Super Mario Starnova
Developer(s) Pika Productions Logo- 10BK
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA August 25, 2012
25px-Flag of Japan August 14, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia September 18, 2012
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, 3D-platformer
Media Included Super Mario Starnova Wii Disk
Super Mario Starnova (スーパーマリオスターノヴァ Super Mario Starnova) , also known as Super Mario: Star Scramble, is a Mario game in the Super Mario Galaxy series for the Wii developed by Pika Productions, and published by Nintendo. Like most Super Mario Galaxy games it involes Mario and a few other characters attempting to collect Power Stars by doing missions throughput galaxies to advance.


Every hundred years, hundreds of Star Pieces fall upon the Mushroom Kingdom. On this day, every Toad and Koopa in the kingdom enjoys the stardust. This centenial, the King of Koopas enjoys it more then the Toads or Koopas. Today, he will marry Princess Peach.

One the day of Stardust, Mario recieves an invintation from the Princess. After awakening Luigi, he hurrys off to the castle. Before he reaches there, Bowser arrives with his airship and captures him in a cage, which is flung into the distance. When Mario awakes from being knocked out, he finds a small white Luma. The Luma shows him her abilities and goes into Mario's hat. Mario then ventures onto his landing planet and finds something odd...


Like most Super Mario Galaxy games the goal is to collect Power Stars required to open star gates and unlock galaxies. To get stars a mission must be cleared wether it's collecting an item or defeating a boss or even simply getting to the star. To advance to the next world the Grand Star must be collected by defeating a boss, led by Bowser or Bowser Jr.. When in a galaxy the player only has three health bars which can be replenished by collecting coins. If fallen into a black hole or loses all three health bars then a life is lost and the player has to restart from the last checkpoint. If all lifes are lost then it's a Game Over and the mission must be restarted. There are also many Power-Ups that have different effects like the Fire Flower or the Bubbly Flower. The second player (as a Luma) floats around along with the first player and has the power to stop some obstacles and stun enemies. Yoshi also returns with his own Power-Ups.


Playable by 1P

Image Name Description Stats Unlock By...
MarioSMS Mario

We couldn't have a good Mario game if Mario wasn't in it! Mario shoots to the stars yet again to save the universe and save a charming princess. He may not be a knight in shining armor but his balanced stats make up for that.

Mario has no advantage or disadvantage but master at truly nothing.




Nothing. he's default.
Luigi SMS Luigi He can get a little scared of Boos and slips a little when running but that doesn't stop Luigi from jumping like a champ! Luigi also has a weaker Star Spin than the others.

Luigi may be weak but his jump makes up for it.




Nothing. he's default.

Playable by 2P




World 0: Mushroom Madness

Galaxy Name Galaxy Info Missions Mission Info Found Power-Ups Boss(es) Accessible by..

Peach's Castle

A basic tutorial area with few enemies and extremely easy. It only has one mission the reward being a Grand Star. Smg icon grandstar A Grand Start An easy level with signs showing Mario or Luigi what to do. Basiclly a totorial. At the end of the level one of the playable characters must fight many enemies to obtain the Grand Star None None Already Accsesible.

World 1: Shooting to the Skies

Galaxy Name Galaxy Info Missions Mission Info Found Power-Ups Boss(es) Accessible by..

Great Satellite Galaxy

An easy galaxy with vegitation, metal, many planets orbiting it and even a telescope tower for taking pictures. This galaxy is easy but not as easy as the last galaxy.

StarSMSPetey's Wrath. A mission that takes place in the sattellite's garden. Basic enemies like Goombas and Octogoombas appear here. Mario or Luigi must defeat Petey Piranha to clear the course. Rainbow Star, Bulb Berry Petey Piranha Clear A Grand Start.


To the Telescope Tower

A mission that takes place in a tower. Mario or Luigi must simply get to the top where the Power Star is while dodgeing enemies and obstacles along the way.
PranksterCometDangerDanger in the Garden Much like the first mission but with many enemies and obstacles such as spiked walls and more pits. The boss battle is removed.


A Light in the Deep Dark Basement

The bonus mission of this galaxy. This level takes place in the basement so dark it's almost impossible to see. Bulb Yoshi must be used to uncover the secerets to find the green star.
Yoshi Pardice Galaxy
Skyhigh Galaxy
Boingy-Spriongy Galaxy
Jail Cell Galaxy
Tornado Town Galaxy
Bowser Jr.'s Flaming Fortress