Super Mario Strikers is a soccer game and spin-off of the Super Mario series. The game was developed by Capcom and published by Nintendo and uses a modified version of the Mega Man Soccer engine. The game was released first in 1995 in Japan and later was released in 1996 for the rest of the world. The game was re-released for the Wii Virtual Console in 2007 and later was re-released again for the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console in 2014.

The game is the first game of the Super Mario Strikers franchise, however it is different from it's sucessors, it doesn't features super kicks, nor electric walls.



Gameplay screenshot.

The game plays more like a traditional soccer game at first. There are some slight challenges, each team only have five players each (the captain, the goalkeeper and other 3 players) and there are no yellow and red cards. The player chooses a captain and a team member before each match (the goalkeeper is always Chargin' Chuck). Each team member have different classes, All-Around, easy to play as without any advantages or disvantages,  Speed, faster players, but with less precision, Power, have a higher possibility of making goals from a distance, with the cost of being really slow and Tricky, fast and precise, at the cost of sometimes missing the ball.

There are 8 captains and 8 team members, alongside 4 unlockable captains and 4 unlockable team members. There a 8 venues, with an unlockable one, each one of them featuring a special gimmick or hazard, with the exception of the Basic Field.



Starting Captains

  • Mario (All-Around)
  • Luigi (All-Around)
  • Peach (Speed)
  • Toad (Speed)
  • Bowser (Power)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (Power)
  • Yoshi (Tricky)
  • Kamek (Tricky)

Unlockable Captains

  • Shy Guy (All-Around) - Play with all the team members at least once.
  • Birdo (Speed) - Beat the game with Yoshi.
  • Wario (Power) - Beat the game on the hardest difficulty with all the starting captains.
  • Daisy (Tricky) - Complete all the challenges on Scenario Mode.

Team Members

Starting Team Members

  • Koopa Troopa (All-Around)
  • Lakitu (All-Around)
  • Ninji (Speed)
  • Goomba (Speed)
  • Hammer Bro. (Power)
  • Koopaling* (Power)
  • Boo (Tricky)
  • Buster Beetle (Tricky)

*Referred in-game as Koopaling, but it is actually Morton Koopa Jr.

Unlockable Team Members

  • Dry Bones (All-Around) - Score ten goals as Koopa Troopa.
  • Snifit (Speed) - Score two goals in a rapid succesion.
  • Mouser (Power) - Tackle every team member from the opponent's team in one match.
  • Fire Bro. (Tricky) - Play 50 matches on the Bowser's Fire Field.


Starting Venues

  • Basic Field - No special hazards or gimmicks.
  • Mario's Underground Field - Pipes randomly appears and can serve as short-cuts to the opponent's team goals. Sidesteppers appears as hazards.
  • Luigi's Classic Field - ? Blocks will appear and if they are hit, a power-up will come out of it. Each power-up changes the abilities of the ball.
    • Super Mushroom (Common): The ball goes faster.
    • Fire Flower (Uncommon): The ball gets on fire and can burn the opponent's team.
    • Star (Very Rare): The ball goes automatically to the goal.
    • Poison Mushroom (Uncommon): The ball goes extremely slow.
  • Peach's Castle Field - The ball goes slower on this field.
  • Bowser's Fire Field - The ball goes faster on this field. Fireballs serves as hazards.

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