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Super Mario Sunshine DS is a DS port of Super Mario Sunshine. Unlock many Mario games for the DS, the gameplay is on the bottom screen.


  • D-Pad: Move around:
  • A: Lift object
  • B: Jump
  • Y: Run
  • X: Run
  • R: Move screen right
  • L: Move screen left


  • Squirt Nozzle: Tap a location around Mario to make Mario squirt, this is why the location screen is on the bottom.
  • Hover Nozzle: Actually, you really hold A to use the hover nozzle.
  • Rocket Nozzle: Press on Mario until he blasts up.
  • Turbo Nozzle: Draw 3 circles around Mario to charge, and you may run around like this for 2 minutes, tap Mario to make him stop.


  1. Delfino Plaza: The hub area, you also have to chase Shadow Mario as well.
  2. Bianco Highlands: A big village where Petey Piranha's nest is and where Shadow Mario spreads goop all over the place. They common get angry about Petey Piranha's habitat wreck, so Mario gets off to defeat him.
  3. Ricco Bay: The Smokesteak Ship is here, and you have to go on it to do a lot of missions, such has a mission where you act has a janitor, but must clean up all the goop in 1 minute.
  4. Fliptatop Beach- On a set of islands that have cataquacks everywhere. You use them for advantage, like to hatch the Stonebird to defeat big red ones.
  5. Manta Bay- A relaxing sunset beach that the Manta Ray will start to haunt, and a tourist hotel which is haunted by Lazy Boos.
  6. Mushroom Colony- A village that Chain Chomps USED to be famed for, but they become out of control and attacked the place! With Lava Goop!
  7. Sky City- Basically a city in the sky, that may fall soon, so Mario has to save it!
  8. Koopa Volcano- Where Bowser is. Mario must cool off hot rocks and jump on them to skip his way to Bowser and fight him!

Secret Unlockables

  1. Improved Triple Jump- Enter Koopa Valcano with Yoshi. However, of course, Yoshi won't be there with you there.
  2. Yoshi's Island Yoshi- Feed Yoshi the only melon in Mushroom Colony, which is under the village, hanging from a root. Beat the mission, and you still hold the melon with it, and feed the egg. A green yoshi comes out and says "Oh! Hi Mario! I was just visiting some old friends here and....yeah, I got stuck in an egg by accident". You then have the Yoshi's Island Yoshi. Mario still uses Fludd. but he has the same powers, and he can swim! When you turn the DS off, however, you must do the cheat again.
  3. Super Luigi Sunshine- Beat Bowser less then 2 minutes, 3 tries. Luigi has a slightly smaller tank, but he can run on water for a short time and fludder.

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