The Big Battle
TV Series Super Mario Show
Season Number Season One
Episode Number #4
Writer(s) Brock Dilley
Airing Date(s)
August 19th, 2012
Basic Plot
When Mr. L and the Boohemoth start battling, the gang must decide who to root for; their long lost but now corrupted friend Luigi, or their captor Boohemoth?
Runtime 22 Minute
Paired With The Dark Bug
Preceding Episode Mr. L and his Bot
Following Episode The Dark Bug

"The Big Battle" is the fourth episode in the first season of the Super Mario Show.


When Mr. L and the Boohemoth start battling, the gang must decide who to root for; their long lost but now corrupted friend Luigi, or their captor Boohemoth?


Starting from where the last episode left off, Boohemoth and the Bro-Bot are preparing to battle. Mario asks Boohemoth why he is battling his bosses creation, when Boohemoth says that Fawful promised not to hurt any Boo's even though the Bro-bot crushed green Boo. Mario understands, and walks over to the gang and asks them who they should root for.

Bowser goes for Boohemoth, because he used to be his minions, but then realizes that means he left his army for Fawful. Peach says she hopes the battle doesn't happen and no one gets hurt, but reveals that she really wants for them both to explode in and explosion of pure awesome. Mario says he is rooting for his bro to win, but doesn't want Boohemoth to get hurt badly.

After the talk, the battle starts. Bro-bot starts by firing a green fire-cannonball at Boohemoth, who dodges. However, he stil gets burnt, and realizes the Bowser had breathed fire on him. Boohemoth commands some Boo's to chain him up. Afterwards, he puts out the fire with spirit breath and use telepathy to sence Mr. L's next move. With the power, he dodges the Bro-bot's "undodgable" laser attack.

Afterwards, Boohemoth decides to charge up for next turn, and asks Bowser to breathe fire on him, but he absorbs it. Mr. L says that he'll get nowhere with status attacks, but Boohemoth denies it. The Bro-bot then jumps on him, causing a few points of damage. Boohemoth them charges more, and Mr. L continues to critisize his style. Afterwards, the Bro-bot uses stomp again.

This continues on for a few more turns, and Mr. L decides that he will finish the 'lame battle' with his super attack; Mega Spirit Ball of Ultimate Defeat. The Bro-bot starts to shoots the MSBUD at Boohemoth, but he dodges at the last second and starts glowing. He then explodes from the inside, scattering all the Boo's away. Mr. L says that the attack was lame, and that he wins because the battler disappeared.

Suddenly, however, every single Boo and more appear all around the Bro-bot, and startle Mr. L. They take the chance and latch onto the bot, firing powerful lasers and sucking energy from it. When it has only 1 HP left, the Boo's reform as Boohemoth and fire a super powerful laser beam, which is so powerful it not only destroys the mansion but rips a whole in the universe.

As everything starts to get pulled in, Mario, Peach, Bowser and a Boo grab each others hands. The other Boo's struggle to grab their hands, but succeed. Mr. L then launched him self from the Bro-bot and grabs a Boo's hand, but then fires a grappling hook at the bot, latching onto it and activating the "Super-boost' feature, shooting up and allowing Mr. L to board. He then flies away and shoots a dark beam at the vortex, turning it black.




  • The episode is a special 22-minutes long, and is usally paired for an hour viewing with The Dark Bug.