sometimes will jump in the air, spin to face Mario, and use the paintbrush to shoot a large ball of goop at Mario.
    • Sometimes he will draw a image on the ground of a PIranha Gooper boss, and if he finishes it, it will spawn and he will continue running. Mario can chase after himn, but if the boss still remains when Shadow Mario is caught, he will warp to the Gooper's spot and continue running.
    • He now has a time limit. In missions he will dissapear and cause Mario to die if he isn't caught fast enough, but in Delfino Plaza he simply dissapears and the player must enter and reenter a mission for him to reappear.
  • The Piranha Gooper boss has also been changed.
    • He now has three forms: Baby Gooper, Piranha Gooper, and Hyrda Gooper
    • Baby Gooper is small and poses no real threat. When he opens his mouth, Mario can spray water in it until his belly fills. Then the Gooper will explode and splash water, dousing nearby goop. These sometimes spawn out of goop, from Hyrda Goopers, or by Shadow Mario, or in lava.
    • Piranha Gooper is the normal boss. It's a lot like the Baby Gooper, but larger, taking more sprays to inflate. It also has attacks, like spitting big goo balls, and releasing a large roar that causes lots of Goopinis to spawn from any nearby goop and rush towards Mario. Lastly it can swing its head to either knock over Mario or eat him, and if it eats him it will cause him 3 damage and spit him out covered in goo. When it dies, it releases lots of water.
      • There are variations of this boss for different goops; Red Goop, which appears on the runway at the beginning of the game; Brown Goo, which is a little bit tougher, and appears in the first mission of Bianca Hills; Fire Goop, which is fought to enter Gelato Beach and can breathe fire; and Electric Goop, which of course electrifies you and is found to enter the secret level in the Pinna Park beach. There are also types for each goop, which are spawned by the Hyrda Gooper.
    • Hydra Gooper is a rarer form seen on in specific missions. It at first appears like the Piranha Gooper, but with three heads instead of one. Defeating one head is easier, and will cause two more to spawn. Once 10 spawn, a large head will spawn in the middle, with mostly the same abilities as the smaller heads but more powerful. Its bite does 4 damage, and its balls release spores which grow into Baby Goopers. At this point the smaller heads will just bob up and down and not attack, and Mario must spray them which will knock them into the big head. After a hit its mouth will open and Mario can spray. After enough sprays it will explode into a gigantic amount of water, cleaning all the goop in the level.
      • There are three variations of this boss: Red Goop, which appears on the runway when E. Gadd arrives, and is the simplest verison; Electric Goop, which appears at the top of Pinna Park, guarding the shine; and Lava Goop, which appears in Corona Mountain, and has the ability to breathe flames. 
    • The Petey Piranha boss is relatively unchanged.
    • The Blooper Boss is much different
      • The Oil Version is a bit tougher now. Its mouth is now only open if 3 of the arms are destroyed, and it has 8 now. It also will spawn Bloopers from its mouth sometimes now as well. It sometimes does a spinning attack, going in a circle and swinging its arms. It also has the abilities to roar and cause Goopinis to rise from the goop as well. Otherwise it is the same.
      • The Poison Version fought in Noki Bay is much different. It is now a purple color, rather than just white. It is also fought inside the chamber instead of outside it, causing a harder fight due to closer corridors. It's goop is of course poisonous, so Mario has to watch out. It will sometimes spawn Blooper Bombs, which will fly above Mario and crash down, hurting him, and Jumping Bloopers will sometimes jump out of the goo. Also, it takes longer to pull its cork out. Otherwise it is the same.
      • The Lava Version is fought in Corona Mountain, and is similar to the previous one. Of course the goop is spawns is instant death, so it must be avoided, and is a bright orange color. Touching the Blooper itself now harms Mario, except for on the cork, and its arms do more damage. Otherwise it is the same.
    • The Wiggler Boss is mostly the same, except that it releases hot goo from its back.
    • The Giant Cataquacks will now attempt to knock Mario, but instead of in the air, they will knock him backwards. It only hurts if Mario touches a wall as he falls.
    • The Monty Mole boss now appears in the Pinna Park enterance as well. The Bullet Bills he shoot now explode and release goo of the type of the level he is found in (red in Delfino Plaza, electric in Pinna Park, poison in Noki Bay)
    • The Manta Ray boss is the same, but it doesn't do the last split, and its red form activates after a certain number of hits, not when it fully divides.
    • The Big Boo boss is the exact same.
    • The Eely Mouth boss is the exact same.
    • The Big Chain-Chomp boss now cools off faster and walks towards the pool more often but is otherwise the same.
    • Corona Mountain has been completely changed
      • The level is unlocked after Mario unlocks and cleans the Shine Sprite gate and collects 75 Shine Sprites, and the police give a ticket to the level to him, asking him to find Bowser.
      • It doesn't have any blue coins, so all shines can be collected before entering.
      • The level starts off in a large circular area with lava all around. Mario must jump from platform to platform like in the original, but its a little bit more forgiving.
      • Once to the next platform, Mario must complete a chain of chucksters to make it to the next area.
      • Next are lots of sand platforms barely above the lava. These platforms disolve very quickly, so Mario must use the Turbo Nozzle to make it across in time, jumping over enemies along the way. 
      • In the next area, he must jump up clouds and avoid tornados, like in the original.
      • Finally, there is a big boss rush. Shadow Mario appears and paints different images of bosses on the wall of the volcano, and they spawn and Mario must fight them. The bosses are:
        • A Lava Goop version of Hydra Gooper and thus the Piranha Gooper.
        • A Lava Goop version of the Blooper Boss
        • Wiggler spawns, as do tiles in the floor. Mario must spray the tiles to knock over the Wiggler. His goop is lava, making the battle much more dangerous.
        • 4 Giant Cataquacks spawn, and Mario must spray them into the lava by spraying them into the edge and then ground pounding, which knocks them off.
        • The Monty Mole boss spawns in the middle, and his bullets and bob-ombs explode into lava goop.
        • The Manta Ray boss appears, as do 2 small huts for cover. This boss doesn't divide as much.
      • Once the boss rush is finished, Shadow Mario appears, and Mario must fight him. After beating him, he will drop a ticket for the Delfino Express, and jump off with a worried expression on his face. This ticket allows Mario to go to the Lakeside Resort on the northern fin of the Dolphin.
    • The Bowser Boss fight is very different.
      • It now triggers at the Lakeside Resort. When Mario arrives there on the Delfino Express, Bowser engages in conversation as Shadow Mario runs in a circle around them drawing a circle. At the end of his speech, Bowser reveals that it was a trap, just as Shadow Mario finishes the circle and they descent into a secret area. At the bottom, Shadow Mario paints a large pile of lava goop that Bowser falls into, then erupts from as a giant lava-bowser creatures. Then Shadow Mario rides his paint around the arena.

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