Super Mario Street Fight
Developer(s) Leopardfire Productions
Publisher(s) Leopardfire97
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Campaign, Free Battle
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting game

Super Mario Street Fight is a fighting game for the Wii created by Leopardfire Productions. The game takes place in an alternate universe where many Super Mario characters are members of street gangs who fight on courses from Mario Kart Wii. This admittedly odd concept came into fruition when Leopardfire97 was sitting around one day playing Mario Kart Wii and wondered what it would be like to have a fighting game on the stages. (More to come! This might be updated kinda slowly.)


The player chooses one of twenty-four characters to play as. There will be one or more characters, or captains, on each opposing gang. Each gang is also entitled to a certain number of goons, enemies that will fight for your team, and weapons, items from the games that can be used to attack foes. The captains and goons set up on a course and the battle begins. 

During battle, the characters have a different style of combat depending on what class they are. The five classes are Hero, Scout, Wizard, Wrestler, and Sniper.

Hero characters generally have the most balanced stats. Their fighting style consists of basic martial arts attacks and jumping, and their special ability is to generate energy attacks with their aura.

Scout characters generally have high Speed and Attack Speed. Their fighting style is very quick and agile, and their special ability is a cloaking move that hides them from their enemies view, followed by a backstab attack that does critical damage.

Wizard characters generally have high Health and Evasiveness. Their fighting style is less direct, using magic missiles and blocks, and their special ability is a force field attack and teleportation.

Wrestler characters generally have high Attack and Defense. Their fighting style is very heavy-handed and consists of powerful moves spaced out over time, and their special ability is to grab characters in a wrestling hold and slam them down.

Sniper characters generally have high Jump. Their fighting style is similar to that of the hero, but focused more on jumping and long-range attacks, and their special ability is to get high above the stage and launch a series of projectiles.

In addition, within each class, their are light characters, which focus more on Speed and Jump, and heavy characters, which focus more on Attack and Defense.

Also in battle, the character can purchase new weapons, goons, and other items from shop, which will be dropped down in question mark boxes. 

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