Super Mario Revival (first season)
Super mario revival poster
Promotional cover art for the series,

featuring all 11 heroes.

Producer(s) Nintendo
Sushi Devourer
Genre(s) Anime
First Air Date(s)
Opening Theme "Always Smiling" from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Ending Theme "A Maiden's Policy" from Sailor Moon R
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Episodes 12
Runtime 11 minutes for each episode
Super Mario Revival is the very first season of the Super Mario Revival animated series. While it features new elements that had not appeared in the games, such as new characters, new items, and other original concepts, it reintroduces classic enemies and characters such as Wart and his minions from Super Mario Bros. 2, Cackletta and Fawful, and many more.


Mario and the rest of his friends are planing to have a fun and exciting time just hanging out and doing whatever they want. This is until a new group of villains show up- King Polarite's army. They are a mysterious new evil who showed up in Mushroom City and are looking for a mysterious object called the Gleaming Treasure. To aid them in their search, they have revived Mario's old villains and enemies.

Together, Mario and his friends must stop this new group of villains as well as the old villains that they had revived.


Character Name Artwork Description First Appearance Special Attack Side Attacks
Mario Mario blings it up The central character of the anime. In the first episode, he obtains the Golden Baton, a powerful weapon that he uses to fight King Polarite's army. Besides being a strong fighter, Mario is also a good cook and sportsman, and likes to spend time with his friends. He also likes going on adventures. Plenty of them! Episode 01: Start of Revival Super Golden Action Hammer
Sizzling Sweep
Pipin' Hot Punch
Cyclone Bros.
Explosion Bros.
Full Moon Bros.
Luigi Shock me please shock me!! yess Luigi is usually seen together with Mario. They bond together and also team up to fight enemies. His main weapon is the Poltergust 5000. Like in the games, Luigi has a love for Princess Daisy. Episode 01: Start of Revival Luigi Negative Zone Hammer
Green Missile
Luigi Cyclone
Shocking Flip
Cyclone Bros.
Explosion Bros.
Full Moon Bros.
Princess Peach Mario Revival Artwork - blonde girl The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach isn't captured all that much, and is more of a fighter in this animated adaptation. She loves baking and doing activities with her friends, such as kart-racing. Episode 01: Start of Revival Peach Hearts Bliss Parasol
Peach Bomber
Prideful Attack
Crown Swing
Princess Twirl
Super Smash Sisters
Princess Daisy Mario Revival Artwork - hot girl Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, but lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. She loves to spend her time playing sports and gardening. Daisy definitely makes a tomboyish statement by wearing her sports outfit, and rarely ever wears a dress. Episode 01: Start of Revival Daisy Blooming Strike Flower Bat
Flower Tackle
Trap Seed
Crystal Smash
Super Smash Sisters
Toad Kinopyrone Peach's loving friend and assistant. He is very protective of Princess Peach and vows that he will not wait around for her to be kidnapped anymore. Throughout the series, he proves that he can fight alongside his friends. Episode 01: Start of Revival Shroomy Shield Toad Spores
Mushroom Bounce
Yoshi Green birdo Mario's loyal friend. He is usually seen hanging out with Birdo. They fight alongside together and help Mario. Yoshi is usually around for parties or events that involve a whole lot of food, cause he's always hungry! Episode 2: Revival of Powers Mega Eggdozer Eggs
Egg Roll
Double Dino Attack
Birdo Catherine A sweet and lovely dinosaur. She usually hangs out with Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette. . In this series, Birdo is sometimes jealous of Princess Peach because Birdo thinks she is so perfect. Episode 02: Revival of Powers Mega Ribbon Egg Eggs
Ribbon Trapper
Double Dino Attack
Wario Konnichiwa taco Mario's rival. He is initially rude and mean to everyone, especially Mario, but as the episodes progress, he becomes a tiny bit nicer to them. He still acts rude to them, but secretly sees them as his friends. This can be seen when Wario defends Mario and Peach and even risks his life to save them. Episode 02: Revival of Powers Wario Earthshake Punch Dash Attack
Corkscrew Conk
Waluigi Waluwaluchicken pork fried rice Wario's partner. He works at the Toad Town bakery in this series. At first, this was only temporary and because he had vandalized the building, but he soon regularly worked there. He claims it's because he wants the money, but he might secretly like working there. Waluigi also has a crush on Rosalina in this series. In battle, Waluigi uses Bob-ombs to fight. Episode 02: Revival of Powers Waluigi Bob-omb Barrage Walu-Flip
Villainous Tornado
Toadette Kinopiqua A peaceful Toad girl living in Toad Town. At the beginning of the series, Toadette is very innocent and does not like to fight at all. But later, she decides that it is her duty to protect Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. In this series, Toadette's powers and fighting abilities are sound and music-related. Episode 02: Revival of Powers Gleaming Orchestra Harmony Shots
Rosalina Beautiful wonderful perfect all american girl2 The mysterious guardian of the Lumas. While it is her mission to fight off enemies and those who plan to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, Rosalina isn't afraid to spend a little leisure time. She loves to kart race, go to the spa, walk in the park and do other activities. Rosalina is very powerful, and fights alongside her Lumas. Episode 05 - Tatanga Revived Power Star Shower Luma Shot
Star Bits
Launch Star Attack
Gravity Pull

Koopa Troop

Along with the new villains of the series, many old villains also return. Bowser and his Koopa Troop are also featured in the anime. They work against both Mario and King Polarite's army.

Koopa Troop

  • Bowser - leader of the Koopa Troop. He appears in the first episode where he tries to kidnap Peach, only to be stopped by Mario and Luigi and then kicked into a river. In this anime, Bowser is very powerful and isn't seen much. But when there is a big battle or something big happening, Bowser is usually there to interfere. He expresses a strong dislike for King Polarite.
  • Bowser Jr - Bowser's son. He is determined to help his dad in his plans and defeat Mario and King Polarite.
  • Koopalings - all of the 7 Koopalings appear in this series. They, like their king, do not like King Polarite at all. They don't like Mario either, but tolerate him a lot more, mostly because without him and his friends, they cannot do the things they secretly love, such as kart racing and other activities. Although they participate in activities with Mario and his friends, they still sometimes attack him, and so Mario and his friends usually do not trust them.
  • Petey Piranha - works for Bowser and is one of his loyal minions.
  • King Boo - also works for Bowser and is on of his loyal minions.
  • Kamek - helps Bowser come up with plans to defeat Mario and defeat King Polarite as well.
  • Boom Boom - another minion of Bowser. He does not appear as much as the Koopalings, but appears every so often.
  • Pom Pom - Boom Boom's friend and minion of Bowser. Like Boom Boom, she does not appear as much as the Koopalings but she appears often in episodes.

King Polarite's Army

King Polarite and his minions are a mysterious group of new foes that dwell in an office building in Mushroom City. There are 9 members in total.

Villans final

King Polarite and his minions as seen in the ending credits.

Character Name Artwork Description First Appearance Special Attacks
Emeri Emeri newart A green Pianta lady and a minion of King Polarite. She is the first minion that Mario and his friends encounter. Emeri has the power to summon chunks of rock and hurl them at her opponent. Emeri is determined to defeat Mario and find the Golden Star Treasure for King Polarite. Episode 01: Start of Revival Emerald Bazooka
Pearlin Pearlin artwork A Wiggler who loves fashion. She has weird powers such as shooting out blasts of glitter and other quirky attacks. Later, she even manages to brainwash Luigi and engages in a fight between her and Luigi vs Mario and Daisy. Episode 01: Start of Revival Glitter Salvo
Glam Cannon
Quartza Quartza fix A Noki and minion of Polarite. Unlike regular Nokis, who wear shells, Quartza is adorned with crystals. She can attack with sharp crystals. Quartza usually works with Pearlin in their plots to defeat Mario. Episode 01: Start of Revival Crystal Shield
Shatter Storm
Feldi Feldi Final artwork A Toad who is about the same age as Toad and Toadette. Hoolio and Vayal usually make fun of him, which makes him even more determined to find the Golden Star Treasure to prove to them that he is not what he seems. Feldi usually carries around a notebook and a maker and is very artistic. Episode 01: Start of Revival Artistic Assault
Empiranha Empiranha final An elegant Piranha Plant with three shiny heads. It has a large appetite and hungers for the Golden Star Treasure. Empiranha is polite yet powerful; it acts with manners and grace, but at the same time, is very voracious and fierce during battle. Episode 01: Start of Revival None
Hoolio Banden A brash minion of King Polarite. He is very rowdy and likes to bully Feldi. He has powerful physical attacks. He tries his best to get the Golden Star Treasure. In one episode, he even tries to swoon Toadette in hopes that she might know where the treasure is. Episode 01: Start of Revival Turbulent Punch
Devious Smash
Vayal Guisan A powerful Dooplighost who can transform into many different characters in battle. He is one of the last minions of Polarite that Mario faces. He is quite similar to Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, except stronger. Episode 01: Start of Revival Copy
Mystery Flare
Grandon N/A A very strange old man of an unknown species. In King Polarite's lair, he is always feeling tired, falling asleep and mumbling to himself. The rest of King Polarite's minions are a bit creeped out by him and he is very much a secret to them all. Even King Polarite does not seem to acknowledge him or remembers that he is even there. Episode 05: Alien Revival
King Polarite N/A A mysterious and villainous man. He has psychic powers and is very intelligent. He had brainwashed many other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom into becoming bad as well. With his mind powers, King Polarite has revived many of Mario and Wario's old enemies. He dwells in a mysterious bulding in Mushroom City. Episode 01: Start of Revival

Villains Revived by King Polarite

King Polarite revives many of Mario's previous enemies in an attempt to make the search for the Golden Star Treasure easier. He revives those that are dead (such as the Golden Diva and Wart), and for those that are still alive but had turned good (such as Mimi or O' Chunks), he brainwashes them.

The number of revived villains may seem very numerous, but most of them only make an appearance in 1 episode each, during which they are defeated in the end.

  • Paper Mario series
    • Mimi
    • O' Chunks
    • Dimentio


  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is the only Mario & Luigi game to have villains return in the anime, which are Cackletta and Fawful. Princess Shroob and Antasma do not appear in the anime at all and are not mentioned.
  • Similarly, Super Paper Mario is the only game in the Paper Mario series to have villains return in the anime. There are no returning villains from the first Paper Mario or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

List of Episodes

There are a total of 12 episodes of Super Mario Revival. Each episode's name contains the word "revival" or "revived".

Episode Number Screenshot Episode Name Description Featured Villain Release date
Episode 01 scene 53
Start of Revival Princess Peach invites Mario, Luigi, and Daisy over to the castle for lunch, but some uninvited guests arrive. Wart Fall 2015
02 No Image Yet Revival of Powers As the new enemies begin to appear and attack at an increasing rate, Mario and his friends get stronger. They learn new powers as the combat King Polarite's army of revived minions. Various Fall 2015
03 No Image Yet Revival of Passion During a peaceful date, Mario, and Princess Peach are interrupted by Emeri, who traps couple inside an energy sphere and challanges them to a fight. Will Mario and Peach win? Will Emeri win? Or will they all win...? Meanwhile, Luigi must save Daisy from Dimentio who has been revived by Hoolio. Dimentio Fall 2015
04 No Image Yet Witch's Revival Cackletta is revived, and traps half of the population in a dark realm, including Princess Peach. Can Mario defeat Cackletta and save everyone? Cackletta and Fawful Fall 2015
05 No Image Yet Alien Revival The Mushroom Kingdom's land is becoming mysteriously dry and full of drought, and the population is decreasing. It turns out that this is because of a notorious alien fiend. Maybe the princess of flowers and nature herself can put an end to it.. Tatanga Winter 2015

Production and Beta Ideas

Super Mario Revival went through many changes before it was finalized. One big change was the art style.


Promotional Images





Super Mario Revival Opening Unfinished01:31

Super Mario Revival Opening Unfinished


  • Super Mario Revival and many of its concepts are based off the anime, Sailor Moon and more particularly Sailor Moon SuperS. It also draws inspiration from the anime Pretty Cure.

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