Adventure Mode of Super Mario Smash.


One day,in Bowser Castle,Bowser was reading some books,because he want defeat Mario.While reading one book,Bowser sees something about Artifical Rubies.Someone write that these rubies have very big power.There was also a list of characters that have these gems.One of them was Princess Peach.Them he invited some villains from Mario Series,and he tell them about Artifical Rubies.Other Villains says that they will help Bowser in his plan.


Mushroom Road:

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were walking on Mushroom Road. They felt safe because they knew that Mario had taken Bowser to jail. However, they quickly see that Peach Castle is attacked. Peach says to Daisy that they must quickly go there. Mushroom Road is a maze-like place, so if you go to the wrong road, you go back to start or go to an enemy room. After you finish this place, Bowser appears from nowhere and kidnaps Peach. Daisy wants to punch him, but Bowser throws her to other section of the road. Bowser quickly sets the section on fire. The second section of Mushroom Road is escape place, where you must escape the fire with Daisy. On the road, some Koopas will be attacking, but if they touch fire, they will be killed. After you do this, Daisy hides in a hole and she sees a bucket of water. she throws water on the fire and runs to Mario's house to give this information to Mario.

Sarasaland River:

Meanwhile, Luigi was walking around the river. He hears that fire is somewhere. When he is on the road to Peach's castle, Koopas start attacking on the river. Luigi must protect the river.To beat this place you must defeat all Koopas. After you do this, a single Hammer Bro appears. He is very angry, so he throws his hammer to make a big bridge on the river and he comes to Luigi.The second section of this place is to beat Hammer Bro by throwing him on the bridge. Luigi then destoys the bridge and Hammer Bro falls into the water. When Hammer Bro gives up, Luigi says that he must join him. Because he defeated him, he joins him.

Toad Town:

Daisy is still going to Mario House.When she was running,she sees Toadette.She asked her,if she can find for her some clothes.Because Daisy is her friend,she say she will search them.Toad Town is a big place,and there is many places to search clothes.There's many building include:Bank,Toad House and Shop.If you find some clothes,Toadette will thanks Daisy and she takes out her bag with dynamite.Them,Hammer Bro quickly appear and takes her bag and Toadette.Daisy not knowing what happen,has run to Mario House,but Luigi stopped his road.He has thinks that Daisy makes fire on Mushroom Road.Daisy must fight him.After the fight,Luigi say to Hammer Bro that he must attack,so Daisy must also beat him.After this,they run away,and Daisy continues her road to Mario House.

Bowser Jail:

Meanwhile,Peach was locked in jail in Bowser Castle.Peach does not know why Bowser kidnapps her,but she quickly sees a weird book.After she read it,she sees that her Artifical Ruby disappear.Lucky,there was a hole,that she can enter.Bowser Jail is one of hardest maze places.If you chose wrong road,an enemy attacks you.If you clear this place,Peach somehow gets into main hall.Second section is easy-simply go straight to finish.Them,Peach sees that Bowser was talking to King Boo.She them run to exit,and because of her luck,no one sees this.

Mario House:

Daisy finally gets to Mario House.When she enters she sees that only Wario is in house.Wario tells her that Mario has goes for a walk.Daisy them says Wario everything that happen.Wario was shocked that Daisy attacked him.When they we're going out,Petey Piranha attacked the roof,and Piranha Plants get inside house.Daisy hides behind Wario,but he say that they must defeat them,and you must do this.After this,Wario walked to roof and see that Petey falls to house,and Wario falled from roof.Petey chathed Daisy,and wario must rescue her.After you do this,Petey quickly runs away,and Wario say to Daisy that he will help her.

Boo Mansion:

Near Bowser Castle,Peach entered Boo Mansion.All Boos in mansion see that she enter,and they started chasing her.She quickly entered and closed warderobe,but Boos also entered here.Peach screams,and quickly gets out.Boos transformed into Big Boo,and they started to chase her.You must espace him.After you do this,Peach gets to dead-end,so she must fight him.You must beat Big Boo.After this,Lady Bow stopped fight.After Peach say her what happened,Lady Bow asked her if she can help beat King Boo.Peach angreed,so they go to search King Boo.

Sarasaland Road:

Meanwhile,Daisy and Wario we're on road to Bowser Castle.While walking,they see a big rock blocking road.Daisy wants to take dynamite from her bag,but she sees that her bag dissapear.Shocked,Wario sees Luigi behind rock.Wario asked him what he doing here.Luigi does not listen,and pressed a button.Then huge rock,appear.Goal of this place is to espace huge rock.After you do this,Waluigi sneaks behind Luigi and chathes him.Wario and Daisy are running to Luigi,but they only see Hammer Bro,and Daisy think that he kidnapped Luigi.Hammer Bro says them what he is doing,and they joined him.

Bowser Trophy Room:

After kidnapping Luigi,Waluigi has goes back to Bowser Castle to trophy room.Bowser tell him good shortcut,but it was closed,so he must go on longer route.First Section is Bowser Hall,and same as Bowser Jail,you must go straight.After entering trophy room,he gives Luigi to Bowser,and Bowser takes his Artifical Ruby.After this he throw him to jail.Bowser says to villains that they next goal is to kidnapp Princess Rosalina.Petey asked if he can go with Bowser.After he agreed,Waluigi shows them his Waluigi-Bot.Them he pushed the button,but Waluigi-Bot gets out of control and Bowser must defeat him.After you do this,Bowser has trashed Waluigi-Bot,and he gets of his castle to search Princess Rosalina.

Boo Mansion Tunnel:

Peach and Lady Boo we're exploring tunnel in Boo Mansion.When they are walking,they sees Bootler.He teels them that it would be better if they would not goin depper into tunnel,but they are not listening.To finish first section of Boo Mansion Tunnel,you must go to finish.After this,King Boo appear from nonwhere,and he orders attack on them.Goal of second section is to defeat Boos.After this King Boo was angry and he attacks with hiself.You must beat him.He them quickly run away,and he sees Bowser.King Boo joined him.

Mushroom Jail:

Meanwhile,Toadette was still in jail in Mushroom Kingdom(Luigi throwed her here),but she sees a little hole,and she can fit inside here.When she get inside,some Toads sees them and started to chase her.Toadette quickly runs away,but Commissioner Toad sees her and order police Toads,to closing he again.Goal of first section is to defeat all police Toads.After this Commissioner Toad attacks Toadette himself.Toadette must beat him.After this,Toadette quickly espaces,from Mushroom Jail,and she sees Peach,and Toadette joined other girls.

Toad Town Plaza:

Daisy and others were still searching for Luigi,they see Mario.Daisy says everything that happen,and he agrees to help them,but Bowser appears from nonwhere.Bowser them throwed a Bomb-Omb at them,and Koopa Army appear.Goal of first section is to beat Koopa Army.After this Bowser calls Waluigi to attack.Them you must beat Waluigi.Them Bowser started to run away,so you must catch him.Bowser Jr. them quickly throwed Bomb-Ombs from his Airship,and Bowser dissapeared.

Bowser Jail(Second Part):

Luigi was in jail in Bowser Castle.He sees that Toadsworth and other Toads are also here,and he got an idea.Luigi uses his Mushroom Shooter,and shoots on a wall,and big hole appear.Toads quickly get out and Toadsworth thanked him.However,before Toadsworth could get out,Baby Bowser appeared and captures all Toads.Baby Bowser them quickly climb on a hill.Goal of this place is to climb on top of the hill.Luigi them throws him on ground,and WBaby Bowser quickly shot a Bomb-Omb at him.After it explodes,Bowser Jr. appears.You must beat him.After this,you must defeat Baby Bowser.Then,Baby Bowser will run away.

Yoshi Village:

Meanwhile,Yoshi and Birdo we're on Yoshi Village,sleeping.Horever,they hear a weird noise.When Birdo gets up,she sees that all bananas and eggs on island,dissapeared.Them,Yoshi gets up,and Birdo says him what happen and they go for bananas.First section is very similiar to Toad Town.After this,they see that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong,we're eating bananas and eggs.Yoshi them uses Flutter Jump,and kicked Donkey Kong,which makes him angry.Goal of second section is to defeat Donkey Kong.After this,Diddy Kong gived them all eggs,and says them that all bananas from their jungle dissapeared,and they must search new bananas.Yoshi says that they will help them.Horever,Petey appeared and takes all bananas again,so they start search for him.

Yoshi's House:

Baby Mario and Baby Peach we're in Yoshi's House.Baby Mario got idea about espacing from house.Baby Peach does not angeer,but he take ser with him.Horever,before going out,Yoshi appears and quickly takes them to house.Baby Mario them disguised as a Yoshi.After going out that this Yoshi is only Petey in disguise.After seeing them,he thinks that they are food,so he attack.After battle,Baby Peach sees that are some bananas coming from his mouth.Horever,a smoke appears on them,and their appear in weird room in Yoshi House,that they never see before.Goal of this place is to find stairs to their Yoshi's House room.After getting out,they see a weird letter,saying that they destroy Yoshi's House if they do not give Baby Peach's Artifical Ruby,so they go to find who send them this letter.

Koopa Cape

Toad and others are still searching Princess Daisy.Horever,they see Koopa Army,sleeping,so they must go slowly and quietly.Unfortunately,Toad has tripped on one Koopa,and every member of Koopa Army waked up.Them they started attack.You must beat them.After this,a single Koopa fall from there and started to run away.Them,Koopa pushed a swich and this make earthquacke,and Bowser gets out of earth.Bowser throw a Bomb-Omb,and Koopa fall to land.Them you must defeat both.After this,Bowser run away,but Koopa has been catched,and joined team.


  • Toad
  • Luigi
  • Hammer Bro
  • Mario
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Daisy
  • Toadsworth
  • Peach
  • Lady Bow
  • Toadette
  • Bowser
  • Petey Piranha
  • Wario
  • King Boo
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi
  • Birdo
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
Baby Mario
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Peach


  • Hammer Bro(Two Times)
  • Daisy(One Time)
  • Petey Piranha(One Time)
  • King Boo(One Time)
  • Wario(One Time)
  • Bowser Jr.(One Time)
  • Waluigi(One Time)
  • Donkey Kong(One Time)
  • Big Boo
  • Wario-Bot
  • Commisioner Toad
  • Petey Piranha(Yoshi Disguise)
  • Bowser and Koopa Troopa

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