This game is an indirect sequel to the Super Mario Galaxy games.

The game is like the Galaxy games, but you are only on one planet, and you don't walk upside down.


It starts with Mario walking to Peach's Castle, with a Letter slowly fading in to the player. It says-Dear Mario,

Since Bowser is gone, the stars are all in the sky. Please come to the castle so we can have A picnic with the satrs out. From Yours Truly, Princess Peach.

The screen cuts to Mario at the castle. Peach calls from the balcony. Mario opens the door, where many colored Toads are seen, making food, guarding the castle, and whatnot. A blue toad jumps when he sees Mario. Mario tips his hat to the little feller. He reachs the staircase. The game goes to the Totorial.

When It's done, another cutscene begins. Mario finds Peach, who waves when she sees him. Mario runs up. 2 Red toads are adjusting the Telescope. Peach says "Oh, Mario...." Then Dramatic Music startles them, following Bowser's laugh. An airShip rides up to the Balcony. Bowser Jr. Leaps up onto the Railing of the Balcony. Bowser Jr. says, "Cut the Music!" And the airship music halts. "So, Mario! Didn't Expect to see me, huh? You thought that was my dad! Well, that was my Speaker! Minions! Raid the castle!" Many Goomba's, Koopa's and Hammer Bros jump form the Ship. The Screen pans to different scenes of Toads getting attacked and toads attacking back. A lone goomba jumps form behind bowser jr., aiming for Mario. Mario Jumps, but the Goomba hits one of the toads! "Phooey!" Bowser Jr. Said. Bowser Jr. grabbed Peach while the toad and Mario were distracted. Then Mario notices, and jumps for Peach, but misses. He almost falls, but the toads catch him. The screen Pans to Mario still face, then to the Toads with a smile on their facces. They lug Mario in. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Goombas! They all jump off and Thus, the game begins.

In game, the toads say that since the goomba's are gone, they can look in the telescope for Peach. You can just wander for about 50 seconds, talking to toads. After Fifty seconds have passed, they tell you to come on the balcony.

When you do, they say they somehow found some Planets! They say they can make a warpstar, but they need time. So about a minute or two, they are done. They Follow you as you travel to galaxies, like computer players. They give tips too.

Area 1
Planets Stars Boss Battle Mushroom Mountain
  1. Climbing the Mountain (Boss)
  2. Silver Star Hiking
  3. Finding the spiritual Lake
  4. The Secret Hole
  5. Cosmic Mountain Run
  6. Goomboss's 1 Man Life Go
HoneyBee Kingdom
  1. Queen Bee's Buzzy Reception
  2. The Castle's Little Problem (Boss)
  3. Honney Hike
  4. Silver Stars in the Castle
  5. Speed Run of The Mandibug.
  6. Cosmic Clones invade the Kingdom
Dinosaur Plains
  1. Yoshi Stars Again!
  2. The Invasion from the Enemy
  3. Yoshi's Silver Star Adventure
Lakitu Twins