Super Mario Sunshine: Remade HD is a game made by StarMan Productions. The game is back with new battles, baddies and upgrades to your F.L.U.U.D like the Rocket Nozzle. But its all in HD for the Wii U! 


Just like Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube. Mario, Peach and Toadsworth are going to to Delfino Island for a vaction but they are intruptted by Paint Like Goo that Mario is held captive for. You must clean up the island and rescue Peach. 

You are first greeted by the new and improved F.L.U.U.D Pro. F.L.U.U.D has all of the powers from the GC Version. But has some new powers that allow you to do new missions in the game. After you defeat the Goo Piranha, you will be arested than told to clean up the island. Some vacation. You head to the Plaza to find another Goo Piranha. After defeating the tower comes up and Shadow Mario grabs Peach. What is new is that instead of chasing Shadow Mario through the Plaza. He jumps into the first world. In the first Misson: Grab Peach you must chase Shadow Mario then grab him!


In Super Mario Sunshine HD, you are not alone! You can play up to 4 other players with you on the feild. Right now the availble players are:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • and a ??? Charcter that you unlock later in the game!


Each character has a new move that makes them key to betting some missons! (Missions with a MR means that you may want to bring in friends to help beat it). Here is the list:

  • Luigi: Luigi can jump higher and instead of F.L.U.U.D as his weapon he has, the Poltergust! The Poltergust makes it key to get vital items from high places, beating some baddies, sucking in money and more. Luigi gets rescued in the Secret Realm a new area only in SMSRHD!
  • Wario: Wario's weight is his only weapon. But he is key to making hard to budge objects move, destorying walls, eating up obstacles, and more!
  • ???: We aren't going to give it away!


What makes Super Mario Sunshine Remade HD so awesome is the new features! You have seen one of the new missions, and multplayer mode! Here is some more;

  • Silver Star Missions
  • More RED COIN Missions
  • New Screat Areas
  • Use the GamePad for a map to find secrets
  • Minigames