Super Mario Sunshine 3D is a game from the Super Mario series made for the handheld game system Nintendo 3DS. As a follow-up to Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS, it is a remake of Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube, bearing some new features on its storyline, gameplay and graphics. Unlike Super Mario Sunshine, Mario is not the only playable character, nor is he even available at the start, like Super Mario 64 DS; Toad, Luigi and Wario also join the adventure in order to rescue Princess Peach from Shadow Mario. Other new features within the game include a multi-player mode, in which up to four players can play simultaneously on each Nintendo 3DS connected together locally; minigames to play with each character, and new additions to the story mode such as new missions and levels.


A 3D tale of two Marios
Super Mario Sunshine has arrived for the Nintendo 3DS with all-new characters, courses, game modes, and challenges!

Play as Mario, Toad, Luigi, and even Wario. Each has a different set of moves essential for recovering all 150 Shine Sprites -- 30 more than the original game.
Battle up to three friends in Versus mode as you run, jump, and squirt each other in pursuit of Shine Sprites.
Try your hand (or stylus!) at tons of new 3D mini-games.


As in Super Mario Sunshine, the courses are accessed by the same color portals, but in the 3DS game, the player can collect 150 Shine Sprites, 30 more than the original game.


To have more of a chance beating the game, the player needs to find the three plumbers who where locked under manholes by Shadow Mario:

  • Wario - The first and default character of the game, Wario must find Mario, Luigi, and Toad, who have been flung under manholes by Shadow Mario.
Speed: 1/3
  • Mario - Mario is flung under a manhole with Tower Power Pokey and is necessary to find. Using Wario, from the starting point in Delfino Plaza, the player should go left. The player should go straight to the bridge and hop into the M-shaped Color Portal. The player has to fight Tower Power Pokey for the M Key by jumping into a dune at the highest point of the level. Then the player has to go back to Delfino Plaza and unlock the M Manhole to find Mario.
  • Luigi - Mario's younger brother Luigi is optional to find, but is required to obtain some Shine Sprites. The player has to go on top of the radio station with Mario. When Mario reaches there, he has to fight the Whomp King for the L Key, which is used to go to the manhole to obtain Luigi.
  • Toad - Like Luigi, Toad is optional to find, but is needed to grab Shine Sprites the others cannot retrieve. Luigi has to go right, then go straight to the right a lighthouse leading to Gelato Beach. There is a pipe, and he has to fight King Plungelo for the Mushroom Key, which is used to go to the manhole to find Toad. He can double jump to reach high places.

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