Dark Evil
TV Series Super Mario Show
Season Number 2
Episode Number 2#1
Writer(s) Brock Dilley
Airing Date(s)
March 23rd, 2013
Basic Plot
After Peach save Luigi and Bowser, they search for the dark secrets of the Mushroom Kingdom...
Runtime 23 Minutes
Preceding Episode Dark Presence
Following Episode ?

"Dark Evil" is the first episode in the second season of the Super Mario Show and twenty-fifth episode total.


After Peach save Luigi and Bowser, they search for the dark secrets of the Mushroom Kingdom...


Continuing where Dark Presence left off, a mysterious figure is about to shoot Luigi and Bowser after shooting Mario. Suddenly, Peach appears behind him and knocks him out with he parasol. Later, he is strapped up to a chair. Suddenly, Toad appears at the door and cries for help.

After talking to him, they hear a window breaking and look behind them to see a grey Mario holding the body of the figure and a grey Kamek (with broomstick) behind him. After lunging for him, Mario escapes before Luigi can grab him, and flies away with Kamek. They then see Toad, now grey, running away with their dark missiles they found with the figure.

They then are called by an old wizard toad, who tells them that their friends are grey because the figure has turned them evil. Suddenly, the cloaked person breaks in, shoots the wizard and tries to shoot the group f three, who escapes. They sigh and think they will never save them, when they see a spy store nearby.

At night, near a camp of grey toads, the group sticks their head out of a bush and spy on the grey people, when Kamek sneaks up behind them and uses magic to make them float. Bowser tries to make her remember before she was evil, but it doesn't work and she blasts him with the weapon for it. Peach and Luigi wiggle free from the speel and run, chased by the dark Bowser.

After hiding in the bushes, they see a big tank with dark matter at the end. Peach sneaks out and tries to destroy it, but accidentaly makes some leak out and fall on her. She runs to Luigi and begins to tell him that he must stop this, and suddenly starts attacking him after turning evil. He hesitantly knocks her out by tricking her into headbutting a tree.

Luigi finally gets the courage to lure Bowser to the tank and tricks him into charging at the tank with the same trick. After hitting it, the tank starts beeping and explode, shooting dark matter everywhere. However, the explosion appearently changed the properties of it, and everyone returns to normal. However, the figure stays hidden and escapes from a crowd of mad rioters.



  • (Dark) Mario
  • Luigi
  • Dark/Bowser
  • Dark/Peach
  • (Dark) Kamek
  • Figure


  • (Dark) Toad
  • (Dark) Wizard Toad