Fawful the Great
TV Series Super Mario Show
Season Number Season One
Episode Number #6
Writer(s) Brock Dilley
Airing Date(s)
October 9th, 2012
Basic Plot
After returning from the Dark Dimension, the guys find out Fawful has taken over the throne and hypnotized everyone. Now the gang is wanted, and have nowhere to go. What will happen to them?
Runtime 12 Minute
Preceding Episode The Dark Bug
Following Episode Aftermath

"Fawful the Great" is the sixth episode in the first season of the Super Mario Show.


After returning from the Dark Dimension, the guys find out Fawful has taken over the throne and hypnotized everyone. Now the gang is wanted, and have nowhere to go. What will happen to them?


As the guys return, they see many Toads wearing Fawful glasses. Suddenly, a Flying Fawful Guy appears above the group and drops a box of Fawful Glasses on them. Everyone but Mario, Peach, Luigi and Bowser are buried, and when the Boo's come back up they at Boofuls. The main guys and are so scared they run away and run into Toad, knocking his glasses off. Instead of being normal, however, he just puts them back on.

Peach then remembers when Fawful tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom before. His glasses are special in that they force the users to wear those glasses forever, thereby making them hypnotized for as long as they are near Fawful Glasses. The guys and gals decide to march into the throne room and attack Fawful, and steal some costumes to break into the castle.

When they get their, they fool everyone, and once inside they ditch the disguises. However, some gaurds see them, and starts to shoots glasses at them with slingshots. They make it through to a room, but some gaurds try and break in. They decide to crawl into the vents, and make it to the space above the throne room. When there, they break in and starts to attack Fawful.

However, they find that he is only a blow-up doll, and the gaurds bombrush them. Mario, Luigi and Peach escape through the window, but Bowser is forced to wear the glasses and is hypnotized. The remaining heroes spy on him and, when he talks, find out that Fawful is really at Bowser Peak. They start to head there, but must take secret routes to avoid hypnotized travelers.

When they reach Bowser Peak, a random hyonotized Toad spots them and calls upon his friends to attack them. Peach is grabbed and hypnotized, leaving only the two bros. They escape up to Bowser Peak and see Fawful's new castle. At the very top, Mario and Luigi head to oposite sides and attract attention. They then climb into the building unseen and get into the vents again.

Eventually they make it to a room full of hypnotoads. Luigi accidentally sneezes, and they notice and attack. Luigi falls out and is hit with one of the Glasses, but Mario escapes to carry on. He then finally make it to the Royal Hallway and comes out. He then throws a fireball down the hall to make the other side catch on fire, distracting the gaurds. He then sneaks into the Throne Room.

Mario then positions himself right behind Fawful, and jumps. However, Fawful jumps up and pulls a switch on the ceilling. Suddenly, all three of his Fawfulized Friends are brought down from the ceilling machine thing, and start talking in an eerie voice, trying to get him to surrender. However, he jumps up, burns their glasses and blinds them in such a show that they snap out of it.

With them all back to normal, Fawful teleports them to a large stadium floating above Toad City. He then shoots a large orb of darkness at Mario and knocks him out. The others then attack Fawful, but to no avail. Mario wakes up while they are failing, and throws a large fireball at the distracted Fawful.

Even with his great powers, Fawful is too late to dodge, and the others use their fiery attacks in conjunction to make a tornado of fire power, which swirls around the surprised Fawful. Then, it closes in and creates an explosion so large it destroys most of the stadium, making the pieces fall to the ground and completely obliterating Fawful.