Don't edit this please, I am still working on it. Ask me for permssion if you wish to write a sequel. Thank you for your waste time. (Murzon Teh Shyguy Shadow)

That was dumb. And what's even dumber is that your about to do it again.
Skuldigg, Super Mario Roleplay: Shadow of the Eighth Sun

Super Mario Roleplay is an entirely new style of game, featuring real-time chat in-game and a gameplay style somewhat like Super Mario 64. It is for Wii and PC only. The player can fully customize themselves and choose thier weapon of choice.



The Initiation was part of a chatroom session on IRC (as logged here). An NPC called Blumiere joined. He simply said "Help us help us" until he changed his nickname to Bleck and vanished.

Session I

Session I began approximately four hours after the game was released. The players met a ShyGuy who helped them get to the top of Shine Gate to speak to Mario; one player decided he hated Shyguy and pushed him off the top. Another player used a Level 90 Bob Omb and blew the yoshi killer directly through the Shine Gate and into the ground. This marked the first death of a player in the game. The quake caused by the Bob-Omb brought the Shine Gate down altogether, the players escaping through a mysteriously appeared portal.

Between Sessions I and II

Beween those sessions, all players, excluding FunForKicks (killed in the previous session) wee allowed to roam throughout Marioland and play over fifty minigames.

Session II

Session II began approximately one week after the previous session.

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