Super Mario Sunshine 2: Darkness on Delfino is an upcoming game for the WiiU.


Since their vacation was runied,Mario and the gang went on anouther vacation but II Piantissimo has destroyed the island!


There are 18 areas, 5 returning and 13 new. This does not include the hub or final battle.

Hub: Delfino Plaza

Inizio Islands

Inizio is Italian for "beginning".

Construzione Site

Construzion is Italian for "construction".

Partito Beach

Partito is Italian for "party".

Pilastro Boardwalk

Pilastro is Italian for "pier".

Noce di Coco Mall

Noce di Coco is Italian for "coconut".

pinnnna park

Granato Cruise

Granato is Italian for "garnet".

Rovine Jungle

Rovine is Italian for "ruins".

Sirena Beach

Oro Chateau

Oro is Italian for "gold".

Delfino Aristrip

Tubo Pipes

Tubo is Italian for "pipe".

Nebbioso Isle

Nebbioso is Italian for "misty".

Freddo Waters

Freddo is Italian for "cold".

Pianta Village

Fango Factory

Fango is Italian for "sludge".

Corona Mountain

Ombra Triangle

Ombra is Italian for "shadow".

Castello Clouds (Final Battle)

Castello is Italain for "castle".


Grafitti mario

King Boo

Petey Piranha

King Chomp

Gooper Blooper

Totoh Wigger

Gooper Blooper



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