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B&M Mandy
So... you've found the strategy guide. I can completely understand that.

Well, don't you try looking at techniques you could use to defeat my minions, because you will be a sore loser. It's called "cheating". And no matter what you try, I will still destroy Mario and all of his puny friends.

So honestly, don't even try it.

Missions Guide

30 years ago...

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Meet the Princess Peach: Nothing to difficult, just go to the Throne Room and talk with Peach, a short cutscene will appear and the next mission will begin.
  • Bowser's Return!?
    • Boss: Bowser - He is pretty easy, just attack his head. His attacks with his claw and he uses a flamethrower, both are pretty easy to dodge.


  • Nothing special here, it is the main HUB. You can access the other levels from now.

1st Dimension

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Return of the Big Bob-omb: This stage matches the first stage of Super Mario 64. Make your way to the top of the hill while avoiding enemies.
    • Boss: Big Bob-omb - A pretty simple boss. Run around to the back of him, pick him up, and toss him. Do this three times, and you'll get the first Power Star.
  • Rushing Across the Sky: The first sidescrolling stage in the game. You'll have to make use of Donut Lifts and floating Brick Blocks.



Dream Land


2nd Dimension

Mushroom Kingdom



Dream Land


Minecraft Universe




Mandy's Castle

Mandy's Soul

Easter Eggs Guide

  • Yoshi Egg: In Mushroom Kingdom, 2nd Dimension, play as Sonic and go to the throne room, attack the throne with one homing attack, then use a Super Peel-Out on it 9 times, then do Spin Dash 9 times, then attack again using a homing attack, the throne will break and a Yoshi egg will be found, it cannot be picked up and it doesn't hatches a Yoshi.
  • Super Mario Silver Spurs 4?: In Mandy's Castle, play as Black Mage. On the fifth floor, burn down the door directly to your left when you enter and there will be a room. Two Endermen are sitting down on a couch watching an unofficial sequel to Super Mario Silver Spurs 3 and can be heard saying things like "oh man, that was neat..." or "kick their bick-butt-nitchcheeks, josh...". If you attempt to attack them, they'll turn hostile and be counted as normal enemies.
  • Defeating Mandy Soul with one Hit: This trick can be done with any character during the Mandy Soul's battle, at first, enter in the battle and go to a safe place, do the Konami Code, and you gain the Cheater Gun, this will allow you to defeat Mandy Soul with one hit, however, beating her with this won't give you the ending and can only be done once per save file- if you go back to fight Mandy Soul on the same save file, then doing the Konami Code will give her more health and remove all but one of your lives.
  • Dark Gaia: During the Ender Dragon battle, press up-left-down-right(repeat 2 times), R, L, START, SELECT, and the Ender Dragon will transform into the Dark Gaia. It will still attack the same way, and the battle proceeds as usual.

Secrets Guide

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