This game is a game by Griffin so please do not edit unless you are Nerdude360 or Brockdilley
Super Mario Story The Untold Legends: Mario Magic
Developer(s) Griffin
Publisher(s) Griffin
Platform(s) Gamersworld

Wii U

Release Date(s)
NA - January 24th, 2014
Story Mode

Wifi Mode Minigame Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Series Super Mario Story The Untold Legends

It is the First in its series but originated from the Super Mario's Story

It will be the first game in the new series Super Mario Story The Untold Legends


After The Mushroom Kingdom truced with Bowsers Kingdom they forged into one Kingdom (but it remained called the Mushrooom Kingdom). Kamek, However was still at the old lair and he planned to kidnap Bowser and Peach!! As this was planned he went on his broom to get Bowser. He made new deadly enemies and then he went to do his plan. Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom King Bowser and Princess Peach were waving at the people of the kingdom and  then they saw Kamek. Behind him was a Robot that captured Bowser, Peach, and EVERYONE ELSE in the Mushroom Kingdom and Kamek couldnt hold anymore. Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi were all asleep in the castle not knowing what was happening. Then he left. And Mario awakens...... the journey starts here

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