Super Mario Starfall
A new 3D Mario adventure with parkour elements.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo eXtreme
Release Date(s)
August 3rd, 2017
Genre(s) Platforming, Parkour
Series Super Mario
Media Included Nintendo eXtreme Disc

Super Mario Starfall is a 3D platformer with parkour elements made for the Nintendo eXtreme. The game was announced at Nintendo's E3 2017 was was later released on August 3rd, 2017.


Super Mario Starfall keeps the core Mario gameplay, but it adds realistic parkour elements inspired by games like Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed. The game has added many new tricks to Mario's moveset.

New Moves

Image Name Description
Vault This move allows Mario to traverse obstacles like a fence

faster as opposed to walking around them. It can be executed by going up to a small wall then pressing the jump button.

PK Roll This move is a landing technique which can also

damage enemies. You can execute this by pressing the crouch button right when landing.

Lache This technique allows Mario to swing from bars or tiny pipes. You can execute this by pressing the run button while near a bar or tiny pipe.
Wall Run This technique allows Mario to run on walls for

a short amount of time. You can execute this by jumping onto a wall then moving forward with the run button really quickly afterwards.

Returning Moves

Image Name Description
Wall Jump This allows Mario to jump from one wall to another, allowing more vertical movement. It can be executed by jumping onto a wall then once Mario hangs on the wall, jump again.
Spin Jump The spin jump from Super Mario Sunshine returns. Like Sunshine, it can be executed by circling your left control stick.
Ground Pound The ground pound returns, allowing Mario to activate switches and squish enemies. This can be executed by jumping then pressing the crouch button.

Mailbox Feature

In Super Mario Starfall, if you find a mailbox in the level, Luigi will mail you a picture or a power up. You only get one mail a day. But you can also get other messages from your friends. Players can send messages to their friends by going to the Post Office in the Toad Town hub world.

Hub World

The Hub World in this game takes place in an expansive Toad Town with many warp pipes leading to various Worlds. In the Hub World you can also purchase power ups from shops, send letters to your friends, practice in training courses, and find many secrets.


Apon stumbling the Starfall Canon, created by Professor E. Gadd 50 years ago, Bowser decides to use it to destroy Princess Peach's Castle and kidnap the Princess. However hte plan backfires as he accidently causes all the power stars in the sky to fall onto several locations. Mario must return all the stars back before the galaxy loses it's power. In order to reach the stars he has to take warp pipes to worlds that have 5 stars in each level. There are 10 worlds in total with 9 levels each.


Image Name Description
Mario Mario is the main character of the game and is the one seeking to collect all the Power Stars and return them.
Luigi Luigi sends letters to Mario sometimes sending pictures or power ups if you find a mailbox in the levels.
Peach Peach does not have much of a role as in previous titles, but she can give you help with the level if you die many times on a level.
Bowser Bowser is the villain of the game, and is responsible for knocking off all the power stars. Since there are no castles in this game, he will try stopping you in a mini boss fight every 3 levels.

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