World 1: Petey Piranha

World 2: King Whomp

World 3: King Kaliente

World 4: Birdo (w/ 3 Lakitus (Wii U version) 3 Shy Guys (3DS version)

World 5: Donkey Kong Jr

World 6: Wart

World 7: Pixel Bowser

World 8: Metal Mario

World 9: Giga Lakitu

World 10: Tiki Tong

SW 1: Baron Brr

SW 2: Gobblegut

SW 3: Fire Gobblegut

SW 4: Goomboss

SW 5: Funky Kong

SW 6: Sorbetti

SW 7: Gooper Blooper

SW 8: King Bob Omb

SW 9: Metal Luigi

SW 10: Donkey Kong


World 1: Boom Boom

World 2: Pom Pom

World 3: Bowser Jr (Koopa Clown)

World 4: Shadow Mario

World 5: Boom Boom & Pom Pom

World 6: Pixel Boom Boom

World 7: Koopa Kid Trio

World 8: Koopa Kid

World 9: Wario & Waluigi

World 10: Bowser Jr (Airship)

SW 1: Dry Boom Boom

SW 2: Dry Pom Pom

SW 3: Dry Bowser Jr (Goomba Clown)

SW 4: Cosmic Mario

SW 5: Dry Boom Boom & Dry Pom Pom

SW 6: Pixel Pom Pom

SW 7: Dry Koopa Kid Trio

SW 8: Dry Koopa Kid

SW 9: Metal Wario & Metal Waluigi

SW 10: Dark Bowser Jr (Airship)


World 1: Larry Koopa

World 2: Morton Koopa Jr

World 3: Lemmy Koopa

World 4: Roy Koopa

World 5: Iggy Koopa

World 6: Wendy O Koopa

World 7: Luidwig von Koopa

World 8: False Bowser (Goomba Wii U version, Koopa Troopa 3DS version)

World 9: False Bowser (Whimp 3DS version, Wallomp Wii U version)

World 10: Bowser (Regualr then Giant)

SW 1: Dry Larry Koopa

SW 2: Dry Morton Koopa Jr

SW 3: Drry Lemmy Koopa

SW 4: Dry Roy Koopa

SW 5: Dry Iggy Koopa

SW 6: Dry Wendy O Koopa

SW 7: Dry Ludwig von Koopa

SW 8: False Dry Bowser (Dry Bones Wii U version, Undead Goomba 3DS version)

SW 9: Dry Bowser

SW 10: Dark Bowser

Rainbow World

Level 1: Cosmic Mario (nonboss mode)

Level 2: King Boo

Level 3: Cosmic Mario (nonboss mode)

Level 4: Rainbow Wario & Waluigi

Level 5: Giant Cosmic Mario (nonboss mode)

Level 6: King Boohemoth

Level 7: Cosmic Mario (boss mode)

Level 8: Giant Cosmic Mario (boss mode)

Level 9: Rainbow Bowser Jr

Ultimate Boss: Rainbow Bowser

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