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This is the plot of the movie Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond.

Episode 1

After the intros appear, the group is seen attemping to escape an erupting volcano with MarioGumball WattersonBowserSonic the HedgehogDarwin Watterson and Luigi leading the way. A purple vortex is behind the group getting into the horizon. It comes closer until the Dark Vortex trio appears. The Dark Vortex trio pushes the group into a blue vortex showing Outer Space. MarioGumball WattersonBowserSonic the HedgehogDarwin WattersonTailsLuigiBowser Jr.Knuckles the EchidnaKirbyMeta KnightFinn the HumanJake the DogMordecaiRigbyPikachu, and Pac-Man fall into the Bot Boneyard from Pac-Man World 3. Pac-Man explains how he almost turned into monsters' lunch in this world back in the events of PMW3, and the group decides to explore the Bot Boneyard. They don't notice that Metal Sonic 3.0 is watching them...


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