Mr. L and his Bot
TV Series Super Mario Show
Season Number 1
Episode Number #3
Writer(s) Brock Dilley
Airing Date(s)
September 16th, 2012
Basic Plot
After Mr. L is born, Mario and his group enter Boo's Mansion is search of clues. When Mr. L and his Bro-Bot attack, will they be able to defeat him?
Runtime 12 Minutes
Preceding Episode Finding Luigi
Following Episode Revenge of Mr. L

"Mr. L and his Bot" is the third episode in the first season of the Super Mario Show.


After Mr. L is born, Mario and his group enter Boo's Mansion is search of clues. When Mr. L and his Bro-Bot attack, will they be able to defeat him?


Back at Fawful's lab, Fawful shows Mr. L his new Bro-bot, a robot built just for him. Mr. L is glad to have such a "good boss", and jumps in. After pressing some buttons, Mr. L starts the machine and blasts off into the distance.

Meanwhile, Mario and his friends have entered Boo's Mansion. After entering, the doors shut behind them with the key still in it. Mario and pals decide to split up; Mario goes to the right, Bowser to the left and Peach up the stairs. Mario goes first, followed by the others. At first, Mario talks to himself about not being scared, but an odd green Boo appears and tries to scare him.

While this is happening, Peach continues up the stairs. They seems infinite, and along the way many Boo's appear. However, Peach ends up scaring them by attempting to hit them with her umbrella, Perry. Peach finally makes it to the top after smacking a large pink Boo. Once there, she starts opening doors at random, finding many odd things like a bassball mit.

At the left side, Bowser is having a bad time; the Boo's have managed to trap him in a cage and are frightening him with scary stories. Suddenly, all the Boo's go together and form Boohemoth. This scares Bowser enough to make him faint, and Boohemoth turns on a nearby computer and gets in a videochat with Fawful. He likes the success, and alerts him of his secret project.

Mario is still holding strong, but the green boo is ever consistant. After many attempts, all of which fail, the Green Boo decides to tap into his find and find what scares him. When he returns, he makes a vortex that sucks Mario in and transports him to a distant land. There, Bowser and Peach are having a wedding, and Fawful is ruler. Mario goes crazy and starts to attack them, but we see that he is really just randomly running around the hallway.

Peach has found the correct door, and finds another long hallway. This time she uses Perry to go at lightspeed, and runs right into the pink Boo. This time, it is furious, and teleports here to Bowser's cage. When there, she starts scolding the Boohemoth for scaring Bowser so badly and for trapping her. He then shows her a video of Mario randomly running around the hallway.

Although all seems lost, the Bri-bot suddenly appears and crushes the green Boo, freeing Mario from his hollutionations. Mario then runs away from Mr. L and finds the room where Boohemoth is. Suddenly, every Boo in the mansion appears, and forms a giant Boohemoth. As Mr. L and the Bro-Bot find them, the two large ghosts/robots prepare to battle.


* - This character debuts in the episode.