Super Mario Skyline
Super mario skyline
American/European box art
Developer(s) Aples Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Puzzle-Platformer

Super Mario Skyline is the newest 3D Mario game in the series. Developed by Nintendo in a partnership with newfound developer Aples Industries, it will be released on the Nintendo Wii U in the final months of it's lifespan before the Wii Mii.


Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Princess Peach and Yoshi are watching the shooting stars and comets zip by them in the starry night sky when, out of nowhere, a gargantuan airship flys out from the dark clouds. Mysterious chained cannonballs are being swung out of the ship, and at it's helm, Bowser Jr. steps forth with all of his trusted Koopalings beside him. Mario knew exactly what was going on.

Bowser Jr. and his crew hopped down to solid ground and began to attack Mario and friends. After that had happened, Bowser Jr. picked up Princess Peach and prepared to run off with her - but a mysterious blue light crashed down onto the ground in front of him and stopped him dead in his tracks. Caught in the light was Rosalina, protecter of the cosmos, hovering down towards the grassy plains. Once she touched ground, she used her wand to take Peach from Bowser Jr.'s hands and zap him away. Mario and friends gave out a cheer before being taken up to the broad, darkened night sky. Before Mario could say anything he was brought to the legendary Sky Island, where the tutorial commences. More on the gameplay later.

After the tutorial Rosalina magically makes Yoshi sprout wings, prompting him to fly through the sky and find more sky islands! But why? Well, just when you ask that very question, a HUUUUUGE Bowser, the biggest he has ever been, in fact, comes in and steals Peach from her spot in the sky. Rosalina tries to fight back but gets overwhelmed by the Bowser of great sizes, and knows that Mario is the only person who is able to stop Bowser, angered from his son's foiled plans! So . . . well, you know what you have to do.


In Super Mario Skyline the GamePad is used almost way too much, but that's the fun of it. The way the GamePad is used in Super Mario Skyline is very important to the game - so much in fact, that it is used in every single level. You'll tilt the GamePad to move the sky islands you are on. If you tilt the GamePad forwards a little bit Mario will begin to slide, on his feet, forwards as the island tips down. If you tilt it down a lot, Mario will lose footing and fall flat on his face before rolling extremely fast down the steep slope you created. If you hold the GamePad flat again, the island will go back to normal. There's more to this ability than just tilting, though. If you tilt the GamePad down and then bring it right up, Mario will be rocketed into the air. If you quickly bring the GamePad up, it will have the same effect, but bringing it straight down will bring Mario down with a CRASH. This move is like the spin jump from Super Mario Galaxy - you'll probably be using it a lot as it can take out multiple enemies at once even if they are considerably far from you.

The GamePad is used in more ways than just that, though. In certain levels the GamePad is used in it's own unique way, not found anywhere else. For example, in one level there are platforms that you can tilt to change direction, and it is important to do so. Every time you reach a new platform, a new image will be generated on your screen. Turn it like a wheel counter-clockwise using the stylus to move the platform on screen. You'll still have the tilt ability when other abilities are given to you that use the GamePad.

Another unique feature in Super Mario Skyline is Yoshi. At any given time you can shake the GamePad to call for Yoshi. Yoshi will come and lay near you so that if you called him by accident you can ignore him. But if the call was intentional, hop on Yoshi's back and you will immediately be teleported to the wide open sky! Depending on what time of day it is in YOUR location, it will be night or day in Super Mario Skyline. Pretty cool, eh? Flying with Yoshi in the sky is kinda like the map, but you can freely fly around the wide open skies eating skyfruit and piddybugs (created for this game). Other than that it's just a regular world map. 

Like Super Mario Sunshine, there are no power-ups at all (unless you consider the F.L.U.D.D add-ons power-ups, which I don't). There's just the power to tilt.