Super Mario Sunshine: The Mysterious Criminal is the sequel to the original videogame Super Mario Sunshine. It is an upcoming title for the Wii U.

Plot Synopsis

After a relaxing vacation on Isle Delfino, Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the other toads prepare to leave, but on the nearby Turtle Island, a tragic graffiti outpour pollutes the land. A watery blue Bowser terrorizes the inhabitants, leaving a taunting Bwa, ha, ha! statement with a magic brush everywhere. Before long, the Turtle Island police arrest Bowser and put him in jail, but Bowser Jr. insists to Mario and Peach that his Dad did not cause this graffiti problem. Mario visits Bowser in his cell, where he tells Mario to seek out the real perpetrator, with the promise that if he can free him, he will never attack the Mushroom Kingdom again. The deal sounds fishy, but Mario accepts the task. Toadsworth calls for Luigi and Yoshi to help, and the gang sets forth on a risky mission to recover the Shine Sprites for Turtle Island, but the journey to unmask a nearly invisible criminal on Bowser's word proves to be far more difficult than they ever imagined, and it may very well be that the perpetrator they are seeking has been manipulating them all.

Playable Characters

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Peach
  • F.L.U.D.D.

Other Characters

  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Toadsworth
  • Pianta Policeman #1
  • Pianta Policeman #2
  • Pianta Judge
  • Il Piantissimo


  • Turtle Island Airstrip
  • Turtle Island Plaza
  • Whitefoam Sea
  • Jellyfish Island
  • Uncharted Waters
  • Crab Island
  • Piranha Caverns
  • Piantopia

Cutscene in Bowser's cell

BOWSER: Mario! I'm surprised you've come to visit me...

BOWSER JR.: Dad! No! You're locked up!

BOWSER: Son, I didn't cause that graffiti spill on Turtle Island just now! Someone set me up!

PEACH: That's impossible. It has to be you.

BOWSER: It's not, I tell you! The last thing I did was sit on an islet with my boy, where I told him that you're not Mama Peach! Actually, Jr. wasn't fooled for a minute, but that's past history. Mario? PLEASE help me! I'm innocent! You of all people should know what it's like to be framed!

MARIO: Hmmm... ohhh, he's a-got a point.

FLUDD: How do you know that Bowser isn't lying?

MARIO: Uh... I don't know.

PEACH: You can't fool us, you big bully. What are you going to do, kidnap me again?

BOWSER: Oh, um.... (sigh)...alright, I see why you'd be thinking that. Mario and I have had a long history of being enemies... I probably wouldn't believe me either if I was you. But the truth is, Peach... I... I love you.

MARIO: What?! Mamma Mia!

FLUDD: Is... this... a... joke?

PEACH: You kidnapped me repeatedly and threatened my kingdom. How can you possibly expect me to believe that?

BOWSER: Because... because... I have given up! I mean, we've been at each other for countless years on end, and the way I see it, this framing changes everything for me. Everything! I wrote my deepest heartfelt feelings for you in my diary, as shown in the videogame "Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story!", but what hurts is... you, Peach, never got to read it! Well, I'm done, I tell you! I am tired of fighting. I just want... to be free... once more.

MARIO: How can-a we be certain you're telling the truth? I'm a thinkin' you're trying to trick us!

BOWSER: NO! I'm not! What happened here is terribly wrong! You have to believe me!

MARIO: Ohhh... what am I gonna do?

FLUDD: This is indeed an awkward predicament, Mario. Bowser... the problem now at hand must be resolved. The graffiti must be cleaned up, and the Shine Sprites returned to Turtle Island. If you have any proposal on how to resolve this situation, feel free to present them... despite your past conflicts, if your solution is solid and sincere, Mario may be willing to help you.

BOWSER: (sighs) Mario... find the perpetrator of this graffiti pollution, and bring him to justice. You're a tremendous hero, and the crowds love you! I know that! What, you think in all our meetings, I haven't gotten to know ya? Well, I do! Anyway, I believe you can unmask this dastardly villain! If you do this... I Bowser, King of the Koopas, promise to never, ever attack the Mushroom Kingdom again. What do you say?

BOWSER JR.: Aw, are you sure about that, pop? This means now, all of a sudden, we gotta be nice?

BOWSER: Yeah, son! Don't argue with me! Things have changed! I may be in jail, but I'm still the Koopa King, and if I say it's time for peace, then well... peace it is! Bwa, ha, ha!

FLUDD: Mario... the residents of Turtle Island are in devestation. Under the circumstances, I recommend you accept Bowser's proposal... we must get moving. The sincerity of his promise remains to be seen. For now, we must get to work. The survival of the island depends on it.

MARIO: Okay... a-Bowser. I'm-a your guy! I'll a-find the real criminal! Let's a-go!

Final Boss Intro

FLUDD: Mario... I detect someone who looks just like you up ahead.

PIANTAS: He saved us from the Koopa King! (Applause)

MARIO II: Thank you! I'm a-quite glad to be here! Delfino is the tops! A splendid-a vacation spot. Oooh... I'm a-sorry I've-a lost my cap! It was stolen by Bowser, Mamma Mia! I've been a-fighting that no-good fat koopa for a long time..."

BOWSER JR.: Hey! My Dad isn't fat!

MARIO: I a-never said he was! I'm-a don't-a talky like that!

MARIO II: ...but the thing is, I want to rule not only the Mushroom Kingdom... but a-Bowser's domain as well!"

MARIO: (Gasps) No, I don't!

MARIO II: I just haven't got around to telling him yet! But-a think about it! I've-a dropped a-me pal, Yoshi many times off a-the cliff if it a-saves my own skin! There's no room for competetors in-a my quests! I'm unbeatable!

FLUDD: This is most strange... scanning identity of the suspect:

S C A N N I N G . . .

I M P O S T E R ! !

FLUDD: Scan complete. It appears that someone has been masquerading as you, Mario.

BOWSER JR. What? No, no! That's impossible! I masqueraded as you last time. Does he have that magic brush with him?

YOSHI: Hmmm.... Yoshi! (He points to Mario II's belt.)

MARIO II: And now, I would like to do you all a favor for locking that-a fat Bowser up for good, eh?

(He transforms himself into Shadow Bowser and sprays graffiti everywhere. The Piantas run and Shadow Bowser takes off.)

BOWSER JR. That's not my Dad! After that imposter!

(Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser Jr. chase Shadow Bowser to the Piantopia house. Inside they find a large, scientific factory full of monitors related to Isle Delfino and the Mushroom Kingdom.)

SHADOW BOWSER: Ah, Mario! You think my pleas for you to find the perpetrator were sincere? You fool! I lied! I AM the perpetrator, and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Isle Delfino is mine! Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha...

(But then, Bowser Jr. leaps into the air and snatches the magic brush from him. He waves it, and the enchantment melts away.)

Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser Jr. all gasp loudly... it's...


BOWSER JR.: You imposter! You put my Dad in jail!

IL PIANTISSIMO: Ho-ho! Mario! Long time, no see! Guess what? On the shores of Gelato Beach, I found the E. GADD Magic Brush! I could have returned it to you, but after seeing the way you worked to clear your own name over Isle Delfino's graffiti incidents, I thought to myself: What's the one way I could achieve total power with this brush WITHOUT you, Mario, coming to everyone's rescue? It was by framing your long-time nemesis, Bowser! He's tricked you so many times in the past, so I thought that if I could get him in jail, you would never have come looking for me.

How do I know about you all of a sudden? Simple! I looked up countless records on the Mushroom Kingdom right here in my private factory. Running is just a hobby. For years, I have wanted the same recognition and status as the great and wonderful Professor Elvin Gadd. By searching my computers, I learned all about your missions to save Princess Toadstool Peach from Bowser's clutches throughout the years. You thought he planned to destroy her, but in reality, Bowser was in love with her. He has never insulted her, but YOU didn't know that did you?

PEACH: Oh, no.... it can't be. Bowser... loves me? For real?

IL PIANTISSIMO: Oh-ho! It doesn't end there, you gullible dim-wits! The ONLY reason you chose Isle Delfino as your vacation destination was because, I, Il Piantissimo, sent the tourist brochures to BOTH Peach AND Bowser. That's why Bowser came to Isle Delfino in the first place...

BOWSER JR.: Oooh! You nasty little trickster!

LUIGI: B-b-but... what about the brush? That belonged to Professor E. Gadd!

IL PIANTISSIMO: What about it? THINK! Did you not work with Elvin Gadd to free a mansion from mysterious ghosts? Once that palatial estate was cleared, you should have known it was bound to make headlines in the Delfino Newspaper. Our island is located only 200 miles from yours and Bowser's residence! If that inventor's Polergust 3000 vaccum invention made headlines, so did his magic brush. But the one thing I didn't count on was Bowser getting the brush first! He only thought it would be a neat tool to use to gain more power, but I, Il Piantissimo, knew that if I got Bowser and his son out here to Isle Delfino, I could steal it from him anytime! But naturally, I couldn't just snatch it away while Bowser was asleep. That would undoubtedly have made ME the suspect instead of you, Mario. So... I mailed the brochure to Peach's castle. See, after your brother Luigi freed you from Bowser's painting, I knew you'd be ready to take a vacation. I just directed you to where I wanted you to go....

MARIO: Mamma Mia! This a-can't be!

LUIGI: Ayy-ay-ay-ayyyyye! Spooky!


IL PIANTISSIMO: To be honest, I NEVER thought you would be taking orders from BOWSER... that turned out to be the one flaw in my plan. I mean, think about it: He constantly kidnaps your princess, and you go running to the rescue. Tell me, what kind of pleas did that treacherous lowlife king make to you? Oh, and do you know why I raced you all those times, hm? It was to test you! You have such an eagerness to be a HERO and save people, so I thought I'd settle the score. You came on Bowser's request, but what I REALLY wanted was for you to go home thinking that Bowser was lying to you. With him in jail, you could have gone home thinking Bowser would never trouble you again, while I smear graffiti right in front of his eyes as he rots in his cell. Come on... who CARES if Bowser says he didn't do it? No one's gonna believe him... which means I get free rein, baby!

PEACH: I cannot believe it... you... you...

YOSHI: (Squeals and falls down, then stands back up.)

LUIGI: AAGH! YOU EVIL LITTLE MAN! You've-a been-a using us!

IL PIANTISSIMO: Ho-ho! I KNEW you would never resist the chance to defeat Bowser, so I dealt you the very hand you were expecting! Ha, ha!

PEACH: Well... as hard as it is to belive, I guess Bowser's our friend now. Do what you have to do, Mario.

BOWSER JR: Mario! Defeat Il Piantissimo so you can free my Dad. He won't trouble you anymore, not after this mumbo-jumbo! Just wait'll he hears about this! So, do it, Mario! Go get 'im!

IL PIANTISSIMO: Hee-hee-hee! Bring it on... linguine-breath!

Final battle

Mario must defeat Il Piantissimo!


BOWSER: Mario! Luigi! Yoshi! Jr.! You've come back...

BOWSER JR.: Yes, Dad. Guess what? The real criminal turned out to be Il Piantissimo! You won't believe it, pop... he tricked you AND Princess Peach into coming to Isle Delfino, just to get Professor Gadd's Magic Brush!

BOWSER: WHAT? He tricked us? ALL of us?

BOWSER JR.: Yup! He was hoping that if he got you locked up, Mario would never have gone looking for him. Mr. Piantissimo did a bunch of research on our adventures and played upon Mario's feud with you to rope us in. But you did it, Dad! You proved Mr. Piantissimo wrong! Mario listened to you!

MARIO: Oh! Uh... yeah! I did!

BOWSER: (sigh) Thank you, Mario. You're not that bad after all! You're a hero, chum!

YOSHI: Wah! What about me?

BOWSER: Ah... you too, Yoshi!

(Bowser is released from jail, and they all head to the Turtle Island Airstrip.)

PEACH: Bowser? Do you really love me?

BOWSER: Yes... I do.

PEACH: Well, I have an idea: If you're really seeking our friendship... why don't you and your son come back with us? You can become the new defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom.

BOWSER: Hmm... me, the King of the Koopas, in charge of the Mushroon Kindom's safety... Hey! I like the sound of that!

BOWSER JR.: (sigh) Okay, Dad. I'm behind ya!

MARIO: Mamma Mia... this-a cannot be happening. I a-swing-a your tail in the past! Now, you say you want to be-a our friend! What are me and me brother supposed to do? What about-a Yoshi?

LUIGI: You no longer try to attack-a Yoshi's Island?

YOSHI: (waves arms) Lah! Lah! You trapped me in an egg the first time we met! Now that we freed you, Bowser, you're really our friend? Hm?

BOWSER: Yes, Yoshi. You're my little dinosaur friend...

YOSHI: (blushes) Awww...

BOWSER: Bwa, ha, ha! Il Piantissimo is behind bars, and we're all free! Now, let's go home... all of us.


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