Super Mario Road
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) RPG

Super Mario road is an Upcoming Mario RPG for the 3DS. The art style is identical to Paper Mario, but has more of a 3D effect. Super Mario Road will also feature a Multiplayer Battle Mode, where you get to pick up numerous Objects and Battle. This game will have more of a Deeper and Darker story, which is why it is rated E 10+.


Mario and Wario are fighting in the Forest. Wario uses his charge attack which pushes Mario to the ground. Then Mario pulls out a Fire Flower and starts shooting Fireballs at Wario. Then the Game starts. You start to Battle Wario, and if you lose, you start over, and if you win, the Story goes on. Wario says "I'll get Back at you for Stealing my Coins Mario!". Mario was actually framed and he didnt do it. Then, Luigi stops by and tells Mario: "MAAAARIO! MAAAARIO! THERE IS FIRE AT PEACH"S CASTLE!!!!!". Mario and Luigi start to Panic and Run towards Peach's Castle.

Mario Sees Peach, really Injured. Peach says "Mario....Take care of the Castle while Im gone." Then you Play as Mario to try to rescue all of the Toad's Trapped in the Fire. Then a New Villian, Master Mammoth, comes to take control of the castle. He kicks Mario and Luigi out of the Castle and they land on a Hill. The Castle explodes in the distance. Master Mammoth Goes away yelling at Mario.

Paper Wario-0

Wario seen in Game.

Mario starts to fade away. Luigi starts to Panic, then he starts to Fade away. When they fully Vanish, They end up in this Palace with a Pour, sickened elder Shy Guy. They are in a place where its calm with a pure blue sky and a hovering platform. The Elder Shy Guy introduces Himself, and they Figure out he is Bugfire, the God of Time. He tells Mario and Luigi that they are the Only Hope to defeat Master Mammoth. Mario agrees But Luigi is too scared. He breaks the fourth wall and tells you that you can switch between him an Mario if you'd like, but only on certain points in the game. He usually just helps you their. You then go off into the Portal to Stone Village.



Mario- The Main Hero of the Story. He is the Chosen one according to ancient artifacts by Bugfire. He wants to also save Peach from her injuries, so he checks on her at the Toad Town Local Hospital daily. He is also enemies with Bowser, Wart, and M. Mammoth in the Story.

Luigi (Playable at Certain Points)- The Secondary Protagonist of the Story. He is afraid of Ghosts, especially his Rival, King Boo. He is really curious and worried about Mario's travels, frequently asking questions about if he is sick or is he doing alright.

Wario (Only at Rumble Mumble Cave)- Mario's Rival who is also his cousin. He is really greedy and thinks Mario stole his coins, which he nags about throughout the story. He also is Arch Enemies with his new Rival, Doom. He tries to be as athletic as he can, but fails to do so.

Waluigi (Only at Grand Stadium)- Luigi's Rival and Cousin. He is very tall and really skinny, much like Luigi, but to the extreme. He raarely shows care and has soft spots for Luigi, like sometimes Waluigi will help him out, but usually hates him. He also helps Wario with his Travels.


M. Mammoth- Mario's new rival, and the secondary Antagonist of the game. He sets the whole entire Castle on fire, and later explodes it. He often wants to battle Mario at the Most Weird Places, like at the Top of Mount Wario.

Bowser- The true main antagonist of the Game, and Mario's long time enemy. He Chases Mario Around everywhere, and has the Koopalings (Including Lavora) spy on him. He has Bowser Jr. by his side Always. He has his Dad, King Koopa, who he shows care for.

King Koopa- Bowser's Father. He often wants Bowser to do his Dirty work, and Bowser does it most of the time. He take care of Bowser, the Koopalings, and his other son Patrick. He rarely has anything to do with the plot.

Wart- An old enemy of Mario's. Wart came from Mount Wario, since he was hiding there for years. He has came out and since has been torturing Mario. He is now a slave to M. Mammoth.

Peach- The Damsel in Distress. She is very injured and has Mario checking on her Daily. She gets better halfway through the game, where she becomes a Partner.

Bugfire- The Elder of the Shy Guy's and the God of Time. He has chosen Mario and Luigi to save the world from their horrible fate from M. Mammoth. He Guards the Sacred Road, which Mario takes to go Places.

Statue Mario.png

Statue Mario

Statue Mario- Not much is known about this Character, only that he follows around Mario and just stands their.


Peach's Castle

Toad Town Local Hospital

Sandy Dunes

Deadly Caverns

Mount Wario

Mount Waluigi

The Snowy Slopes

Road 1A

Road 2A

Road 3A

Road 4A

Road 1B

Road 2B

Road 3B

Road 4B

Road DZ

Luigi's Mansion (Horror House in PAL Regions)

E. Gadd's Lab

Destroyed Mount Wario

Rumble Mumble Cave

Raging Bones

Deep Jungle

Deep Forest

Shy Guy Tribe Camp

Shy Guy Peak

Road Trails

Grand Stadium

Molten Volcano

Dry Bone's Castle

Dry Bowser's Grand Castle

Bowser's Mech

Bowser's Grand Castle

Dimension Z

Dimension Y

Lord Tower

Bugfire Palace

Toad Town


Tanooki Mario- Allows Mario to Fly for a Short Period of time (Super Leaf)

Fire Mario- Allows Mario to shoot Fireballs (Fire Flower)

Ice Mario- Allows Mario to shoot Iceballs (Ice Flower

Poison Mario- Allows Mario to go through Acid Puddles and Shoot Poison (Poison Can)

Koopa Mario- Allows Mario to go in a Koopa Shell and Knock down Enemies (Koopa Shell)

Grand Mario- Allows Mario to Have Ultimate Strength for a Limited Time and Allows Him to Crush Enemies and Open secret Doors (Crown)

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