The first season of the Super Mario Show premired on August 29th, 2012, and started with Bean Beginings. It had 25 episodes total, including special long ones.


Name Description
Bean Beginings The story of how Fawful tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.
Finding Luigi
Mr. L and his Bot
The Big Battle
The Dark Bug
Fawful the Great
Mushroom Mania Mario and Luigi find a Mushroom fair and get involved in a Mushroom eating contest,
Tanga Time Luigi saves Daisy from Tanga.
Award Ceremony Mario and Luigi are kate for their award ceremony.
Flying Champs Mario races some Flying Squirels in a sky race.
Bro Academy Bowser checks up on the Bro Acedemy.
Mushroom T.V. Blue Toad gets a job as a News Caster,
Backstory We find out the backstory of Mario and Luigi.
Bowser Rage Bowser gets mad and kidnapps Peach.
Beanbean Trouble Mario and his bro must heal Queen Bean from evil.
Uh Oh When Luigi takes care of E. Gadd's lab, bad stuff happens.
Saying goodbye Koopar asks Mario and Luigi to help him say goodbye to his son when he goes to college.
The Gloop Part 1 An epidemic spreads over the kingdom, and sides must team up.
The Gloop Part 2
Penguin Paradice When hunters try to kidnap Bumptys, Mario must don a fake Penguin Suit to save them.
Camp Out When a new movie comes out, Toad drags Mario along to have a camp out at the store.
Whacka Wild Life Reserve Part 1 When the Mario bros. leave for the holidays, Toad and E. Gadd celebrate Christmas while saving the WWLR.
Dark Presence When Kamek tells the bros and Bowser that a dark power is present, they find an intruder...

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