Super Mario Smash
Developer(s) MFGCLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
JAP 3 April 2010

EU 20 April 2010 AUS 20 April 2010 USA 13 April 2010

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fight/Action
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disc, Nintendo DS Cardrige
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Super Mario Smash is a spin-off from the Super Smash Bros Series. This game is for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.


Starter Characters

Fighter Biography Neutral Special Up Special Foward Special Down Special Final Smash
Mario Mario comes back to Super Smash Bros. series in his own Smash Bros game!He has some new attacks,includes his Final Smash,Penguin Suit! Fireball Super Mario Jump Cape F.L.U.D.D Fire Mario
Luigi Mario younger brother Luigi return for some fight!Like Mario,he uses new attacks,including Poltergust 3000.Item from Luigis mansion,Poltergust 3000,appears again as Luigi's Final Smash. Poltergust 3000 Super Luigi Jump Luigi Rocket Luigi Tornado Poltergust 5001
Peach This royal princess come here for little fighting!Her moveset has greatly charges,as she has many new attacks.Her loyal minions,Toads,come here to help her! Vegetable Shooter Parasol Baseball Bat Toad Shield Toad Army
Daisy Tomboyish princess from Sarasaland,Daisy,comes for some fight!Using her flower-like attacks,she can be tough enemy. Flower Shooter Umbrella Tennis Rocket Umbrella Shield Flower Tornado
Bowser Evil and cruel King Bowser return to defeat Mario in battle!He is one of most strongest enemies,so watch out for him! Fire Breath Bowser Tornado Koopa Throw Ground Pound Giga Bowser
Toad Most important Toad appear as a fighter in Super Mario Smash! He is not very strong, but he is very quick! Shovel Propeller Suit Treasure Chest Bush Hide Super Speedy Attack's
Wario Mario's evil twin come to fight!He is very heavy,so he can destroy wooden platforms. Dash Attack Jump Attack Smash Attack Wario Bike Wario Warp
Waluigi Luigi's rival Waluigi joins Wario in battle! He uses long-range attacks,and jumps really high! Dash Attack Jet Pack Tennis Racket Waluigi Bike Tornado
Koopa Troopa A single Koopa Troopa blast into fight! Using his strong shell and punch,he can be strong enemy! Shell Boomerang Paratroopa Shell Attack Shell Shield Gold Shell Attack
Yoshi The friendly Yoshi appear as a fighter in game! With his tongue, he can attack from afar. Tongue Flying Egg Fireball Ground Pound Colour Changing Yoshi
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong joins the fray with his powerful abilities! He is sure to be a powerhouse. Giant Punch Jet Barrels Barrel Throw Hand Slap Konga Beat
Diddy Kong Dk's nephew is back with a new Final Smash. Banana Throw Turbo Barrels Peanut Shooter Dig Super Peanut Shooter
Birdo She or he may be ugly but she is back with a powerful Final Smash. Egg Shooter Heart Rise Snowball Egg Shield Throwing Pink Eggs
Bowser Jr. Bowser's favorite son, Bowser Jr. joins the scuffle, watch him transform into Shadow Mario! Fireball Koopa Klown Kar Paint Swipe Shell Dance Shadow Mario

Unlockable Characters

Name Neutral Special Up Special Foward Special Down Special  Final Smash Unlockable?
Rosalina Star Bits Levitate Power Flash Star Defence Luma Storm Yes
Luma Spin Moon Jump Ice Flower Boo Mushroom Cosmic Mario Summon Yes

Shy Guy (Snifit)

Splingshot (Bullet Shot) Propeller (Propeller)

Fire Tennis Rocket


Snifit Transform

(Shy Guy Transform)

General Guy's Tank Yes
Petey Piranha Goop Shoot High Jump Sound Waves Nipper Plant Headbutt Yes
Toadette Wrench Spring Shroom Fishing Rod Drums Golden Mushroom Yes
Baby Mario Golf Cub Stork Hammer Yoshi Summon Goo-Goo Buggy Yes
Baby Peach Loud Crying Parasol Kart Yoshi Summon Yoshi Army Yes
Boo Scare Attack High Jump Lick Vanish Big Boo Yes
Tiny Wario Mini Fart Flying Dash Attack Mini Punch Throw Strawberry's Cuteness Yes
Wario- Man Fast Wario Bike Super Dash Attack Super Smash Attack Super Ground Pound Super Wario Man Yes
Mona Mona Scooter Pizza Toss Punch Guitar Mona Spin Yes
Mii Mii Punch Flapping Mii Wii Attack Wii Shield Storm Mii Yes

Downloadable Characters

Name Normal Special Up Special Foward Special Down Special Final Smash
Evil Wario Dark Dash Attack Dark Smash Attack Dark Wario Bike Powerful Punch Dark Wario Punch
Fawful Headgear Fawful Platform Bean Throw Costume Charge Dark Fawful
Geno Geno Blast Geno Teleport Geno Whirl Geno Boost Geno Flash


'N'ame Unlockable?
Bianco Hills No
Koopa Colosseum No
Peach Castle No
Good Egg Galaxy No
Luigi Circuit No
Daisy Palace No
WarioWare inc No
Blooper Bay No
Dry Dry Desert No
Wario Factory No
Neon Heights Yes
Wario City Yes
Battle Fort Yes
Coconut Mall Yes
Mario Park Yes
Goomba Woods Yes
Tiny Wario Strawberry field Yes
Meerle Mansion Yes
Dry Dry Ruins Yes
E Gadd Lab Yes


Name Effect Unlockable?
Mushroom Makes you bigger. No
Heart Heal 50%. No
Fire Flower Characters can throw fireballs. No
1-Up Mushroom Heal all percent. Yes
Egg You can throw them on enemies. No
Cake Heal 100%. No
Chain Chomp Eat enemies,defeating them. Yes
Coin Heal 1% No
Cymbals Shok enemies,confusing them. No
Kart Deal 100% damage to enemies. No
Wario Bomb Characters can throw this to make it explode Yes
Amulet Amulet speed up character. No
Power Star Makes characters invicible. No
Classic Mushroom Makes you look classic and power up character. Yes
Magic Wand You can throw speels on enemies. Yes
Poison Shroom Makes you mini. No
Cannon Lets you shot Bullet Bills. Yes
Hammer You can use hammer to attack. No
Shield You take weaker damage from attacks. No
Koopa Shell You can attack enemies with them. No
Banana You trip if you walk on them. No
Heal Mushroom Heal 100%. Yes
Apple Heal 5%,if you are Yoshi,10%. No
Bomb-Omb They explodes if they touch enemy. No
Warp Block Warps you to another part of place. No
Crate If you hit them,random item appear. No
Propeller Block Lets you fly for a while. Yes
Blooper Enemies will cannot see you for a while. Yes
Thunderbolt Hits all enemies 50%. Yes


  • Hero Emblem-Play as Mario and Luigi 30 times.
  • Villain Emblem-Play as Bowser and Wario 30 times.
  • Racer Emblem-Use Kart 10 times.
  • Wario Emblem-play as wario 10 time's
  • Hammer Smasher Award-Unlock Hammer Bro or use hammer 15 times.
  • Cosmic Award-Unlock Luma and Rosalina.
  • Scare Award-Use Scare as Boo on Luigi.
  • Classic Emblem-Use Classic Mushroom as Mario,Luigi,Peach and Bowser.
  • Character Emblem-Use all characters at least once.
  • Adventure Emblem-Complete Adventure Mode at least once.
  • Thunder Master Emblem-Use Thunderbolt 12 times as Shy Guy(or Snifit).
  • Teleporter Emblem-Use Warp Block 100 times.
  • Lucky Emblem-Eat Apple as Yoshi seven times.
  • Shell Emblem-Use Koopa Shell as Koopa,Bowser and Hammer Bro 61 times.
  • 100 Emblem-Win 100-Man Mode.
  • Star Emblem-Use Power Star seven times as Luma.
  • Complete Emblem-Unlock everything.


  • Koopalings
  • Goombas
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Baby Luigi
  • Baby Daisy
  • Toads
  • Shy Guys
  • Dry Bones
  • Kamek
  • Bouldergeist(Special Character)
  • Baby Wario(Special Character)
  • King Bomb-Omb(Special Character)
  • Bandinero's
  • Dashed Koopa(Special Character)
  • E.Gadd(Special Character)


  • Adventure Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Unlockable Achievement Mode
  • Brawl Mode
  • Special Brawl Mode
  • Tourmanent Mode
  • Training Mode
  • 100-Man Mode
  • Home Run Contest
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Mode
  • Trophy Mode
  • Sticker Mode
  • Options Mode

Classic Mode Rounds

  • 1 Round;Stage:Luigi Circuit;Enemies:Luigi,Daisy.
  • 2 Round;Stage:Bianco Hills;Enemies:Petey Piranha.
  • 3 Round;Stage:Peach Castle;Enemies:Peach,Toad,Toadette.
  • 4 Round;Stage:Dry Dry Desert;Enemies:20 Koopas Troopas.
  • 5 Round;Stage:Daisy Palace;Enemies:Hammer Bro.
  • 6 Round;Stage:Blooper Bay;Enemies:Shy Guy,Snifit.
  • 7 Round;Stage:Good Egg Galaxy;Enemies:Luma,Rosalina.
  • 8 Round;Stage:Neon Heights;Enemies:Toadsworth,30 Toads
  • 9 Round;Stage:Airship Fortress;Enemies:Bowser,Bowser Jr.
  • 10 Round;Stage:Mario Park;Enemies:Mario,Boo,King Boo.

Trophy List

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Adventure Mode

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  • Rosalina:Get Hero Emblem.
  • Luma:Defeat Luma in Get Unlockable Mode.
  • Shy Guy:Win Classic Mode on any difficulty.
  • Tiny Wario:Win Classic Mode With Wario
  • Toadette:Play as Peach and Toad 33 times.
  • Baby Mario:Defeat Luigi and Bowser as Mario 7 times.
  • Baby Peach:Use Vegetable Shooter as Peach on Petey 5 times.
  • Mona:Win classic with Mario
  • King Boo:Scare 40 enemies as Boo.
  • Wario-Man:Finish Adventure Mode.
  • Hammer Bro:Use Hammer 5 times.
  • Mii:Have Wii Sport or Wii Play save file on your Wii.
  • Neon Heights:Trip on Banana as Daisy.
  • Airship Fortress:Use Airship Armada 20 times.
  • Battle Fort:Beat every character as Yoshi.
  • Coconut Mall:Play as Peach 35 times.
  • Mario Park:Get Adventure Emblem.
  • Goomba Woods:Wear Amulet 10 times.
  • Delfino Square:Use Blooper as Luigi 50 times.
  • Merlee Mansion:Get Teleporter Emblem.
  • Dry Dry Ruins:Get Thunder Master Emblem.
  • E.Gadd Lab:See E.Gadd on Audience.
  • 1-Up Mushroom:Get 100 Emblem.
  • Chain Chomp:Deal 300% to enemy at least once.
  • Ice Flower:Use Fire Flower 12 times as Petey.
  • Classic Mushroom:Get Hero and Villain Emblem.
  • Magic Wand:Clear Toad Town place in Adventure Mode.
  • Cannon:Play Waluigi 23 times.
  • Heal Mushroom:Go to Mushroom City as Toad 10 times.
  • Propeller Block:Have New Super Mario Bros.Wii save file.
  • Blooper:Unlock King Boo.
  • Thunderbolt:Get Magican Emblem.


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