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Super Mario Sunshefefine 2


Mario comes back on a new vacation on Crabina Island after travelling through galixies and being turned into paper. This time Mario invited Luigi to come with him to relax. Shortly after they enter a port, the Mario Bros. see Bowser has made the the island into his and has locked the inhabitants in tropical prisons. It's up to Mario and Luigi to save the island from Bowser's evil rule.

Crabina Island


Mario and Luigi look at the port, mario looking at the large ball of goop, while from behind, Luigi gets snatched by King Boo. Mario then turns around to see King Boo pulling Luigi into the ground. Mario sees a moniter floating near him, it showed a picture of Proffeser E Gadd. He then tells Mario He can help and gives him the F.L.U.D.D. that helped him before.

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