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Konami Shooting Historica​ (コナミシューティングヒストリカ lit. Konami Shūtingu Hisutorika​) is a compilation video game released for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS on May 13, 2013 in Japan and July 6, 2014 in North America. The compilation includes several Konami shooter games, ranging from arcade games to Famicom and MSX games.


Konami Shooting Historica​ includes 30 games; 24 from arcades, 1 from the Nintendo Famicom, 4 from the MSX, and 1 from the Super Famicom. The MSX games feature enhanced graphics and smoother scrolling, similar to ​Parodius Portable​. Each game includes a "gallery" option that features flyers and other promotional material from those respective games.

​Name Release Date System ​Notes
Ajax 1987 Arcade
​Axelay 1992 Arcade
​Crisis Force 1991 Super Famicom
​Detana Twinbee 1991 Arcade
​Falsion 1987 Famicom DiskSystem
Gokujou Parodius 1994 Arcade Also known as Fantastic Parodius
​Gradius Arcade
​Gradius 2 (MSX) 1987 MSX
​Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou 1988 Arcade Also known as Gradius II - GOFER's Ambition
​Gradius III - From Legend to Myth 1989 Arcade
​​Gyruss 1982 Arcade
Juno First 1983 Arcade
MX 5000 1987 Arcade
Mega Zone 1983 Arcade
Parodius - The Octopus Saves the Earth 1988 MSX
Parodius Da! 1990 Arcade
Quarth 1989 Arcade
Salamander 1986 Arcade Also known as ​Life Force
Scramble 1982 Arcade
Sky Jaguar 1984 MSX
Space Manbow 1989 MSX2
Super Cobra 1982 Arcade
Thunder Cross 1988 Arcade
Thunder Cross II 1991 Arcade
Time Pilot 1983 Arcade
Time Pilot '84 1984 Arcade
Trigon 1990 Arcade
Twinbee 1984 Arcade
XEXEX 1991 Arcade

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