Super Mario Revisited is a concept for a mario game, in which Bowser steals the princess once again, only this time, it is to use her powers to take over the world.

This game will be a direct remake of the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES.


The Princess is having a relaxing day in her quarters, when suddenly, a dark storm strikes her castle, and out of the storm comes a great beast, known by many as King Koopa. King Koopa steals the princess and fires a wand that turns all of the Mushroom Folk into stone. Mario and Luigi are called in by Toadsworth, as they are the only people who weren't turned to stone.

World 1: Mushroom Plains

Mario and Luigi go through many obstacles and see many Toads, stopped in their tracks by King Koopa's magic. They rush to the first fortress, which is perched atop a cliff among many Giant Mushrooms. They run inside to find Bowser and when they defeat him, they see only a goomba cursed by Bowser's dark magic. They move on. They go through five more levels and they find an even bigger fort than before. They go inside and find a lone magikoopa named Kamek. Kamek casts a spell on a goomba, turning it into the ferocious Goomboss. They defeat Goomboss and move on.

World 2: Toad Valley

Mario and Luigi go through many more obstacles when they find another castle, they go inside only to reveal another Fake Bowser, this time controlled by a Koopa. They defeat it and move on to the next castle, which happens to be guarded by 2 Hammer Bros. They breeze through the castle and find Kamek, who this time, curses a Koopa, turning it into the ferocious Hookbill.

World 3: Fungal Seas

Mario and Luigi go through many underwater courses, before running into a castle. This time, instead of having a fake bowser, we are introduced to Boom Boom, an angry koopa like creature who is cursed with bowser's magic. They move along and find an Underwater Castle that has a dark feel to it. They go into the final room and see no sign of Kamek, instead, the water rises as a bell is heard in the background, signaling a giant cheep cheep, named Cheepskipper to try to eat mario and luigi.

World 4: Snow-Capped Shroomfields

Mario and Luigi journey on to an arctic themed area. Here they find many strange creatures such as Snow Goombas and Flurries. They go to the castle and find Boom Boom yet again, only this time he is equipped with ice powers. They defeat him and move on. They then go to a castle with a freezing aura. They continue through the castle when Kamek appears and summons in an ice monster known as the Crystal King.

World 5: Sparkling Shroomtops

Mario and Luigi continue on to a world where everything is mystical, known as the Sparkling Shroomtops. Here they find toads who are resistant to bowser's magic. They continue on to a bridge, in which they find a Fake Bowser attacking Toads. They defeat the fake Bowser and continue on. Mario and Luigi then go to a Castle on the outskirts of the Sparkling Shroomtops. Here they find Kamek once again, except this time, he is all alone. He uses magic on himself to turn himself into Ultimate Kamek.

World 6: Goomba Graveyard

Mario and Luigi venture on to a world where everything reeks of death. In this world, the spirits of the enemies Mario and Luigi stomped haunt them. Mario and Luigi go to a Castle, where they find a giant pile of bones. The bones reassemble to make Dry Bowser. Mario and Luigi barely defeat him and move on. Mario and Luigi then go to the next castle, or should I say mansion. The castle turns out to be a huge mansion with Boos and Skeletal Enemies everywhere. Near the end, the Mario Bros. come across King Boo, a huge boo who has something to settle with Mario. They destroy King Boo, but then, King Boo rises from the ground and fuses with the other boos to make Boolossus. Mario and Luigi defeat Boolossus and move to the final world.

World 7: Bowser's Fungal Factory

Mario and Luigi go to the final world, which turns out to be a giant factory/castle that is giving off dark energy in the form of pollution. They encounter many enemies such as Thwomps, Blarggs, and Dry Bones. They make it to the Grinding room, in which they run into Boom Boom for the last time. He grows into Brutal Boom and tries to destroy Mario Bros. The Mario Bros. beat him and move on. Next they go to the Boiler Room in which they run into Shadow Bowser, a dark version of Bowser. They defeat Shadow Bowser and move along. Next, they move into the Main Hall. This is where the colossal Bowser Golem attacks (the bowser golem from mario kart 8) but the Mario Bros. defeat him. Next the mario bros. make it to the final room, the Generator Room. They encounter bowser and defeat him. Then bowser reveals that he will use the Princesses Energy to summon in a Dark Creature, named Dark Star. Bowser summons in Dark Star and the Mario Bros. fight it. They defeat it, but the energy from Dark Star is sucked into Bowser's Body, to form the horrifying Nightmare Bowser. Mario Bros. defeat Nightmare Bowser and the Princess is rescued.


World 1: Mushroom Plains (Grass Land)

World 2: Toad Valley (Sky Land)

World 3: Fungal Seas (Water Land)

World 4: Snow-Capped Shroomfields (Ice Land)

World 5: Sparkling Shroomtops (Night/Fantasy Land)

World 6: Goomba Graveyard (Ghost Land)

World 7: Bowser's Fungal Factory (Dark Land)

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