Box art of Super Mario Subcon

Super Mario Subcon is a 2D action sidescrollier in the Super Mario series, developed and published by Nintendo, and set for release in 2015 for the Wii U. It's heavily based on Super Mario Bros 2, carrying over gameplay elements, characters, and environments from it.


Mario, Luigi, and Toad are at Princess Peach's castle celebrating the Door of Dreams Festival. The festival happens every 100 years and causes an ancient door leading to Subcon to open. As soon as the door opens, Wart jumps out and grabs Toadsworth. Wart then takes Toadworth into Subcon hoping to use him as part of an evil plot. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach follow Wart into the door to save Toadsworth. While the door remains open, Bowser and the Koopa troop break into the castle (hoping to kidnap Peach as always). They discover that the castle is empty, and so Bowser decides to enter the door to find Princess Peach. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach chase Wart throughout 6 worlds while Bowser and the Koopa troop follow them. Only when they arrive in the Slumber Skies do they discover that Bowser was following them the whole time. Bowser is then defeated and falls to the ground. Mario then remembers that they have to save Toadsworth and so they rush to Wart's Palace. It turns out that Wart kidnapped Toadsworth because an inhabitant of the Mushroom World had to be thrown into the Volcano of Dreams, making the one who does the sacrifice king of Subcon. Luckily, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach stop Wart just in time. Toadsworth is taken back to the castle and Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach celebrate the last few minutes of the festivall.


The gameplay in Super Mario Subcon is just like in Super Mario Bros 2. Enemies have to have something thrown at them or be thrown themselves. Jumping on an enemy will simply cause you to ride it. Each level is made like any normal Super Mario level. At the very end (unlike Super Mario Bros 2) there is no boss but instead a flagpole. At the very last level of each world is a boss found along with a Hawkmouth gate leading to the next world.


Mario plays as he does in most Super Mario games including the gameplay features presented in Super Mario Bros 2. Like all other characters, Mario now has the ability to pick up objects and enemies like in Super Mario Bros 2. No other special features are presented in Mario's gameplay.



Luigi jumps higher than all other characters. His flaw is sliding when stopping. Cliff levels may be risky when playing as Luigi, yet hidden areas are simply meant for him.


Blue Toad runs faster than all other characters and is great for levels with a short time. His flaw, however, is jumping lower than all other characters.

Blue Toad Artwork - New Super Luigi U

Blue Toad

Princess Peach has the ability to stay in the air for a short time after jumping. Her strength is very low though, causing anything she tosses to come to the ground sooner.

Princess Peach


Mushroom allows you to grow back to your Super form after being hit by an enemy or harmful object.
1-UP Mushroom allows you to gain a life.

1-UP Mushroom

Starman makes you invincible (unless squished or drowned) for a short amount of time.


Fire Flower allows you to shoot fireballs (3 at a time).
Cloud Flower allows you to create 3 cloud platforms.

Cloud Flower

Boomerang Flower allows you to toss a boomerang that acts like a fireball but doesn't hit the ground and comes back to you.
Boomerang Flower

Boomerang Flower

Super Leaf allows you to descend slower, hit things with your tail, and fly after gaining enough speed.

Super Leaf

Blue Shell allows you to get in the shell when crouching and use it to slide through a level (hitting enemies but bouncing of walls) when running and crouching.

Blue Shell

P-Wing Box allows you to fly through the whole level. To make it appear, you need to loose 20 levels in one level.
P-wing Assist Block SM3DL

P-Wing Box


Subconian Fields Green fields with a lake at the very heart of the fields.
Dreamy Desert A desert full of cacti, quicksand, and sometimes even sandstorms.
Shy Guy Shore A shore belonging entirely to the Shy Guy tribe of Subcon.
Sleepish Snowland A snowland, probably the coldest one in all of Subcon.
Forest of Fear A dark and scary forest haunted by Boos.
Mouser Mountains Subcon's famous mountains, tooken over by Mouser.
Slumber Skies The skies of Subcon with a road leading to Wart's floating palace.
Wart's Palace Wart's gaint palace, floating in the skies of Subcon.


Shy Guys go in a straight line until they hit a wall or see a cliff. They can be defeated by having something thrown at them or by having them thrown.
Shyguy MP9

Shy Guy

Fly Guys are like Shy Guys but, well, they fly. They fly in straight lines, back and forth. You need to throw something at them to defeat them.

Fly Guy

Snifits act just like Shy Guy, but shoot bullets from their mouth.
SMB2 enemy Snifit red

Snifit (SNES Sprite)

Pokeys stay idle. They need to have something thrown at each of their segments. Throwing something at the very bottom segment will also do.


Boos follow you until you look back at them. To defeat them, you need to throw something at them.


Koopas go in a straight line until they hit a wall or see a cliff. Jumping on a Koopa will cause it to go back in its shell. The shell can then be kicked or picked up and tossed at an enemy. To defeat a Koopa, you must throw something at it.
Green Koopa New


Tweeters bounce along the ground in straight lines and have to have something thrown at them or be thrown themselves.
SMB2 enemy Tweeter

Tweeter (SNES Sprite)

Pidgets fly around in a carpet swooping down at you. You must throw something at them or jump on top of them, pick them up, and throw them off. If you throw them off their carpet, you can then ride the carpet for some time.
SMB2 enemy Pidget

Pidget (SNES Sprite)

Porcupos go in a straight line until they hit a wall or see a cliff. You must throw something at them to defeat them.
SMB2 enemy Porcupo

Porcupo (SNES Sprite)

Pansers shoot out fireballs so you have to throw something at them.
SMB2 enemy Panser

Panser (SNES Sprite)

Fuzzys climb up and down vines. To defeat them, you must throw something at them.


Podoboos come from lava and should just be avoided.



Birdo attacks by shooting eggs from her mouth (like in Super Mario Bros 2). The eggs then need to be picked up, and thrown back at Birdo at least 3 times.
Birdo MP9


King Mole
King Mole SMW3D

King Mole

The Shy Guy Squad is a group of 100 Shy Guys that come in groups of 10 and use weapons such as cannons. More to be added...

One of the 100 Shy Guys that must be fought

??? ???
King Boo 

More to be added...

King Boo MMWii

King Boo

Mouser throws bombs at the player. You need to grab one and toss it back at least 3 times in order to defeat Mouser.


Bowser appears in his Koopa Clown Car (since he would fall through the clouds of Subcon) and tosses what appear to be legless Bob-Ombs. More to be added...
416px-Bowser Koopa (Clown Car)



More to be added...

Wart sprite gif

Wart (SNES Sprite)


Super Mario Bros 2

Unlockable after Wart is defeated

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Artwork of Super Mario Subcon