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Super Mario Sunshine 6
Developer(s) JurpLuke


Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
America 2016 March 2nd
Europe 2016 March 2nd
Japan 2016 April 2nd
Asia 2016 March 3rd
Age Rating(s)


World 1-9 Boss                                              


Big Bob-omb

Big Bob-omb appears again, he can now from Bob-ombs out of his mouth! He appears in "The Big Bad Top" World.

World 2-10 Boss

Elder Boo


Elder Boo

Elder Boo is very Toxic. He spits out Poison onto the floor and you, if you step in this poison, you will stick and evey 5 seconds you will love one life, tro get out you will need to shake your 3DS until you bounce out.

World 3-9

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