Super Mario Remastered is essentially fanservice the game. It will include pretty much all mario characters from the past and future (Besides ones from RPGs). Mario Remastered is set to release on either the Wii U or NX.


Super Mario Remastered is both a 2d and 3d game. What I mean by this is that some levels take place in 2d while some take place in 3d. The game would use the controls of mario 3d world while bringing back classic features such as picking up turnips. You cannot pick up enemies in this game except for koopa shells and galoombas. You can kill most enemies by jumping on their head just like in normal mario brothers though.

Playable Characters

Super Mario Remastered will have 5 Playable Characters. They will be Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina. Rosalina is unlocked after defeating Wart.


Mario has average stats all around. He is the main character so this is expected.


Luigi is mario's younger bro who far surpasses him in his jumping abilities, but cannot run as fast.


Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and can float using her parasol. Use this to your advantage when traversing across pits.


Toad is the weakest jumper, but he always has his speed.


Rosalina can preform a double jump. Use this to reach areas you normally could not.

Semi-Playable Characters

Along with the normal characters, there are those that can only be played as on certain levels. These include Yoshi, Wario, Captain Toad, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Waluigi, Birdo, and the king koopa himself, Bowser.


Yoshi has his abilities from Yoshi's island, such as swallowing his enemies and turning them to eggs. He can then throw the eggs at enemies. He can flutter jump as well.


Wario plays like he does in "Wario Land" series. He can ram into opponents and break blocks by doing this. If he gets a garlic, he becomes Wario Man.

Captain Toad

Captain Toad can jump in this game, just not very high at all. His jumps are a little bit lower than normal Toad. He can however, use his pickaxe to hurt enemies.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong, once rescued, becomes one of your greatest allies. He can punch the opponents like he does in Super Smash Brothers and he can also jump high.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's buddy who is greatful of Mario coming to DK's rescue. He can shoot enemies with his peanut popgun but can also jump extremely high. The gun doesn't do much damage and requires several hits.


Wario's buddy and self proclaimed rival to Luigi finally makes an appearence in a non-spinoff game. He can stomp enemies into the ground and can also jump slightly higher than Luigi.


Once Wart's girlfriend, Wart ditched her when he found out that Birdo was actually a boy. Birdo holds a grudge because of this.


Once Mario's greatest enemy, he has realized that Wart is much more evil than he is, and is trying to reclaim his position as the top baddie. He cannot jump high and walks slow, but he makes up for it with his firebreathing skills and his strength.

Worlds + Story

Mushroom Kingdom

Level 1: Mario and co. go on a walk through a grassy version of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

After they go for a walk, they stumble upon a Key. The key transports them to an ancient temple. They touch it and it sends them to an ancient temple.

Mushroom Ruins:

Level 1 (Inside The Temple): This level gives you your first taste of 3d Mario. It is an abandoned temple with many death traps such as Firebars, Lava, and spikes. Also there is a weird voice saying "Help"... You should probably hurry out.

Right as you make it to the bottom of the temple, you discover a door. The door wont budge. Bowser suddenly bursts into the temple in his koopa clown car.

Bowser: Mario! I saw you teleport here with that key! HAND IT OVER!

Mario: No


Peach: Why do you need the key you big bully?

Bowser: I want power, and that key looks like the perfect opportunity to recieve it! Now come along Princess. You dont want to be seen with these chumps.

Peach: No! I'm not going with you! Mario! Knock some sense into this oversized turtle!

Bowser and Mario then fight.

Bowser: Grrr... You win this time... JUST KIDDING! KAMEK GET THEM!

Kamek flies in the room and traps them in a cage.

Bowser: HAHAHA! How does it feel to lose Mario?!

The key begins to glow.

Bowser: What was that? Is this key glowing? Oh well! I still got Mario trapped in a cage! My dad would be so proud...

The key flies out of Bowser's hands and flies to the door. It unlocks the door and a portal opens up, sucking them in.


The Mario bros, peach, toad, bowser, and kamek are all trapped in subcon. They are knocked unconcious from the fall, but a shy guy pokes at bowser with a stick. Bowser than growls in annoyance and the shy guy runs away. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad wake up to find themselves in some kind of field.

Toad: Where are we?!

Peach: I have no idea... Wait... Is that Bowser?!

They go over to see Bowser lying on the ground still unconcious.

Toad: Hey Bowser! BOWWSER!

Bowser: Grr... It's too early for this junior... Wait... You aren't junior! What the heck happened?! Where are we?!

Toad: It looks like we are in some alternate dimension. 

Bowser: Oh yea... Where is that key?! WHERE IS THE PRINCESS?!

Toad: She's right here jeez...

Bowser: Princess are you alright?!

Peach: I'm fine, lay off you creep!

Peach: We need someone to get help! Bowser! You go find civilization!

Bowser: HECK NO! Make mario do this!

Peach: You dragged us into- *sigh* why am I wasting my effort on you? Mario! Luigi! Do you think you can find us civilization?

Mario and lugi nod and run off.

You then can play as either mario or luigi. You run through a stage similar to 1-1 of Super Mario Bros 2 USA/Doki Doki Panic.