Super Mario Starter Star is a 3D Platformer for the Wii U and NEW 3DS. This game is an uncanon prequel to the Super Mario Franchise, telling the story of how Mario got from Brooklyn to the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach.


Generally, the gameplay is a mix of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D World. Almost everything is obviously inspired by Super Mario 64, but the camera, models, common powerups and the sprint option are very similar to Super Mario 3D World. Unlike Super Mario 64, however, there are multiple wide hub worlds which lead you into stages. These stages are not accessed by jumping in paintings, but instead jumping to a brown star in front of said location of a stage. The hub worlds are used in a similar fashion to the Paper Mario games, portrayed as a chapter. ("prologue", "example is action-ing!", "the example of name")

Some worlds have a small amount of stages, some have a lot of stages. Both are for certain purposes.

The Stages are almost exactly like Super Mario 64; Huge and welcome to explore. Unlike Super Mario 64, however, each stage has 10 Stars, indicating that the stages are even bigger than before.


World 1 - Brooklyn/The Prologue!

Mario and Luigi goes out to fix some plumbing issues in the City.

Map Details
The big city of Brooklyn!

World 1 Stages

Bay Ridge

Map Details

Bridge Driveby

Map Details

Busy Business City

Map Details

World 2 - Sewers/The Problem?!

Map Details

World 2 Stages

Electron Sewers

Map Details

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