Super Mario Step
Super Mario Step Beta Box
Developer(s) Power Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)

September 24th (JPN), September 30th (US), November 10th (PAL) , NINTENDO WII U:

December 14, 2012 (JPN), November 29, 2012 (US), December 1, 2012 (PAL)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Dance
Media Included Wii U disc


Super Mario Step is the first game developed by Power Productions, for the Nintendo Wii U and VR. It plays similarily to Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. The game comes packaged with a dance mat, though you can play it with the D-Pad as well. Unlike DDR:MM, the game features a fan-made soundtrack. It was released on December 14th 2012 in Japan as "Mario Super Dance," November 29th in America, and December 1st in Europe as "Super Mario Stage." The game was planned to come out for Wii U first, but due to that system's later release, the game came out for VR first.


The game has 3 modes: The Story Mode, The Free Mode, and The Minigame Mode. In the Story Mode, you play as Mario or Luigi and travel across the overworld. You challenge other Mario characters to dance-offs and play minigames. In the Free Mode, you simply choose a song and play it. In the Minigame Mode, you play minigames that you've unlocked in the Story Mode.


The game starts with Mario and Luigi in their house (from the Paper Mario series) playing an untitled game on a dance mat, very similar to this game. Toad comes bursting through the door and screams that Bowser has not only kidnapped the Princess, but also stolen all the power-ups. Luigi freaks out and runs out the door. Naturally, Mario has to go find him. At this point, he finds him in a dark alley. Luigi tells him to run, but Mario doesn't listen. At this point, Wario drops down, crushing Mario. He challenges him to a dance-off. Mario wins and saves Luigi. From this point on, Mario and Luigi beat mini-bosses in dance-offs until they reach Bowser's Castle. When they do, Bowser uses all the power-ups on himself and challenges Mario/Luigi to a dance-off




Mario: The shorter, chubbier brother. He plays no different from Luigi.

Luigi: The taller, thinner brother. He plays no different from Mario.


Wario: The first boss.

Waluigi: Fought once in World 2.

Toad: Tells Mario and Luigi of Bowser's evil doing

Peach: Gets kidnapped

Daisy: Gets kidnapped in World 2.

Bowser: Main antagonist

Goombas: Enemies

Koopa Troopas: Enemies
File:211px-Princess Peach SM3DW.png

Blue Toad: Danced with

Green Toad: Danced With

Yellow Toad: Danced with

Red Toad: Informs Mario of something

Purple Toad: Informs Mario of something

Pokey: Enemy

Birdo: Enemy

Shy Guy: Enemy

Blooper: Enemy

Big Bully: Enemy

Fawful: Enemy

Foreman Spike: Enemy

Hookbill The Koopa: Enemy
Fawful by T0M.V.12


Rudy The Clown: Enemy

Kamek: Enemy, shines Metal Mario

Metal Mario: Enemy

Paragoomba: Enemy

Jack O' Goomba: Enemy

Goomboss: Enemy

Diddy Kong: Enemy

Funky Kong: Enemy

Donkey Kong: Enemy

King K. Rool: Enemy

Spearhead: Enemy

Mecha Bowser: Enemy
File:241px-Bowser NSMBW.png

Bowser Jr.: Enemy

Dark Goomba: Enemy

Dark Koopa Troopa: Enemy


World 1 (Toad Town)

As the game begins, Toad informs Mario and Luigi that Bowser has kidnapped the Princess and stolen all of the power-ups. Realizing that he'd have to once again go on a frightening adventure, Luigi runs out of the house. Naturally, Mario has to find him. While traveling through Toad Town, Mario has to have a dance-off with a Yellow Toad, Green Toad, and a Blue Toad. Eventually, he looks in a dark alley, where he finds Luigi, telling Mario not to come any closer. Mario does it anyways, and gets crushed by Wario. Wario forces Mario to have a dance-off with him to save Luigi. Mario wins, and the brothers travel forward

World 2 (Sarasaland)

Mario and Luigi travel to Daisy's Castle, but a Purple Toad informs them that Daisy has been kidnapped by Waluigi. Mario and Luigi then have Dance-Offs with a Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, a Shy Guy, and Waluigi. After which they save Daisy and go down a pipe to the next area.

World 3 (Dark Sea)

Mario and Luigi come up the pipe, only to find out that they're underwater. The quickly swim to land, and dance against a Pokey, Blooper, Birdo, and finally Big Bully. After they defeat the Big Bully, a Red Toad jumps out of the water to inform Mario and Luigi that Bowser is getting more powerful by the minute. With that, Mario and Luigi swim across the sea.

World 4 (Retro Mine)

Mario and Luigi swim too deep and end up underground. They get trapped by some boulders and have to continue on this path. All the while, a myserious laugh can be heard in the background. They have to dance against Fawful, Foreman Spike, Hookbill The Koopa, and finally, Rudy The Clown. After the brothers defeat Rudy, the travel to the next screen, only to find Kamek shining a metal statue that resembles Mario. He notices Mario and Luigi, so he flys off. Mario and Luigi then find a Launch Star, and are captipulted into space.

World 5 (Starship Mario)

Mario and Luigi then land on the Starship Mario, which has been invaded by Goombas. Rosalina was there as a guest. She recognizes Mario, and asks him to help with the problem. Mario and Luigi then have to face a Goomba, a Paragoomba, a Jack O' Goomba, and finally, Goomboss. Then Rosalina sends them back to Earth.

World 6 (The Mighty Jungle)

Mario and Luigi land in a Jungle full of Kongs who seem to be hypnotized. They have to dance against Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Donkey Kong, and finally, King K. Rool. The Kongs are back to normal, and Mario and Luigi go further.

World 7 (The Industrial Park)

Mario and Luigi end up in the opposite end of the spectrum, a place made entirely of metal. Here, Mario has to face a Spearhead, Mecha Bowser, Kamek, and finally, Metal Mario. There's only one place left to go...

World 8 (Dark Land)

Self-explanitory. Here, Mario and Luigi have to face Bowser Jr., a Dark Goomba, a Dark Koopa Troopa, Bowser, and then, finally, POWERED-UP BOWSER. Mario and Luigi then save Peach and get the power-ups back. The credits show all the enemies Mario and Luigi have defeated, practicing their dance moves.


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